The brochure has been a mainstay in business promotion, but recently a more interactive and convenient method came into the picture. This is the virtual tour. The 360 virtual tour is same as the brochure, but it does not get thrown out or refiled and reordered. The truth is that even people who have brochures still view the virtual tour. It is crucial for you to know the 7 main reasons to invest in a 360-degree virtual tour for your business:

1. Highly accessible 24/7 and on every portable device

It’s the best tool to show your hotel or venue. Hotels, for instance, can dress up their hotel rooms and provide their potential guests a preview of how the room feels in actuality. Such potential guests can visit and explore the hotel by themselves.

2. Lasts long

The brochure can easily be thrown out while a custom virtual tour can last for life unless you take the video down. This means that you only spend for initial investment, yet you can benefit from it for years.

3. Serves as a great marketing tool in trades shows and events

There are many trade shows that have interactive 360-degree virtual tours that can be accessed through a tablet. This also enables sending a follow-up email with the company’s URL after the show. Nothing catches the attention of attendees better than the VR goggle on your company stand.

4. Saves a lot of money

You will spend less when you invest in a virtual tour instead of a brochure. It gets rid of the exhibition expenses since the virtual tour is available and accessible anytime and anywhere.

5. Helps in the company’s online presence and search engine performance

A virtual tour can easily send your site on top of the search engines. The stats revealed that sites that have virtual tours are more likely to elicit bookings. A virtual tour can also do wonders on the SEO performance of any business site.

6. Helps save space and filing concerns

If you are going to check on offices, many of them have libraries filled with brochures. There are even those who hire people to take care of the filing. In the advent of internet technology, more offices have reduced their office sizes which makes brochures difficult to store. Most hotels, restaurants, and shops also resorted to investing in online marketing initiatives.

7. Helps save paper and consequently the environment

With a virtual tour, you can help save more trees from being felled for paper production. Your establishment will not have trash bins filled with discarded brochures.

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