Sysco Launched Virtual Tour Restaurant Readiness Tool for COVID-19

Sysco Launched Virtual Tour Restaurant Readiness Tool for COVID-19

As restaurant owners around the world prepare for the resumption of their business operations, Sysco braces for new normal. To help restaurant owners and operators with their business, Sysco had launched a virtual tour restaurant.

The goal of this app is to help the public and operators to view establishments and have online delivery services. Furthermore, the public can also use the VR tour to implement the best health practices they need to implement for “new normal.”

Sysco Launched Virtual Tour Restaurant Readiness Tool

Sysco announced the launching of its virtual tour restaurant readiness tool that aims to provide a simulation for its restaurant operators. The company says the software will provide a comprehensive virtual view of best health practices, essential supplies, and key considerations. The data and information gathered from the simulation will be used by operators as they prepare for the re-opening of their restaurants.

virtual tour restaurant

The virtual tour restaurant enables the operators to experience an interactive 360-degree view of their establishment. The users can navigate throughout the restaurant. They can click various icons for each area to know its respective foodservice role. This is essential to determine the best health practices they could implement to ensure the safety of both employees and guests.

The Software

The users can also access a series of virtual tour restaurant videos containing a list of recommended products to buy. This includes sanitizers, masks, PPEs, face shields, etc, as well as links to helpful services.

Having a problem procuring your essential health needs? No problem! Sysco also integrates an all-in-one-shopping platform to purchase your needs easily. In just one click, you can secure health essentials for your restaurant!

According to Sysco’s senior vice president on marketing, Brian Todd, Sysco’s virtual tour restaurant software provides an easy simulation for the operators. They want to help the restaurant owners navigate around their establishments easily as they prepare for the evolution of the dining environment.

They aim to help bring the customer’s confidence back in dining restaurants. In doing so, they should help the restaurant owners in return to provide the best quality of food and health services to their customers.

The Features

Aside from the virtual tour restaurant, the owners can also find tools and resources needed to transform their services digitally. This includes downloading checklists to help optimize your digital menu, manage inventories, developing contactless payment, and delivery, as well as utilizing QR codes. This will help restaurant owners’ transition to digital marketing easier and more convenient.

The Hope

While the food and restaurant industry is still struggling to recover from the pandemic, Sysco remains hopeful this is just temporary. The company is still positive we’ll overcome this dark chapter in our lives. Once a cure has been found or there’s already a vaccine, there’ll be a surge of demand for restaurant services.

There’ll be no doubt thousands of people will flock to dine in restaurants one day. Until everything goes back to normal again, Sysco says the world will have to do with a virtual tour restaurant for now. The world has to embrace online delivery services. Thankfully, Sysco is here to cater to the growing demand for both restaurant owners and customers.


Want to launch a virtual tour restaurant for your business too? We’ll be glad to help! Creating a virtual tour for your business is incredibly easy. Our software, Virtual Tour Easy, offers an interactive and stunning virtual tour for your business.

What’s more? It’s actually free to create a VR tour! So don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your business and still earn money amidst the pandemic. Start innovating your restaurant business now!

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Check Out the Establishments Offering Virtual Tour Restaurant Now!

Check Out the Establishments Offering Virtual Tour Restaurant Now!

Virtual Tour Restaurant: Advancing Appetite Online

Virtual Tour Restaurant helps find the best dining experience

The digital age opened new ways in dining, giving the restaurant businesses an edge in showcasing their best features. A Virtual Tour Restaurant helps find the best dining experience. The tool helps assess your place before booking for a romantic meal or a fun, low key celebration. Let’s emphasize how virtual tours significantly improve your business image online and check out restaurants who use this technology.

Have you tried to be creative in promoting your restaurant?

With the crisis we face today, people have been more aware of going digital to live a new normal. Conjure your creativity and innovate in conducting your business. Start getting on a new horse and take advantage of the online attention of your potential targets. Think about improving your reach potential. And what better tool to use than to present a stunning virtual tour for your business!

