How Virtual Tour Boosts' Singapore's Tourism Amid COVID-19

How Virtual Tour Boosts’ Singapore’s Tourism Amid COVID-19

Most companies catering to tourists in Singapore prior to CO

VID-19 are getting ready to entice travelers. They’re gearing up to attract people with their new digital offers. Currently, they are redeploying their resources in the midst of extended restricted travels. Companies beef up by developing large virtual tour campaigns on destinations all over Singapore.

virtual tour

Virtual Tour Singapore

Whether it's a property, an exhibition, or a business, virtual technology helps introduce a new and exciting immersive experience. Offering your clients a tour online is a powerful tool in your arsenal. It shows your business keeps updated. VTE's tool enhances a visual without being there physically. You can showcase the best features of any place at any time in a digital form. Your prospective clients can surely appreciate the high-quality Singapore destinations at home.

Visit Virtual Singapore

With that, here’s a list of destinations boosting the tourism of Singapore in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic:

The Singapore Philatelic Museum

First, tourists can visit for a virtual tour is the Singapore Philatelic Museum. It holds Singapore’s philatelic materials’ treasure. They hold collections ranging from stamps to SG’s archival philatelic material. The said museum holds special exhibitions on current topics and offers to explore their heritage philately.

Mornings by the Singapore River

Next, how do you like spending your early mornings? Early hours in Singapore are never complete without their coffee. So, before virtually strolling near the Singapore river, travelers can give themselves a good coffee. Take Heap Seng Leong, for example. They serve Kopi Gu You, a coffee mixed with condensed milk and butter on top. People can whip up this Hokkien-origin cuppa in their kitchen by checking recipes online. Just remember three basic recipes: strong coffee, a dab of butter, and condensed milk. Couple the drink with their staple breakfast: kaya toast and eggs and they’re more than ready for the day.

Then, you can stroll virtually along the river of Singapore. The said river spans from Collyer Quay to Robertson Quay. The entire stretch is available for a virtual tour online thanks to the National Heritage Board. You won’t have to worry about the weather or violating safety protocols these days.

The Cultural Neighborhoods

Let them get to know the city by wandering in the Singapore neighborhood. they can be all over the city using their gadgets. They’ll just grab their devices and shop virtually on the textile district of Singapore, Arab Street. And unlike the real-time travel people do, you don’t need to worry about getting tired walking on the streets. Whether it’s Little India or Kampong Glam, you can now see it online!


The neighborhood is also dotted with restaurants offering delectable cuisines. Singapore virtual tour also recreated the budget-friendly food from Chinatown’s hawker centers. You will surely find food to salivate with the mouth-watering dishes. It doesn’t matter if you are alone, with your family, or your friends.

Keeping the Tourists Interested with a Virtual Tour

virtual tour

An effective digital tour never fails to tease guests for what’s in store for them. It will drive tourists to explore more interesting sights. Let them see the places in a new light. People who travel usually want a break. But why settle for one when you can try something new? Travelers seek not only for a needed vacation but also an adventure.

And while most people stay at home, Singapore’s virtual tourism is up and running. We are all restricted in exploring the world these days. It’s one of the reasons why travelers find it hard resisting a view they’ve never seen before. All from the comfort of home.

virtual tour

Marshall Ooi, Director of Nam Ho, confirms that they are only a few steps away in rolling out a virtual tour. In fact, they wanted the tourists to experience the convenience of a tour without leaving their homes.

Their annual revenue before the pandemic for Singapore reached more than $55 million. The said amount splits from both inbound and outbound travel. The revenue declined after that. In fact, it’s been nearly wiped out.

A Bit of Singapore

The world is slowly easing in international trade curbs. Nam Ho plans to sell online. They wanted to start working with suppliers and factories abroad. Nam Ho’s new permanent line of business is warehousing, e-commerce, and logistics. And as Mr. Ooi said, they aim to continue giving customers a taste of the local food fare.

