Trendy Restaurant Technologies to Watch Out for in 2019

Trendy Restaurant Technologies to Watch Out for in 2019

Technology is advancing every day. The food and drink and also the hospitality industries are continuously changing by emerging technologies. It’s good to be aware of the technologies that are thought to rise and those that are most likely to be gone. The following are some of the technologies that restaurant entrepreneur can expect in 2019:

Changes on Beverages

A restaurant often offers soda, water, or any other beverage. Clear Water Manufacturing, a company in North Carolina, came up with a machine that filters water and dispenses it to disposable glasses or aluminum containers and places caps on them. This technology is called the Boomerang Water Machine. This allows restaurants to highlight environmental sustainability while saving on cost. This eliminates the use of single-use plastic water bottles.

Fully Automated Restaurants

This has become a buzz in the technology niche, but we have yet to wait for the first one. In the future, it is possible to have automated restaurants, but it’s not possible to have one in 2019. There are several pioneers such as Spyce, Crave, and Eatsa, but human interaction is still a requirement. The market is showing inclination to automation but right now it is still not that ripe.

Better Order Delivery and Tracking

Delivery has been growing tremendously and it is becoming even more important. Delivery is being watched over the years. In 2019, delivery is seen to be faster and more personal in nature. A recent report from an Edinburgh, Scotland firm revealed that people can expect themselves to be able to track the delivery of their orders real-time through their mobile phones. It’s like what Uber shows when the driver is arriving. You can expect to experience personalization and more contact between the delivery team and the customers.

When it comes to ordering, one interesting aspect is voice ordering. Customers who use Grubhub can ask Alexa to place one order. The ability to order through voice command could be one of the foreseeable trends. This does not come as a surprise with virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri.

Photographer: Serge Esteve | Source: Unsplash

Virtual Reality

Another foreseeable trend in the restaurant industry is menu interactions. There are some folks who are already experimenting with it. Augmented Reality is one of the technology trends to look forward to in 2019. AR will enable customers to view the restaurant menu in 3D. This will give them the image of the food just like it is really in front of them. The virtual tour is useful in all industries. The food and beverage industry is just one. If you plan to create your very own virtual tour restaurant, contact us now.

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Planning to Apply Virtual Tour to Your Business? Read These Tips First!

Planning to Apply Virtual Tour to Your Business? Read These Tips First!

It doesn’t matter whether you are in real estate or in the hotel industry, a virtual tour will give your customers the best experience of your business even before they pay for your services or products. Here are 9 tips for shooting 360-photos for Virtual Tours:

1.· Make sure that your camera is set based on your preferred conditions.

It is important for your camera’s settings to be correct particularly the white balance aspect. When you travel from one area to another, it means that the lighting changes and you have to make sure that the white balance can be adjusted.

2.· Go to the site with the client first.

You can walk through with the client or by yourself to the site first. Identify all the important areas that need to be highlighted.

3.· Make use of three or four movements with your camera.

You need to shoot from the floor towards the ceiling and vice versa. You can also go from left to right and vice versa. You may also do some slow zooms and zoom outs.

4.· Start at the beginning of the property or the specific location.

You have to shoot in the same way for your actual virtual tour. This will save you much time in editing the virtual tour. And this will make sure that everything will be in order.

5.· You have to erase 360 photos that are clearly not fit for use.

Doing this can help you save you time in choosing the 360 photos that are good to go for your actual virtual tour once you begin editing. Just be careful not to erase the good clips.

6.· Make use of the tripod.

A blurry and jerky 360-photo will always end up looking amateurish. That’s why make sure that the photo will always be steady.

7.· Ask for details to highlight.

When you are making a virtual tour for a client, make sure that you ask them the bulleted points or messages that they want you to highlight. These could be the call to action, service area copies, and so forth. There should only be 3 to 5 of such details. You have to include the following information: logo, phone, website, and address.

8.· Always include shots of the storefront of your property.

It is also good to include a shot of the door opening and someone walking from outside getting in. Make sure that your camera’s settings are ready for the lighting adjustments from the outside to inside.