There is a study on 294 restaurants showing that 55% are using virtual tours. According to this study, 30% more people are making a reservation in restaurants with virtual tours than the ones without it. Furthermore, 50% of people who watched the tours made a direct reservation. That’s 20% higher than those who didn’t watch the tour.

Overall, 84% of surveyed consumers agreed that the virtual tour played a part in choosing a restaurant.

Virtual Interactive Experience

These days, people want new sights yet still stay safe. They want to enjoy a good meal out for a change but want to figure out establishments first. The virtual experience is a cost-effective way that shows off your restaurant business, letting your potential guests explore your place. These tours are viewable from desktop, mobile, and tablet. You can add it to your website and social media page, giving you a chance to reach a large audience.

Feats of The Tour

The Vibe

the virtual tour restaurant design and the decors help create the atmosphere of the dining experience

To ensure the effectiveness of this new tool, including improving the ambiance of your restaurant and show it. Showcasing the mood of your restaurant will give an impression to guests if it’s worth their time. Of course, the virtual tour restaurant design and the decors help create the atmosphere of the dining experience. They should sync with the ambiance you want to relay to your guests.

The Menu

Guests look for better places to eat. Food was the main reason why guests viewed your business in the first place. Check your menu and do revisions to make it more delectable for them. An attractive one will surely encourage guests for booking.

The Establishment

Here are some restaurant establishments offering the tour:

You’ll find the Ramen-san (Lettuce Entertain You) restaurant in River North, Chicago. They utilized digital technology by adding a virtual tour and improving its menu to entice their guests.

We can easily embed the Virtual Tour Restaurant on your page and website to give an initial impression to potential customers

With the shift heading businesses in digital campaigns, even European restaurants and pubs are quick to customize each of their tours. O’Neills Cardiff located in St. Mary Street in Cardiff, Wales, U.K. caters guests from drinks, lunch or a meal for two. Proudly, they showcase live music to lift people’s spirits and have a virtual tour!

And it’s not only embraced in the U.S., even Asian countries like the Philippines are also following this trend. Philippine restaurants like the 18th Street Pala Pala restaurant in Bacolod and Kallesa restaurant from Quezon City are also using this tool as a great addition to their marketing strategy.


A virtual tour is a must-have tool for marketing today to keep up with your competition. We can easily embed the Virtual Tour Restaurant on your page and website to give an initial impression to potential customers. Wow people with an eye-catching tour. Double your reservations by signing up on Virtual Tour Easy today!

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Stunning Ways Virtual Tour Restaurant Can Increase Your Booking

Stunning Ways Virtual Tour Restaurant Can Increase Your Booking

In our previous post, we already discussed how a virtual tour restaurant can help in promoting your business. But did you know there are other creative ways to utilize your virtual tour to increase your bookings? Here’s how you can use virtual tours to promote your establishment and connect more to your growing audience.

How to Utilize a Virtual Tour Restaurant to Increase Bookings

Setting the Ambiance

Since customers cannot dine into your establishment yet, this is the perfect time to conduct a shooting at your restaurant. Apply necessary measures to set your business’ ambiance like highlighting its coziness, features, and amenities. Setting an ambiance lets you instill an impression to your customers what it feels like to dine in your restaurant.

virtual tour restaurant

Not only it entices potential new customers, but it also triggers a sense of longing to recurring guests. They’ll reminisce about the wonderful time they had while watching your virtual tour restaurant. Make sure to attach a CTA button to encourage guests to make an advance booking after COVID-19.

Online Booking and Deliveries

Since physical dining is still not possible, it’s time to upgrade your restaurant by enabling online bookings and deliveries. One way of enticing customers in ordering your food online during the pandemic is by launching a virtual tour restaurant.

Aside from featuring your restaurant, make sure to include mouthwatering irresistible foods in your virtual tour. Encourage customers to file bookings online and offer to deliver their foods to their homes. This is a great way to still earn an income despite the on-going crisis. You’ll be surprised how many customers will order your menu!