Finally, the plan is to give people a taste of Singapore despite the current travel restrictions. Promote tourism by way of a virtual tour is a timely marketing strategy. Learn more about how VTE helps boost businesses today!

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Stunning Reasons Why You Should Offer Hotel Virtual Tour

Stunning Reasons Why You Should Offer Hotel Virtual Tour

In this world where the new normal is going online, you need to step up your game as a hotel owner. Mitigate the effects of the pandemic in your business by engaging in a hotel virtual tour. Take the extra mile to go online in marketing your hotel rooms and services. Here are the other stunning reasons why you should incorporate a hotel virtual tour in your business.

Increase Website Traffic and Bookings

Studies show that businesses that incorporate hotel virtual tours on their website and social media pages spend 5-10 more minutes engaging in their brand. Its click rate also increased by 50% and 87% more views. Another study conducted also showed having virtual tours brought a 75% positive impact on customer’s purchasing decisions.

hotel virtual tour

A notable example of this West Hotels by Hilton. The company said they generated an astounding 250,000 views on their hotel virtual tour. They also recorded a 7% increased in their bookings one month after launching the virtual tour.

It Supports the Customer’s Journey

Having a hotel virtual tour not only helps in boosting your sales, but it also helps in supporting your customer’s journey. According to a study, 79% of customers read reviews and testimonials before making a purchasing decision. They tend to read at least 6-12 reviews before they become confident in deriving a decision.

The customers also want to make sure the reviews posted are unbiased, so they usually cross-check the information first. Having a hotel virtual tour helps support your customer’s reviews and testimonials. New, potential customers get to experience your accommodation rooms and amenities virtually. They can take their time exploring every nook and corner of your hotel before booking with you.

Increase Your Customer Base Reach

Not only a hotel virtual tour is interactive, but it can also be shared on your website and social media pages. Our VR software generates embed code that you can publish in any online platform that you want. As you publish it on different media like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc, you can reach more audiences in the process.

You can also break down sections of your hotel virtual tour to boost your SEO and reach new customers in particular events or activities. For example, a virtual tour from the Maldives showcased water activities in the area. This ignites the customers' curiosity as they now want to try activities like scuba diving, which they haven’t considered before. The company also featured a luxurious island life, which compels customers to book a room with them.

Promotes Customer Engagement

Having a hotel virtual tour is a great online media to show customers exactly what your hotel offers. Since an on-site physical inspection is still not possible, most customers nowadays rely on virtual tours to inspect hotel rooms.

This is the perfect time for you to highlight all your accommodation rooms, luxurious facilities, and amenities. Ignite the feeling of “travel getaway” to your audience. Most customers nowadays seek the thrill of a luxurious safe haven when traveling. So make sure to highlight all the best areas and sceneries in your hotel.

Discover the other stunning features you can get from having a hotel virtual tour now! You can have a FREE trial of our hotel virtual tour software! Start boosting your bookings and reservation now!

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Dos and Don’ts in Making a Successful Virtual Tour Event

Dos and Don’ts in Making a Successful Virtual Tour Event

In this pandemic crisis where physical interaction is restricted, the demand for virtual tour events skyrockets. More and more companies are now doing their business online. They’re also exploring online platforms to host virtual events and promote their products and services. How can you make your VR event tour a huge success? Here are the dos and don’ts tips you can apply.

Where Can You Use a Virtual Tour Event?

Having a virtual tour event is beneficial not only in promoting your listings, products, or services, it’s also vital in sharing updates about your company. Here’s where you can use a virtual reality tour to host events:

  • Sharing Updates or Progress About Your Company
  • Sharing new Food Menu, recipes, or new products.
  • Demonstrating new rooms, amenities, and features.
  • Hosting Q&A, webinar, or live-stream events Your restaurant, hotel, or real estate property serves as a great background to catch their attention and interests.

