Japan Offers A Virtual Reality Restaurant Serving Real Food

Japan Offers A Virtual Reality Restaurant Serving Real Food

It won’t be surprising for you to hear that when the term virtual reality restaurant is mentioned, it evokes the image of a highly immersive dining experience. Japan is the first place you would think of having this. This is because Japan has always been ahead in terms of technology from gadgets, robots, to futuristic research. If you want to dine with a mixed Cirque De Soleil, Michelin, Avatar, and Marvel inspirations, Tokyo is the best place to go.

Tree by Naked

The restaurant is called Tree by Naked. The restaurant is located the Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. A fusion of Japanese cuisine is offered in the restaurant. These dishes are from Ryotaro Muramatsu, the creator of Naked Inc. Naked Inc. is a company whose specialization is on sophisticated visual installations, experiences, and designs around the globe.

This is like having a famous building with crazy projection displays on its façade adorned with 3D elements. The restaurant still features clothed people despite being named as such. As part of showcasing its expertise in transformational experiences, the company launched Tree by Naked which is exceptionally a cut above the rest.

Dining at the Tree by Naked

Dining at the virtual restaurant will challenge and stimulate all your senses: smell, sound, touch, taste, and vision. These are brought about by the sounds, objects, and visuals that are presented. 3D projections go with the plate presentations creating stories and intrigues which make each one a conversation piece. It could mean that a plant is growing on your plate while you are dining. Projections are also highly interactive that they respond to actual customer behavior in real time. Making the whole experience theatre-like, smoke, lighting, and 360 degree sound effects vary according to themes in every dining room.

Specific Details to Expect

There are eight courses served during the dining experience. A drink comes with every course. It costs 23,000 yen inclusive of tax and service charge. It is necessary to make a reservation and it has to be done in pairs of 2,4, 6, or 8 individuals. Don’t waste the chance by turning up late for the dining schedule. Take time to get fully immersed in artistic display. The installations won’t do anything to ruin your outfit for the occasion.

For a once in a lifetime dining experience with your loved ones, try the Tree By Naked restaurant. For a start, try the virtual tour restaurant today.

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6 Noteworthy Reasons Why Restaurants Need a Virtual Tour to Increase Sales

6 Noteworthy Reasons Why Restaurants Need a Virtual Tour to Increase Sales

It’s given that the ambiance of the restaurant we’re dining in affects our food choices and our opinion of the place. It’s more useful for entrepreneurs to focus more on the ambiance of the restaurant instead of focusing solely on the food choices offered. There are 6 noteworthy benefits of using virtual tour restaurant for promoting your business and improve the gap between the campaign and actual experience of diners.

  1. It is easy to create a buzz on social media when you use a virtual tour.

The social media is always the go-to avenue when it comes to marketing. Whether you have a new deco and design for your restaurant or some new menu, these will be promoted better using social media. This creates a buzz among people who like to dine out. Previous diners can relive the dining experience while new ones may look forward to experiencing it.

2. There are many ways to use the virtual tour for promoting one’s restaurant.

The virtual tour and the 360-degree photos are useful in many ways. It can be easily integrated into the restaurant website and other restaurant marketing campaigns. It is also possible to divide them into separate media to be used for advertising imagery. It may also be used in storytelling where the history and the evolution of the restaurant’s brand will be shared to customers.

3. It can also improve your Google Search Results.

You may consider the virtual tour as similar to video and mobile marketing. Consumers will want more of it. Hence the restaurants that focus on the market using these strategies excel in the search engine results pages. The same thing goes for virtual tours. When a customer searches online and your restaurant’s site and virtual tour show up on the search results page, it can maximize the traffic towards your restaurant website.

4. It can help to increase your customer base.

There are picky diners who prefer to check on the menu and the ratings of previous customers. With a virtual tour, it is possible for them to check on the restaurant and the menu without relying on the menu and the reviews. Once they have a good experience when they go through your virtual tour, they will flock toward the restaurant, increasing its customer base.

5. It can also enhance the likeability of your restaurant by 100 percent.

It is important for your restaurant to be a cut above the rest. Through the use of the virtual tour restaurant, it is easy to improve its likeability. When you say likeable in today’s social media language it means shareable to the social media channels. For forward-thinking branding, using the virtual tour in your marketing may translate to your revolutionizing.

6. It is not that expensive.

One more thing that is beneficial in using a virtual tour for restaurant marketing is that it comes with a hefty price. You can create a virtual tour on your own or hire a professional with an impressive portfolio. With a tool like Virtual Tour Easy, you can produce your own virtual in just five minutes. It is absolutely free.

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