Offer Special Discounts and Rewards

Aside from enabling deliveries, you can offer discounts and rewards to your customers when they make bookings. Make sure to add a discount offer to your virtual tour restaurant landing page or CTA button. You can offer discounts to encourage them to book reservations in advance after COVID-19. This will encourage customers to avail of reservations to take advantage of discount perks.

Boost Your Online Presence in Social Media

Since businesses are currently down due to COVID-19, the future now lies in digital marketing. That’s why this is the perfect time to upgrade your marketing efforts. Launching a virtual tour restaurant isn’t only about promoting your establishment or orders. It can also be used to build your business’ brand. Utilize virtual tours to connect with your customers online. You can launch a virtual tour restaurant to promote the following:

  • Encourage your past customers and guests to share stunning images and experiences while dining-in. Their reviews can help build your reputation and reach new potential customers. Meanwhile, this will also give you a chance to connect with past customers.
  • Showing off-menu items. Show your new creations to your customers where they can buy online during the pandemic.
  • Safety Measures. You can also share a virtual tour restaurant showing the safety measures and protocols in your establishment. You can share how your staff is disinfecting your space. How you keep your employees safe in these trying times. This will also show how your business cares for your employees’ safety.
  • You can also show how your business is helping the community during the pandemic. Are you extending some relief to your neighborhood? Providing free food for medical workers? This is the perfect time to give back to the community.

Utilize Google My Business and Maps Views

Another way of utilizing a virtual tour restaurant is by incorporating it into your Google My Business Page. Provide an interactive street view of your establishment so that customers can locate it easily. Moreover, it can also help in increasing your SEO rankings.

Start making your virtual tour by availing our virtual tour restaurant software for free!

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How to Boost Your Virtual Tour Restaurant Marketing?

How to Boost Your Virtual Tour Restaurant Marketing?

While most business establishments are down due to the pandemic crisis, restaurant owners see a surge in their bookings and orders. It’s because the demand for online delivery services are skyrocketing as people book for food from the premises of their homes. Due to this, restaurant owners are scrambling to make a virtual tour restaurant to promote their business.

How can you utilize virtual tours to maximize your marketing campaign? Let’s read and find out.

How to Boost Your Virtual Tour Restaurant Marketing?

Set the Right Ambience

One important aspect of setting up an effective virtual tour restaurant is by setting the perfect ambience. You need to entice the viewers into imagining what’s in it for them if they visit your restaurant in person. Will they have a great or relaxing time while lounging there? You can set the right ambience through your virtual tour.

virtual tour restaurant

You can achieve that perfect ambience by highlighting the best corners of your establishments. For example, you can showcase cushions, dramatical lighting, and gorgeous paintings that give off that cozy ambience.

You can also feature Disney or Harry Potter characters, etc if your restaurant has a theme. If not, you can also feature your delectable meals and cuisines. The key to this is to entice your customers to buy your menu or going to your business after the lockdown.

Creating a Social Buzz

Aside from setting up a virtual tour restaurant, you can also create VR when you need to update your business such as:

  • Adding new decorations, designs, or renovations in your restaurant.
  • Holding an event or party.
  • Showing off your new menu or conducting a cooking session.

Once you’ve made virtual tours for these events, you can publish and promote it on your social media pages. You can publish a Facebook live video of your virtual tour, set up sponsored posts. You can also post the virtual tour as your Facebook page cover.

It allows your followers to view your VR, like, comment and share to their timelines. Not only it creates instant buzz, but you also get a referral for it. The more people share your content, the more your leads increase.

Double Dipping

You can also boost your marketing campaign by placing virtual tour restaurant in:

  • Google My Business and street view maps
  • Publish it on your website, email, and social media accounts.
  • Advertising imagery.
  • Storytelling to share the history and updates of your brand.

The photos and virtual tours provide a powerful impact to your brand. So let this powerful media do the talking in promoting your business. Make sure to market your VR across all your channels to reach more potential customers.

Exclusive Peeks

People love to take a sneak peek, teasers, or trailers in something they want. It excites them to think they’re given a treat but not entirely. It excites them to see something exclusive yet still building up the anticipation to yearn for more. You can build this kind of excitement and anticipation by setting up a virtual tour restaurant.