Do’s and Don’ts in Making a Successful Virtual Tour Event

Don’t: Treat the Event as Another Ordinary Video Call

Do: Double Check Everything and Rehearse

The most common misconception in virtual tour is that people treat it as another normal video call. You only need to set up your phone or laptop, use software and you’re good to go, right? This is where you’re wrong. There are a lot of factors you need to consider to make your virtual tour a huge success. For one, you need to double-check if your VR software is working. Are you experiencing glitches?

virtual tour

Is your internet connection working? Do you experience buffering? What about your property or venue? Is it well-maintained? Aside from that, you need to practice your spiels to ensure you’ll have a smooth communication once you host your VR tour event. So before the big day, make sure to allocate a day or two to rehearse and make sure everything will go smoothly.

Don’t: Limit Your Audience’s Participation in Questions Only

Do: Engage Them in Your Virtual Tour Event

Most webinars, meetings, or even events only give audience participation through questions. Oftentimes, the Q&A portion only happens at the end of the session. Don’t do this with your virtual tour event. Chances are, your audience will lose interest in your event. By the time they’re allowed to participate, either they’ll be bored enough not to ask questions or worse, they’ll leave.

Take advantage of social media tools to let your audience engage with your virtual tour event. This includes greeting them and reading their comments and reactions before the start of your event. You can also raise a poll question or let your audience send pictures where they’re coming from. It makes your VR tour more interactive as your customers will be compelled to participate.

Don’t: Expect to Get Your Audience’s Undivided Attention

Do: Schedule Quick Breaks or Ice-Breakers

Everyone wants our audience’s undivided attention. After all, our virtual tour event and promotion will be successful if we hit thousands of views, likes, shares, and comments right? While you certainly need to aim for that, you should also be more realistic about it. It’s easy to divert your audience’s attention especially since you’re hosting a virtual event. Your audience’s email or social media notification is just one click away.

So instead of vying for their undivided attention, allocate some quick breaks to give them time for other stuff. You can announce that you’re going to take a 5-minute break in the middle of your session. This can be used for advertising, greeting them, or reading their messages and comments. You can also use the break to communicate with the audience.

Are you ready to host your virtual tour event now? You can use our Virtual Tour software for free!

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360 Virtual Tour: How to Take Photos Using Your Phone

360 Virtual Tour: How to Take Photos Using Your Phone

In the past, technology made it hard embedding panoramas. Learn how to take them and master shooting panoramic images. After all, your audience will surely appreciate a 360 virtual tour before the initial visit. You can now have one of the most efficient solutions with Virtual Tour Easy.

Ready for a single standing position yet?

360 virtual tour

360 Virtual Tour Made Easy

While 2D photos are standard online, you can always level up your game. One of the coolest ways to showcase homes in real estate is by taking panoramic photos. Share the indoor views of your home listings by creating perfect imagery using your smartphone camera. With smartphones getting more affordable by the minute there is no excuse in taking a virtual advantage.

Guide in Making a Virtual Tour

Follow this step-by-step guide in creating a tour virtually using your phone.

The 360 Virtual Tour Camera

First, most platforms are compatible with apps or software like VTE. You can also use your Android camera’s photosphere mode. Similarly, Samsung phone users can use Surround Shot mode.

Showcasing the Feat

Then, choose a position where you think you can get the best view to showcase a part of the house. Stock Android cameras can work like other apps, too. You just tap the large orange icon and select ‘camera’. You will be guided through the process as long as you stay in your position. Your phone will automatically snap images when in position and you won’t need to press the shutter button on the screen.

In Stationary Position

Also, remember to hold your phone close to your body as you move around vertically. Follow the circle and dot that appears until both align. At the bottom, you will also see another circle tracking your panorama shot progress as you move it around from your stationary position.

360 virtual tour

Your phone will stitch the images together for an amazing 360 virtual tour.

It’s a Sphere

The initial vertical circle movement in the circle prompt is around your eye level. And since a 360-degree image means a sphere, you need to aim your camera up after finishing at the middle part of the scene. While moving your camera up toward the sky, move it in a circle twice. It will detect the parts that are not yet recorded. You should keep pointing your phone up and around until you fill the gaps.

