In our previous post, we already discussed how a virtual tour restaurant can help in promoting your business. But did you know there are other creative ways to utilize your virtual tour to increase your bookings? Here’s how you can use virtual tours to promote your establishment and connect more to your growing audience.

How to Utilize a Virtual Tour Restaurant to Increase Bookings

Setting the Ambiance

Since customers cannot dine into your establishment yet, this is the perfect time to conduct a shooting at your restaurant. Apply necessary measures to set your business’ ambiance like highlighting its coziness, features, and amenities. Setting an ambiance lets you instill an impression to your customers what it feels like to dine in your restaurant.

virtual tour restaurant

Not only it entices potential new customers, but it also triggers a sense of longing to recurring guests. They’ll reminisce about the wonderful time they had while watching your virtual tour restaurant. Make sure to attach a CTA button to encourage guests to make an advance booking after COVID-19.

Online Booking and Deliveries

Since physical dining is still not possible, it’s time to upgrade your restaurant by enabling online bookings and deliveries. One way of enticing customers in ordering your food online during the pandemic is by launching a virtual tour restaurant.

Aside from featuring your restaurant, make sure to include mouthwatering irresistible foods in your virtual tour. Encourage customers to file bookings online and offer to deliver their foods to their homes. This is a great way to still earn an income despite the on-going crisis. You’ll be surprised how many customers will order your menu!

Offer Special Discounts and Rewards

Aside from enabling deliveries, you can offer discounts and rewards to your customers when they make bookings. Make sure to add a discount offer to your virtual tour restaurant landing page or CTA button. You can offer discounts to encourage them to book reservations in advance after COVID-19. This will encourage customers to avail of reservations to take advantage of discount perks.

Boost Your Online Presence in Social Media

Since businesses are currently down due to COVID-19, the future now lies in digital marketing. That’s why this is the perfect time to upgrade your marketing efforts. Launching a virtual tour restaurant isn’t only about promoting your establishment or orders. It can also be used to build your business’ brand. Utilize virtual tours to connect with your customers online. You can launch a virtual tour restaurant to promote the following:

  • Encourage your past customers and guests to share stunning images and experiences while dining-in. Their reviews can help build your reputation and reach new potential customers. Meanwhile, this will also give you a chance to connect with past customers.
  • Showing off-menu items. Show your new creations to your customers where they can buy online during the pandemic.
  • Safety Measures. You can also share a virtual tour restaurant showing the safety measures and protocols in your establishment. You can share how your staff is disinfecting your space. How you keep your employees safe in these trying times. This will also show how your business cares for your employees’ safety.
  • You can also show how your business is helping the community during the pandemic. Are you extending some relief to your neighborhood? Providing free food for medical workers? This is the perfect time to give back to the community.

Utilize Google My Business and Maps Views

Another way of utilizing a virtual tour restaurant is by incorporating it into your Google My Business Page. Provide an interactive street view of your establishment so that customers can locate it easily. Moreover, it can also help in increasing your SEO rankings.

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