A virtual tour helps your customers peek into your business and brand. They get to see the exciting features of your restaurant. If not, you might make them salivate as you hold a cooking session and taste your delicacies. It builds your brand’s authenticity. Likewise, it helps increase your bookings and sales orders.

Google Loves Virtual Tours

Having a virtual tour restaurant not only increases your customer reach, but it also increases your Google search engine rankings. Google loves to index innovative and interactive media such as virtual tour, images, and videos.

Make sure to include information in your virtual tours such as business name, address, phone number, and email so that it’s easier for the customers to see. Or better yet, embed a landing page or CTA button that redirects to the reservation form to capture leads efficiently.

Contact us now to start creating your virtual reality tour!

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Virtual Tour Restaurant Online Booking Surge Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Virtual Tour Restaurant Online Booking Surge Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

As businesses and economies are down due to COVID-19, the virtual tour industry sees a silver lining in it. Those businesses inclined with virtual tour technology sees this as a golden opportunity to increase their sales. The virtual tour restaurant industry, in particular, has seen an increase in their online bookings. Let’s find out how these businesses thrive in times of crisis.

The Data

While most businesses and restaurants have closed down during the COVID-19 outbreak, some restaurants have also prospered. According to studies, virtual tour restaurant businesses who’ve adopted virtual tour technology are still up and running. Moreover, these establishments also offer digital food order and delivery services, making it a top go-to for quarantined customers.

virtual tour restaurant
A number of restaurants are now racing to feature their establishments and food menu on virtual tours to increase their sales. vi

According to the data gathered, there’s a 23% increase in digital food orders across the world due to COVID-19 pandemic. And it’s still expected to increase as the outbreak persists. Due to travel restrictions, most customers now have more time to browse restaurants online. What better method to promote your business than having a virtual tour restaurant?

Benefits of Virtual Tour Restaurant

Now that we have this promising data, let’s dig more into statistics and determine why today is the best time to invest in a virtual tour restaurant. Let’s see how other restaurants and big businesses are benefiting from this technology. According to studies, around 45% of Domino's U.S. shares represent online and delivery orders.

After putting up a virtual tour, they noted a dramatic increase in their online bookings and reservations. UberEats also reported they’ve added additional U.S. cities to deliver Starbucks orders. Meanwhile, around 41% of U.K. consumers prefer to check out the restaurants online before they decide to visit the store physically. The same percentage also shows how the Britons prefer delivery orders than dining in.

How to Set Up a Virtual Tour Restaurant?

Setting up a virtual tour restaurant and using new technology may sound tedious and scary, but it isn’t. Here at Virtual Tours Easy, you can create your virtual tour as easy as 1,2,3!

Just take 360 images of your restaurant. Make sure to focus or highlight all the great angles in your establishment. Also, upload your delectable food menu and mouthwatering recipes.

Once you’re done uploading it on our site, just wait, sit back, and relax as the software does it magic! You can have your virtual tour restaurant in just five minutes! Sharing your virtual tour is also easier thanks to our custom-generated embed link.

You can put this link on your website, Facebook page, and other social media accounts for easier promotion. Last but not the least, you can view statistics to determine how your virtual tour did well. The statistics will help you determine what products are selling well to your customers, as well as their preferences.

The Silver Lining

There's no doubt the world is on the brink of another Recession due to the threats of COVID-19 pandemic. Flights have been canceled, international borders have closed. Most of all, most businesses have shut down. Leaving entrepreneurs filing for inevitable bankruptcy and forcing layoffs to millions of employees worldwide.

Despite these hurdles, most businesses in the virtual tour industry see this as a challenge and an opportunity. An opportunity to change our business model and utilize technology to make innovative solutions.

Most virtual tour restaurant believes virtual reality may be the key to changing the future. According to them, virtual tours can easily adapt to the abrupt changes brought by this pandemic.

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Top Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Incorporate Virtual Tour in Their Business

Top Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Incorporate Virtual Tour in Their Business

Ever wondered how successful real estate agents boost their sales and business? It’s because these agents incorporate real estate tours in their marketing plan. A virtual tour lets them promote their listings in an interactive way without requiring your client to see the properties personally.