Then, you can proceed aiming at the ground doing the same thing as you did earlier.

Location Services

If your app is using location services like most, you can grant the app with that privilege while using it. You can decide to upload using a Wi-Fi or your data plan in posting your photos.

Don’t lose your focus, the goal is to showcase great feats of your home listings. Make your panorama image as authentic as possible and avoid falsifying the look. Now, with an internet connection in place, you can post them anytime. Virtual Tour Easy works with all 360 cameras.

360 virtual tour

So, take a picture and create your online tour: a level higher than most. Just upload, link them together and save it, all in just 5 mins. Then, you can go and share them on your emails, website, messenger app, and social networks.


Make sure to choose a software that is not only easy to use but saves time, too. Choose a software with a powerful interactive feature you can customize with a unique link you can easily embed on your website. It is important that an overall solution allows you to see insights. Know about the shares, views, and the usage to decide which is good for your campaign. With the technology we have today, a 360 virtual tour is one tap away!

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Stark Difference Between 3D and 360 Virtual Tour

Stark Difference Between 3D and 360 Virtual Tour

In previous posts, you might’ve known how a virtual tour helps in boosting your business. However, you’re confused as to what VR tour you should incorporate in your business. Will you use a 360 virtual tour or 3D virtual tour? What is the difference between the two, anyway? Let’s read and find out.

3D and 360 Virtual Tour

In essence, both 3D and 360 VR tours provide interactive viewing to their customers. It lets your customers walk through your properties or business at their own pace. Virtual tours have been gaining popularity because it provides transparency for customers.

360 virtual tour

They can scout the area or property whenever and however they wanted prior to making transactions. However, what is the difference between the two? Does it even matter if you use either of them? Here are the pros and cons of 360 VR tour and 3D virtual tour.

Pros and Cons Between 3D and 360 Virtual tour

3D VR Tour Pros

The seamless web application for 3D virtual tours allows you to create a "dollhouse" photographic floorplan. This lets your customers see the whole property at once before switching to each angle or floorplan view. Moreover, it gives your customers a guided tour thanks to its highlight reel feature.

They can explore the property at their own will and it’ll give them a wide-range view of a particular angle or floor. You can also put a text and description on specific locations and objects thanks to 3D’s “matter tag” post. You’ll also get a full view of the property’s schematic plans with measurements while engaging in a 3D virtual tour.


Since 3D tour is created using a "textured mesh" from spatial data collected by cameras, its images remain static. This means you cannot edit or add images and features once your 3D virtual tour is complete anymore. If you want to add a feature, you need to make a new 3D virtual tour again.

It also doesn’t have Gyroscope Capability compared to 360 virtual tour. This means you can only move the property through keyboard press and clicks. Unlike with 360 VR tours where you can move when tilting your phone or tablet.

360 VR Tour Pros

Meanwhile, a 360 virtual tour gives you the highest image quality and resolution to your property. It gives a full screen view to your customers with crisp clearness and sharpness.

You can also edit or retouch the images in your 360 VR tour anytime you want. This gives you an advantage as you can improve your property's ambiance. You can also have your 360 VR tour updated if your property has undergone renovations.

Gyroscope Technology

A 360 VR tour also incorporates gyro sensors to detect your phone's orientation. This gives your customers a more interactive view as they can explore your areas by simply tilting their phone or scrolling it up, down, left, and right.

Easy to Embed and Share

What's more? A 360 virtual tour is relatively easy to embed in your website. Most virtual tour software generates a code to let you share your virtual tour on your website and social media account. This helps in boosting your listings promotions and ads. Unlike in 3D virtual tour where you cannot share your VR across the web easily.


Of course, 360 VR tour doesn’t have schematic plans like what 3D virtual tour offers. Your customers must inquire manually to get the specific measurements and schematic plans of your properties.

