If you have a top of the line 360 degree camera, you will know how easy it is to come up with your own virtual tour. Today’s technology makes it possible for you to produce your own professional virtual tour with the help of a state of the art camera and a virtual tour software. The following tips will help you in producing high-quality virtual tours easily.

1. You have to check the equipment

Always check all your equipment before the shoot. The battery of the camera has to be fully charged and the SD card has to have full memory. It is also a must for your smartphone to have sufficient power in taking photos and videos.

2. Choose the right time to take photos

During lunchtime, there is to much light and this can make your photos blown out. The best time to take photos is during sundown. This time the light is warm and at its best quality.

3. It is necessary to control the shutter speed when taking photos

When you don’t have a choice but shoot during lunchtime, just make sure that the shutter speed is low. This would mean that light is lessened and there will be more dark images in the photo. When you are shooting in a dark room, it’s better to have a higher shutter speed to make the images brighter.

4. Clean up the shooting area

It is important for you to clean the area and make sure that there is no mess around. You can do this well when you stand right where you plan to set up your camera and try to notice all the things around you. If you see something that is out of place pick it up or rearrange it.

5. You need to reorganize the place

Make sure that you remove all the decorations, furnishings, and furniture that you won’t need or that make the area messed up. Get rid or hide the ugly bin in the kitchen or the loose cables that may appear in the virtual tour.

6. You have to maximize any source of light available

When your camera has no built-in flash, it is important for you to make use of all sources of light. Open the curtains for natural light to set in. Turn on the ceiling light, night lamp, bedside light, desktop light, etc. This will give your picture a warmer and homey feel.

7. Make sure that you won’t be seen on the 360 images or any of your companions

Make sure that all your guests and companions are in another room. Also make sure that mirrors won’t show your image as you take the 360 images or that your shadow is showing up anywhere during the shoot.

8. Show the entire property

It’s important that you include the exterior of the property. Stand away from the property to have a full-size shot of the entire thing. If you stand too close to the door, you will be showing only the door.

9. Close-ups are prohibited

Don’t create images that are too close to other objects. When inside the room, put the camera in the middle for the viewer to have a better perspective of the entire area. If you are in a small room, put the camera on top of an item found in the middle of the room. The door has to be closed all the time to avoid it from taking up space in the small room.

10. Beware of mirrors and reflections all over

Be wary of the mirrors found inside the room. It’s not only your reflection that can be seen on the mirror but that of the camera. Even windows might reflect your image and the camera, so you have to be careful of what can be seen.

Keep these ten tips in mind and you can end up with a professional quality virtual tour. You can make use of Virtual Tour Easy to make things easier on your first virtual tour!