Still isn’t convinced? Here are the compelling reasons and benefits most real estate agents get from the virtual tour.

Why You Should Incorporate Real Estate Tour

According to experts, a real estate tour can make a huge difference in selling your property effectively. The Vice President of Sotheby's International Realty, John Passerini, says virtual reality is becoming a trend nowadays. The consumers now prefer to inspect a house or property at the expense of their own time availability.

So instead of allocating time to physically meet with an agent to inspect the house, they prefer a virtual tour instead. Of course, a virtual tour cannot provide a perfect view of your properties. However, they can be incredibly useful, especially if you’re targeting overseas customers.

The Study

Research shows that around 90% of buyers start their property search by browsing the internet. While real estate listings are good, they’re stationary and it cannot provide the interactive experience most customers seek.

This is where most real estate agents fail to accommodate their concerns. According to the American National Association of Realtors, only 14% of real estate agents incorporate virtual real estate tours in their business.

Whereas an astounding 45% of buyers reveal they seek virtual tour when searching for their prospective real estate properties. They find the virtual tour to be incredibly useful in deciding whether to buy a particular house or not. Lastly, listings with a virtual reality tour tend to rank first in Google’s search engine.

Creating a Virtual Real Estate Tour

You might wonder what it takes to create a real estate tour for your business. Well, you’re in luck! We’re here to help you create your first virtual tour! It helps in showing all the corners and angles of your house for better visual staging.

real estate tour
Our software allows you to take or upload 360-degree images of your property.

We guarantee you that creating a virtual tour is incredibly easy. You won’t even need to hire a professional photographer! What’s more? You can try it for FREE!

Sharing Your Virtual Tour

What’s great with virtual real estate tour is that it’s also easy to share it across multiple channels and platforms. Our software allows you to embed the virtual tour on your website, blog, or even on social media pages.

Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc also let you incorporate virtual tour to grab your audience’s attention. Studies also show social media users prefer to interact with videos, virtual tours, or animated images than text and static photos.

Increase in Booking and Sales

According to experts, a virtual tour isn’t only applied in the real estate industry, but it’s also widely used in the hospitality industry. In fact, most hotel owners reveal their reservation and sales booking increased by 70% after using a real estate tour.

They’ve also sold their expensive and premium rooms since they’re able to highlight the different features when comparing a standard vs. deluxe, luxury, or premium rooms.

Moreover, the restaurant owners also reveal their customers surged after posting a virtual tour. They get to highlight their mouthwatering foods and project their establishment’s beautiful ambiance.


There’s no doubt that more and more customers rely on a real estate tour before purchasing a property. Take advantage of technology and take your marketing to the next level! So what are you waiting for? Sign up to our basic virtual tour software now for FREE!

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Compelling Reasons To Setup a Virtual Tour Restaurant

Compelling Reasons To Setup a Virtual Tour Restaurant

In the business arena, companies and firms are fighting for survival. With the latest technology and the hype of social media, competition has become very tight. To come out at the top, businesses like restaurants should think of innovative ways to market their products and services. This article will talk about that, specifically, on virtual tour restaurant and the benefits it offers.

Virtual Tour

If this is your first time to encounter this term, allow me to enlighten you on what a virtual tour is. Imagine yourself playing one of that virtual reality (VR) games where you are in another environment. You get to walk around your surroundings and enjoy the landscape. You are able to close in on corners and walk through doors as if you were actually there. But in reality, you are just staring at your desktop at home. That is how virtual tours work.

Virtual Tour Restaurant

The virtual tour was just recently discovered as a marketing strategy in industries like real estate and travel. With it being so efficient and convenient, it entices more customers to the products or services offered.

Here are 4 simple reasons why you need to consider virtual tour restaurant as one of your marketing strategies:

Maximize Business Visibility

When you post virtual tours to your site, potential customers tend to visit it more. Aside from it being an a-state-of-the-art and fun experience to have, it also assures your customers. Viewing your virtual tour gives them a sense of transparency. This will assist them in coming up with a decision much easier than with sites without this feature.