9.· Choose Virtual Tour Easy for your virtual tour.

Choose the video and the right music to blend with your virtual tour. This will enhance the overall look and feel of your virtual tour. A virtual tour that is highly interactive and immersive will go a long way to promoting your business. You can create one easily through Virtual Tour Easy.

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Top 5 Businesses in 2019 That Are Virtual Reality-Based

Top 5 Businesses in 2019 That Are Virtual Reality-Based

It is tough to look for the right business idea. It must be something that you like doing. This entails brainstorming for ideas, and taking the first steps can truly be challenging. The usual options are some high-quality goods or internet marketing services and to adapt the use of virtual reality solutions. The best part about this technology is that it can be applied to any existing type of business you have been considering setting up.

Virtual Concerts

Since people tend to choose to do everything online, an app now is available for people to attend a concert without leaving the comfort of one’s home. Many musicians and concertgoers consider VR technology as really exciting. By way of a VR concert solution, it is quite easy to connect with musicians and other fans and supporters. Some of the artists who now use VR technology are Coldplay, Kate Perry, and Paul McCartney. There are many popular tools to use for watching a concert in VR, but you can come up with your own by adding features you intend to use.

VR Events

Virtual reality events will soon become as popular as the actual events that require you to go there. Online conferences, in fact, are popular today since they can instantly connect the attendees to the speakers without incurring travel costs. You can come up with a platform for virtual reality live events, and you will have a huge income stream to use anytime you want.

VR-Based Education

Education is a basic need for every society. People are always in search of means to make knowledge transfer easier, faster, and more efficient. Majority of the education plans follow the same old format. Some people find it difficult to retain and process information which can be remedied with the use of virtual reality.

You can come up with a unique niche that will offer a virtual reality training course wherein students won’t be limited to word descriptions and illustrations. Through VR, they will be able to understand the topic in-depth and be able to see how things are when they are put together. Through the use of VR, learners are given the chance to have a practical application of their knowledge instead of merely reading.

VR Shopping

Most online users have already gone online for their shopping. It would be great to have a retail ambiance for the shoppers. Sometimes merely browsing online is not enough. Those who still prefer to get to a store and shop would love this. VR is the third most popular solution for shopping that has the highest technological evolution next to desktop and mobile devices.

VR Property Sales and Leasing

Virtual Real Estate Tours has been transforming the real estate industry for quite some time now. Virtual reality platforms, interactive visits to the actual site, and virtual staging allow for more publicity in the construction business. Majority of the VR experiences left a great impression on the customers. For anyone who likes to start a real estate business may need to choose virtual instructions, virtual commerce, and architectural visualization in general for clients to be able to view the property in a highly enhanced format.

It can help to increase sales especially for hosts and property owners since clients don’t have to physically check the properties before they decide to purchase one.

You can start creating your own virtual tour by signing up to Virtual Tour Easy. It’s free!

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3 Habits of highly effective entrepreneurs

Effectiveness comes down to producing desired results. The most successful entrepreneurs have mastered being effective because it makes them work smarter, eliminating unnecessary effort and wasted time. Success cannot happen with any consistency when approached in a lazy, haphazard, hit-or-miss fashion.

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Main Reasons Why Hotel Managers Must Create Hotel Virtual Tours

Main Reasons Why Hotel Managers Must Create Hotel Virtual Tours

If you are a hotel manager, you might think twice about creating your own virtual tour to promote the hotel. But there are many reasons for you to include a virtual tour on the hotel’s site. According to studies, sites that have virtual tours are viewed ten times longer than those that don’t. Revenues of these sites also increase by 135 percent. The sales of these sites also increase by 46 percent. A hotel virtual tour allows a customer to walk through the hotel and see the rooms and its amenities without having to visit the actual location. This helps them to book the right accommodation.

What Makes Virtual Tours Effective?

Most travelers look for virtual tours on the sites of hotels before they decide to book. Users can avoid wasting their time viewing the site or the actual hotel. About 92 percent of online users said that it is essential for their viewing to find a virtual on the hotel site.