Try our virtual tour software for FREE to start making your own 360 VR tour now! Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your marketing campaigns now!

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Have a Wonderful Virtual Tour in These Top Tourist Attractions!

Have a Wonderful Virtual Tour in These Top Tourist Attractions!

Virtual Tour Adventure To Enjoy At Home

With the world screeching into a halt, popular destinations made virtual tour travel possible

Have you ever tried a travel adventure in the comfort of your home? None of us had a choice but to stay safe in the comfort of our homes for months. It is the best way to keep yourself from the pandemic and keep it from spreading. With the world screeching into a halt, popular destinations made virtual tour travel possible. And the best thing about it? It’s for free!

First Stop: The Big Apple, New York City

You’ll surely love to visit a site called Untapped New York. The site offers fascinating history articles featuring the Big Apple and the local attractions. You can avail of a free subscription for the first two months of the tour online. What’s interesting is that these aren’t the usual Empire State Building or Central Park visit. The site is a real deal eye-opener for gem destinations in the city. See the Grand Central Terminal, Fulton Fish Market, and the subway tour in a new perspective and savor the moment as if it’s your first!

Hello, Pompeii!

You wouldn’t want to miss a chance to visit a sophisticated Roman city buried after the Mount Vesuvius eruption in 79 A.D. Time-frozen, it continues to virtually attract adventure-seeking travelers, thanks to the new drone technology. Enjoy meandering around newly discovered traces of old gardens and preserved Orion mosaic.

Can’t Help Falling Inlove, Graceland!

Explore the intrigue of a known all-time rock ‘n’ roll superstar! Whether or not you are an Elvis fan, it is a must to visit the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s home. The regular virtual visit to Graceland offers a glimpse in the home of a world idol’s acetate. Virtual journeys like this allow you to gain digital travel memories shareable online.

Embark on The Great Wall of China

The site makes it easier for your virtual tour as they will provide tips on which sections you want to see

Most people are not able to visit the 3,000-mile destination in one trip! Big thanks for this online tour visit to The Great Wall of China, we won’t need to exhaust ourselves on that hike. The site makes it easier for your virtual tour as they will provide tips on which sections you want to see. Save the sweat and embark on this long and fun adventure while at home.

The Big World of Disney Parks

Roam the big world of Disney parks with your kids or kiddie-self at home this quarantine. Not only can this travel experience educate, but it can entertain kids as well! You can visit their channel while sitting comfortably on your couch and go on a Small World ride. Night at Disneyland Paris? They have that, too. Reminisce your childhood excitement and have fun with your kids!

Buckingham Palace Fairytale

Princess Diana, royal couples: Prince William and Kate, and Prince Harry and Meghan are just a few of a string of royals that graced the halls of Buckingham Palace. Look at the grand residence of the Queen in a new virtual sight. See how it feels to look closely at the White Drawing Room, Throne Room, Blue Drawing Room, and the Grand Staircase! And if being Queen Elizabeth’s official residence is not enough, I don’t know what is.

Have you tried to visit a dream destination virtually?

Getting stuck in the corners of your home may feel frustrating. But if that frustration gets you to survive and live another day, it’s a welcome gift. Learn to appreciate the beauty and look forward to traveling in these virtual destinations for real, as a post-pandemic celebratory moment. After all, a virtual tour serves as a beacon of light, bearing a promise to survive the fight.

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Studies Show Products That Have Virtual Tours Yield More Sales

Studies Show Products That Have Virtual Tours Yield More Sales

Now that everyone is struggling to recover their business due to COVID-19, we’re thinking of new ways to promote our business online. We’re working hard to promote our listings to increase our sales and leads online. Is there any way you can innovate and boost your product sales? Good thing there are virtual tours! Studies show businesses or products that have virtual tours yield more sales than those that don’t.