Once your site gets more clicks and increases traffic, you will rank higher in the search results page of search engines. This makes your site more visible to a wider range of the market.

Social Media Trend

One great thing about virtual tours is that you can post them on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. It also makes it easier for people to get across these posts. When people like what they see, they can even share it, spreading your ads all over the network. This grows your market without putting too much effort into it.

Attract More Customers

virtual tour restaurant
These days, some people are more into the experience rather than just convenience and practicality. This is one aspect where virtual tours give you an advantage.

When posting a virtual tour, you need to look at your customers’ point of view. What is it that they want to see? What do they want to experience? When you understand your customers’ needs and preferences, use it as a tool for marketing.

You can highlight the restaurant’s interior, the products, and services that you offer, or your friendly and accommodating staff. Anything will do as long as it translates to a wonderful and comfortable experience for your customers.

The Cost is Just About Right

Virtual tours are surprisingly easy to make. When you know how to use a camera and how you want your virtual tour to appear to your customers, then you’re all set.

But if you really want to optimize this future, experts can do that for you. All you have to do is browse around for a professional who owns a great portfolio with a solid customer base.

The rates vary depending on the expertise and the size of your restaurant. The cost is reasonable, some costs beneath $100 per panorama.


It is not enough anymore to stick to traditional marketing these days. Restaurant businesses need to explore digital marketing to increase reservations and expand their customer base. So what’s keeping you right now? Go ahead and start making your own virtual tour restaurant and see what it does to your business!

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Virtual Reality Tour Shapes Hospitality Industry, Experts Reveal

Virtual Reality Tour Shapes Hospitality Industry, Experts Reveal

In this digital world, marketing and advertising have come to lengths over the past decade. Various digital marketing strategies have emerged and it’s been a trend recently. Some of the strategies include email marketing, virtual reality tour, and social media ads.

Being in an industry that serves the wants and needs of their clients, digital marketing would be the way to go about it. Why? Let’s discuss this in a more comprehensive manner as we apply digital marketing, specifically the virtual reality tours, to the hospitality industry.

The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is generally known as a sector of the wider service industry. It focuses on the relationship between hosts and guests, in which the host receives the guest with goodwill. This includes the reception and entertainment of guests and visitors.

It is a service industry that focuses more on the leisure of the customers rather than their needs. This industry includes food and beverage services, lodging, theme parks, event planning, cruise line, traveling, airline and other fields in the tourism industry.

Virtual Reality Tour

VR or virtual reality is a simulated experience made of various artificial environments. These surroundings can be similar to or completely different from the real world. Using VR gadgets, virtual reality can be experienced through sight and sound, and sometimes touch.

virtual reality tour
In this article, you will know the various ways the industry can leverage virtual reality to boost business outcomes.

Virtual Reality Tour in the Hospitality Industry

Virtual reality tour is one of the leading technology trends in the business world. Businesses have finally found ways to maximize the use of digital marketing to increase opportunities and boosts sales.

In the hospitality industry, virtual reality provides convenience to both businesses and guests. It allows potential customers to be digitally transported to a hotel or a travel destination. The application of virtual reality in the hospitality industry has just been recently recognized. Businesses have discovered its full potential and have been using it to increase customers annually.

Virtual Travel Experiences

Virtual travel experiences are the most commonly used virtual reality in the industry. This uses 360-degree video technology.

These videos allow users to experience, through virtual recreation, the different aspects of travel. Some of these include the experiences of taking the flight, swimming and diving on the beach, visiting the hotel, and the likes.

Virtual Hotel Tours

Virtual hotel tours are another common application of virtual reality. Some businesses make these tours available on their website. It gives the guests an opportunity to have a feel of the hotel rooms they booked for their vacation. For other potential customers, it allows them to see which available hotel rooms suit their preferences and needs best.

These tours can be easily accessed through various social media using its 360 video technology feature. The experience is at its best when you’re on your headphones.

