Now that most hotel businesses have shut down due to COVID-19, the hospitality industry is shifting their strategies to cope up with new normal. Some establishments have already incorporated hotel virtual tour recovery strategies.

While some business owners are still skeptical to implement drastic changes. How exactly can a virtual tour help in increasing your bookings amidst the pandemic? Let’s read and find out.

How Hotel Virtual Tour Helps in Increasing Your Bookings Amidst COVID-19

While bookings and sales still can’t be realized while the pandemic is on-going, the experts say there’s still hope in it. By incorporating a hotel virtual tour, you can market your business online. This helps you reach more customers online; building your brand in the process.

Eventually, your reputation will also help in increasing bookings in the future; once the COVID-19 is over. Let us delve deeper into how a virtual tour helps boost your reputation and bookings.

Virtual Tour Helps Increase Search Visibility

According to studies, 90% of travelers tend to go online and browse the internet when planning their itinerary. Then, 80% of these travelers book their accommodations to a hotel website directly. Based on these studies, the experts conclude that it’s important to increase your rankings and visibility in the search engine.

hotel virtual tour

What better way to increase your search visibility than incorporating a virtual tour? Studies show that a hotel virtual tour helps increase your rankings on the web. Moreover, travelers tend to stay 3x more on websites with virtual tours. It’s because the interactive content helps them in browsing all the hotel’s facilities and amenities. VT helps increase their chances of booking a reservation with your hotel.

Hotel Virtual Tour Helps Increase Your Social Influence

A hotel virtual tour isn’t only helpful in increasing your rankings. Most importantly, it helps in reaching out to more customers on social media. You can embed your virtual tour in your post and promote it across your social media channels. Not only you’re reaching out to future customers, but you’re also connecting with your past clients.

Since you cannot generate active bookings yet, this is the perfect time to connect with your audience. Create engaging posts to entice past clients into sharing their unforgettable experiences while staying in your hotel. You can also host contests or give them rewards for sharing their experiences on your page.

Hotel Virtual Tour Helps Build Your Reputation Online

Aside from socializing with your customers and followers, a hotel virtual tour also builds your online reputation too. By sharing your customer’s reviews and experiences, you’re building your brand too. Moreover, word of mouth is a more effective method to market your brand. Your customer’s family and friends are likely to book a reservation with your hotel after hearing their testimonies.

Likewise, addressing bad reviews in a professional manner will leave a greater impression on your hotel. For example, you might encounter a customer who had a bad experience with your hotel. You can remedy this by addressing their problem, offering a discount during their next stay. The more responsive you are to addressing both reviews, the more you build your credibility as a hotel owner.

Virtual Tour is Worth a Million Words

There’s a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. But what if you pair the stunning images with an interactive virtual tour that lets you browse every corner of a building? Then the possibilities are endless!

Studies show 67% of travelers tend to engage in a virtual tour than images or plain text descriptions of hotels. Establishments with a hotel virtual tour experienced a 48% increase in their bookings compared to those who don’t.

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