How Virtual Tours Yield More Sales In Products and Businesses

According to the Journal of Advertising Research (JRA), most hospitality, restaurants, and tourist businesses that incorporate virtual tours to their products tend to sell more than those that don’t. Nathalie Spielmann and Ulrich R. Orth of JAR assessed the positive impact of these VR tours when accessed on different devices by customers. This includes computers, tablets, and smartphones.

virtual tours

They found that most people tend to engage in these virtual tours because it's more reliable and transparent for them. The study shows customers are more at ease in transacting with businesses that exert effort to be genuine and transparent with their services. They get to experience their businesses first-hand prior to buying their products or availing services.

The Study

Some of their studies involved 136 consumers participating in panoramic virtual tours of the Ice Hotel in Quebec, Canada. Meanwhile, another 68 participants opted to view high-resolution images of the said hotel. The study yielded half of the participants for the virtual tour opted to book a reservation at the said hotel. Meanwhile, only 10% of the 68 participants booked a reservation in the same establishment.

Aside from that, the institute also conducted an experiment on Son Doong Cave in Vietnam. Around 416 consumers participated in the study. Half of them were exposed to self-guided virtual tours. Meanwhile, the other half only viewed static images. Two variables were also added in this experiment. One, in the form of claustrophobia. The other one is the different styles of visual processing.

The Result

The study yielded results where more participants chose to avail of the tourist package after seeing the series of virtual tours. Meanwhile, the other participants felt claustrophobic after seeing the static images.

The study also yielded powerful insights with these VR tours. The consumers are more likely to engage with products and services with complex functions or benefits; provided they explore a virtual tour first-hand. They want to know whether it's worth their investment or not.

The Insights

Moreover, products and services that have time and distances (e.g. hotel rooms, tourist destinations, etc) need more first-hand experiences for the customers. Since a personal inspection is still limited, they now rely on virtual tours heavily to do the job. Watching VR tours help them achieve and actually commit in their purchasing decision.

Want to start incorporating a VR software for your business now? Try our software now for free! Start upgrading your business to boost your sales and leads despite this pandemic. You can start recovering your loss now through virtual tours.

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Abu Dhabi Launches Virtual Tour Program for Students

Abu Dhabi Launches Virtual Tour Program for Students

As Abu Dhabi re-opens its business and economic activities, the government sees to it they’re still giving premium social services to their people. Aside from healthcare, they also want to continue the education of its students. However, the students don’t need to leave their homes and risk their safety just to go to school and learn. Why? It’s because the Abu Dhabi government recently launched a virtual tour program for students.

Abu Dhabi Government Launched a Virtual Tour Program for Students

Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism launched a virtual tour program that features the historic Al Hosn site. The purpose of the said VR program is for students and individuals to have a cultural tour of this iconic landmark.

virtual tour

The students can book their virtual tour online and have a 360 view of Qasr Al Hosn and the Cultural Foundation. In it, they would see thousands of exhibits. The tour will also have guides and information to answer the viewers’ questions and encourage cultural learning. Meanwhile, educators can also customize educational guides to meet their class requirements.

The Tours

What’s more? The virtual tour is also available internationally! The Qasr Al Hosn tour is available in multiple languages like Arabic, English, French, Malayalam, and Urdu. Meanwhile, you can also watch Cultural Foundations shows like the Red Palace. The said show features Sultan Bin Fahad and the Common Ground's works.

The show showcases the awesome artworks of 13 Saudi Arabian artists that exhibit the cultural link between Saudi Arabia and UAE. This virtual tour program was a collaboration between the Abu Dhabi government; the Department of Culture and Tourism, and Department of Education and Knowledge. The first successful VR tour was launched on Zoom with a group of 160 students.

Similar Programs in UAE

Aside from Abu Dhabi, the Dubai emirate also had a similar virtual tour program since April. The government provided tours for its various museums like the Coins Museum, Dubai Museum, Etihad Museum, and Naif Museum for educational learning.

The initiative yielded an astounding 298 virtual tours with over 11,000 participating students from 94 public and private schools. The immense success was also attributed to the Ministry of Education, who supported the initiative to promote remote learning amidst the pandemic.