The best advantage of having a virtual tour on the site is the control that it lends to the customer who visits the site. They can view the hotel on any angle they prefer. It enables them to see the real value for their money. They know what they are paying for. Through a virtual tour, the hotel’s site can end up on top of the search engine results. A virtual tour may also allow the customer to see the immediate surroundings of the hotel and even the landmarks of the site where it is located.

Virtual Tours and Their Impact on Direct Bookings

It is easier for travelers to decide to book in your hotel when they see not only its façade but also its exterior and all its amenities. A virtual tour increases traffic to the hotel site and it also entices users to visit the hotel site. It also encourages the old ones to return and book again. It’s better to come up with a user-friendly booking system on your site to go with the virtual tour. This will make it easy for visitors to book directly on the site.

How to Create a Virtual Tour

1. If you are working on a tight budget, you can come up with a quick video tour using your mobile phone. For larger hotel chains, it would be better to come up with a more refined video. This entails the use of an ultra-wide-angle lens. If you own a small hotel and yet you like to have a professional-looking virtual tour, you can buy a fisheye lens camera and add $20 more for the tripod.

2. Next step is to get a high-quality software dedicated for creating free virtual tour such as Virtual Tour Easy. You can make your virtual tour in just five minutes. All you need is 360-degree photos that you can take on your smartphone.

When creating a virtual tour, there are several factors to consider. You have to choose the specific locations for you to include in your virtual tour. You can select a particular corner with the right light and ambiance. You also have to choose the right time of the day to shoot. This will have a significant impact on the quality of lighting.

Create your own hotel virtual tour fast. Sign up and create your first Virtual Tour with Virtual Tour Easy now for Free!

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6 Noteworthy Reasons Why Restaurants Need a Virtual Tour to Increase Sales

6 Noteworthy Reasons Why Restaurants Need a Virtual Tour to Increase Sales

It’s given that the ambiance of the restaurant we’re dining in affects our food choices and our opinion of the place. It’s more useful for entrepreneurs to focus more on the ambiance of the restaurant instead of focusing solely on the food choices offered. There are 6 noteworthy benefits of using virtual tour restaurant for promoting your business and improve the gap between the campaign and actual experience of diners.

  1. It is easy to create a buzz on social media when you use a virtual tour.

The social media is always the go-to avenue when it comes to marketing. Whether you have a new deco and design for your restaurant or some new menu, these will be promoted better using social media. This creates a buzz among people who like to dine out. Previous diners can relive the dining experience while new ones may look forward to experiencing it.

2. There are many ways to use the virtual tour for promoting one’s restaurant.

The virtual tour and the 360-degree photos are useful in many ways. It can be easily integrated into the restaurant website and other restaurant marketing campaigns. It is also possible to divide them into separate media to be used for advertising imagery. It may also be used in storytelling where the history and the evolution of the restaurant’s brand will be shared to customers.

3. It can also improve your Google Search Results.

You may consider the virtual tour as similar to video and mobile marketing. Consumers will want more of it. Hence the restaurants that focus on the market using these strategies excel in the search engine results pages. The same thing goes for virtual tours. When a customer searches online and your restaurant’s site and virtual tour show up on the search results page, it can maximize the traffic towards your restaurant website.

4. It can help to increase your customer base.

There are picky diners who prefer to check on the menu and the ratings of previous customers. With a virtual tour, it is possible for them to check on the restaurant and the menu without relying on the menu and the reviews. Once they have a good experience when they go through your virtual tour, they will flock toward the restaurant, increasing its customer base.

5. It can also enhance the likeability of your restaurant by 100 percent.

It is important for your restaurant to be a cut above the rest. Through the use of the virtual tour restaurant, it is easy to improve its likeability. When you say likeable in today’s social media language it means shareable to the social media channels. For forward-thinking branding, using the virtual tour in your marketing may translate to your revolutionizing.

6. It is not that expensive.

One more thing that is beneficial in using a virtual tour for restaurant marketing is that it comes with a hefty price. You can create a virtual tour on your own or hire a professional with an impressive portfolio. With a tool like Virtual Tour Easy, you can produce your own virtual in just five minutes. It is absolutely free.

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