While most business establishments are down due to the pandemic crisis, restaurant owners see a surge in their bookings and orders. It’s because the demand for online delivery services are skyrocketing as people book for food from the premises of their homes. Due to this, restaurant owners are scrambling to make a virtual tour restaurant to promote their business.

How can you utilize virtual tours to maximize your marketing campaign? Let’s read and find out.

How to Boost Your Virtual Tour Restaurant Marketing?

Set the Right Ambience

One important aspect of setting up an effective virtual tour restaurant is by setting the perfect ambience. You need to entice the viewers into imagining what’s in it for them if they visit your restaurant in person. Will they have a great or relaxing time while lounging there? You can set the right ambience through your virtual tour.

virtual tour restaurant

You can achieve that perfect ambience by highlighting the best corners of your establishments. For example, you can showcase cushions, dramatical lighting, and gorgeous paintings that give off that cozy ambience.

You can also feature Disney or Harry Potter characters, etc if your restaurant has a theme. If not, you can also feature your delectable meals and cuisines. The key to this is to entice your customers to buy your menu or going to your business after the lockdown.

Creating a Social Buzz

Aside from setting up a virtual tour restaurant, you can also create VR when you need to update your business such as:

  • Adding new decorations, designs, or renovations in your restaurant.
  • Holding an event or party.
  • Showing off your new menu or conducting a cooking session.

Once you’ve made virtual tours for these events, you can publish and promote it on your social media pages. You can publish a Facebook live video of your virtual tour, set up sponsored posts. You can also post the virtual tour as your Facebook page cover.

It allows your followers to view your VR, like, comment and share to their timelines. Not only it creates instant buzz, but you also get a referral for it. The more people share your content, the more your leads increase.

Double Dipping

You can also boost your marketing campaign by placing virtual tour restaurant in:

  • Google My Business and street view maps
  • Publish it on your website, email, and social media accounts.
  • Advertising imagery.
  • Storytelling to share the history and updates of your brand.

The photos and virtual tours provide a powerful impact to your brand. So let this powerful media do the talking in promoting your business. Make sure to market your VR across all your channels to reach more potential customers.

Exclusive Peeks

People love to take a sneak peek, teasers, or trailers in something they want. It excites them to think they’re given a treat but not entirely. It excites them to see something exclusive yet still building up the anticipation to yearn for more. You can build this kind of excitement and anticipation by setting up a virtual tour restaurant.

A virtual tour helps your customers peek into your business and brand. They get to see the exciting features of your restaurant. If not, you might make them salivate as you hold a cooking session and taste your delicacies. It builds your brand’s authenticity. Likewise, it helps increase your bookings and sales orders.

Google Loves Virtual Tours

Having a virtual tour restaurant not only increases your customer reach, but it also increases your Google search engine rankings. Google loves to index innovative and interactive media such as virtual tour, images, and videos.

Make sure to include information in your virtual tours such as business name, address, phone number, and email so that it’s easier for the customers to see. Or better yet, embed a landing page or CTA button that redirects to the reservation form to capture leads efficiently.

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