The Re-open

As Dubai museums started its re-opening since June 1, the government says it'll still retain the virtual tour programs for international tourists. The international tourists can now browse Etihad Museum, Al Shindagha, Dubai Museum, and the Naif and Poet Al Oqaili museums online.

Meanwhile, Dubai locals, ex-pats, and other stranded tourists can visit these places physically. Just be mindful of the health protocols. Also, these museums only allow 50% of their visitors’ capacity. So you might need to schedule your visits accordingly.

Aside from Dubai museums, the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Qasr Hosn, and Cultural Foundation will also re-open to the public at limited capacity.

Want to incorporate a virtual tour in your business too? Try our virtual tour software now!

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Businesses Establish Hotel Virtual Tour to Increase Bookings

Businesses Establish Hotel Virtual Tour to Increase Bookings

As hotel businesses close due to COVID-19, they’re now shifting their marketing campaigns online. You’ll see the unexpected rise of businesses incorporating hotel virtual tour technology. This is to market their hotel rooms online and reach more customers all over the world. Let us find out which hotel businesses have incorporated VR tours to increase their bookings.

Businesses That Incorporate Hotel Virtual Tour to Increase Bookings

LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort

This prestigious beach and golf resort in Florida, USA, didn’t escape COVID-19’s wrath. Due to travel restrictions, LaPlaya Beach couldn’t receive visitors and guests just when they were done with renovations.

hotel virtual tour

This prompted the establishment to launch a hotel virtual tour to introduce their customers to their newly-renovated property. The management believes it will entice the customers and they’ll be familiar with navigating the resort when they re-open once again.

Como Hotels & Resorts

Meanwhile, Como Hotels and Resorts in Singapore had launched a holistic home wellness programs featuring their famous hotels like Como Hotels and Resorts, and Como Shambhala Urban escape. Their wellness content is as follows:

  • Strengthen and Restoring Your Personal Balance
  • Discover the healing powers of meditation and mindfulness
  • Ways to recharge your health and well-being.

The catch? The wellness programs are conducted in their hotels and resorts. The programs feature a hotel virtual tour of their establishments. This gives a peaceful and relaxing ambiance to the viewers, making them think these hotels are perfect for unwinding. It not only entice the viewers to try their wellness programs but also to book a room in their hotels.

InterContinental San Francisco

Meanwhile, InterContinental San Francisco launched a hotel virtual tour hosting virtual events and meetings. So if you plan to host virtual meetings, you can book with them to use their virtual tours as backgrounds or venues.

InterContinental San Francisco features video conferencing, integrated audience engagement, webcasting, and recordings to provide complete a virtual tour experience to its guests. You can also access their virtual tour to explore the hotel’s suite rooms, floor plans, lobby, function rooms, and other amenities.

Atlantis Dubai

The famous hotel in Dubai, Atlantis, also launched a hotel virtual tour for their customers. You can explore its magnificent arched entrances with palatial gathering rooms, and technological amenities. What’s more? Dubai has recently resumed its business operations and economic activities!

So if you’re a tourist still stranded, a local, or an ex-pat in Dubai, this is the perfect time to fulfill your dream of staying here! As long as everyone follows the minimum health protocols (and be extra careful), you can book a room here!

Pullman Brisbane King George Square Hotel

This hotel virtual tour provides a more intimate experience with the customers because it has an audio integration. You can hear narration in every stunning image you’ll click as you explore the hotel. The management also makes sure to feature their spacious hotel rooms and luxurious amenities to entice their customers further.

Grand Oasis Hotel Virtual Tour

Grand Oasis management made sure to highlight its unique architecture in its hotel virtual tour. The VR lets you explore around the open-air atrium that gives off an “oasis” feel. It’s like you’re in the middle of a desert enjoying your personal paradise. You’ll have a great time touring their magnificent buildings, fancy rooms, luxurious amenities, and their luscious garden!

Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa

Last, but not least, Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa offers a personalized hotel virtual tour. It starts with an introduction from the manager. You can then follow the walkthroughs on the reception area, outdoor dining terrace, live entertainment center, and the hotel rooms itself.

Want to start your virtual tour now? Sign up for our Virtual Tour software today!

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How Virtual Tours Help Re-open Tourism Sectors

How Virtual Tours Help Re-open Tourism Sectors

As the pandemic ceased free movement and flights all over the world, the tourism sector got badly hit. All the famous tourist spots around the world were devoid of voluminous crowds; in deep contrast to the usual norm. In an attempt to revive the tourism sector, the Indonesian travel tour companies have launched virtual tours.

The industry hopes it’ll help in promoting its tourist spots, which will encourage potential customers to visit the place after COVID-19. Let us get inspiration on how Indonesia revive its tourism industry through virtual reality tours.

How Indonesia’s Tourism Sector Recuperate Through Virtual Tours

For the past few months, the government of Indonesia noted a number of travel companies investing in virtual tours. This trend has been making headlines since the whole COVID-19 pandemic started. For example, the Wisata Kreatif Jakarta (Jakarta Creative Tour), offers epic virtual tour travel destinations. It includes Jakarta and Yogyakarta.

virtual tours

The guests can explore Indonesia’s stunning temples, vibrant culture, and white-sandy beaches. Meanwhile, their clients can also see overseas virtual tours in Amsterdam, Brussels, Mecca, Paris, Rome, and Seoul.

Similarly, the Jakarta Good Guide launched a series of webinars and virtual tour packages since April. It's entitled Jakarta City Center where the guests can have interactive virtual reality tours around Hotel Indonesia Circle. You can also walk around Menteng and National Monument. The guests can access audios, photos, videos, and other crucial information about these places.

The Positive Response

These Indonesian companies truly didn’t know if their virtual tours would click on the market. To their utmost surprise, it gained a positive response from the public. According to Huans Sholehan, JGG's marketing manager, they reported a tenfold increase in their virtual tour views. Around 20 participants join their virtual tour package daily, with higher numbers during weekends.

This prompted the company to open a new route, namely the Cikini route. All in all, JGG already has 27 virtual tour routes available to the public. Seeing as there's vast potential in virtual reality tours, Sholehan reveals its company plans to expand its online travel menu.

The New Travel Menu

The company plans to include virtual tours for coffee shops, monuments, mosques, and Ramadan pilgrimage places. The firm is also crafting a special virtual tour route for the corporate sector. So that employers can take their employees on virtual reality tours during team buildings.

Meanwhile, the Bandung Good Guide (BGG) currently offers 15 virtual tour packages to its clients. The agency promotes an exclusive tour known as Urban Legend Route. It features the rich history and mythology about Bandung.

Reaching New Markets

BGG's co-founder Fitria Nur said the virtual tours helped them in reaching new markets, especially internationally. Nur revealed before they launched VT, they only have participants coming from Bandung and Jakarta. Now, it expanded from Bali, Yogyakarta, and Semarang.

Meanwhile, the Jaya Wisata travel tours also launched Cirebon virtual reality tours last May. Before, most of their participants fell in the age range of 35-45 years old. But ever since they launched a virtual tour, the company attracted participants coming from 20-35 years of age group.

The Business’ Survival Amidst Pandemic

They also attracted participants from big cities like Bali, Bandung, Jakarta, and Subaraya. The company plans to expand its virtual tours featuring West Java. The company aims to promote Indramayu, Kuningan, and Majalengka.

While the income generated from virtual reality tours is still relatively low compared to physical tours, Imas said it's the start of a recovery plan. As long as these companies generate some income, it can help in the survival of tourism sectors.

Furthermore, Imas said no one still knows how long the crisis will last, nor the extent of its damage to the world's economy. Somehow, VT serves as their silver lining to make it through after COVID-19 is over. So travel companies are willing to learn and get creative to continue promoting their business in these dire times.

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