Virtual Booking Processes

The latest innovation using virtual reality is the virtual booking process. This service has been employed by a few companies, such as Amadeus, but it ensures an increase in profit. It is the most convenient way for clients and guests to book flights, accommodation, and even cabs. The booking process is conducted through a virtual reality headset.

The potential for this service has yet been fully explored, but researchers and experts continue to innovate its application. It is not a question that virtual booking will be the next big thing in the hospitality industry. Technology has now made things possible and we expect greater innovations in various industries in this digital world. If you’re in need of a virtual tour software, we offer this innovative tool for an affordable rate.

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Experts Reveal How Virtual Tour Restaurant Boosts Your Sales!

Experts Reveal How Virtual Tour Restaurant Boosts Your Sales!

Are you struggling in promoting your restaurant? Do you have a hard time increasing your reservation bookings and sales? It might be because you’re not incorporating a virtual tour restaurant in your business.

This technology enables you to highlight the stunning features in your restaurant to entice customers into dining in your establishment. How can you utilize virtual tour restaurant features to boost your sales? Learn from the experts and make sure to apply these tips.

How Virtual Tour Restaurant Boosts Your Sales

Get People Talking About Your Restaurant

Nowadays, the restaurant business is booming thanks to the exotic themes they put into their establishment. Does the sound of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Marvel, Dog, or Cat restaurant themes excite you? How about taking an exclusive peek to these restaurants? It’s exhilarating, right?

virtual tour restaurant
Does the sound of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Marvel, Dog, or Cat restaurant themes excite you?

Virtual tours can help build anticipation and excitement to your customers by showcasing these features to them. It won’t make them stop talking about your restaurant.

The power of word of mouth encourages your customers to invite their friends (a.k.a. referrals) which serve as your free marketing. Not only that, but it also increases your reservations and sales in the process.

Promoting Your Restaurant’s Cozy Ambience

Having a virtual tour restaurant helps businessmen in promoting their dining house's cozy ambiance, beautiful interior design, and vibe. This helps entice the customers who haven't visited your restaurant yet.

According to experts, it invokes the customer's feelings into imagining themselves what it feels like to dine in your restaurant. This incredible sensation urges them to visit your restaurant to have an incredible dining experience.


We recommend that you create a virtual tour restaurant showing what it looks like when it's empty as well as when it's full of crowd. Highlight your customer's smiling faces and satisfied feedback as if they're having a blast in your restaurant.

Also, make sure to put a reservation button or contact form on your virtual tour to capture leads and conversions easily.

Helps In Boosting Your Social Media Presence

A virtual tour restaurant not only helps in highlighting your dining house. It also helps in sharing important announcements and progress to your clients. Virtual tour restaurant is especially helpful if your establishment is undergoing:

  • Renovations or setting up new designs and decorations
  • Hosting parties or important events
  • Sharing new exclusive items or products on your menu

After creating these virtual tours, you can share it across your social media channels. Virtual tour restaurant helps in boosting your page views since most online users prefer to see high-quality videos or photos compared to text or low-quality ones.

Every like, comment and shares you invoke from your customers create a buzz that entices people to check out your restaurant.


Facebook enables virtual tour embedding on your pages once you reach 2,000 likes. You can get your virtual tour codes here.

Tell Your Story Online

In digital marketing, we always hear the tips on how content is king. You should share a compelling story with your customers to establish a solid connection with them. What better way of telling a story than to make a virtual tour?

Not only you’re sharing your business’ story to them, but you’re also invoking their imaginations. A virtual tour restaurant helps people imagine what kind of stories they can share with their family, friends, or loved ones while dining in your restaurant.

Boost Google My Business Page

A virtual tour restaurant can also be uploaded to your Google My Business Page. It helps provide extra information when your customers search for your restaurant on Google Maps.

Aside from the street view, you can give them a glimpse of your interiors by giving them a 360 virtual tour. The extra time and clicks they spend on your page boost your engine ranking. As you move your way on the top search results, you also get more organic traffic and leads in the process.

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This Restaurant Chain Starts Training Employees Using VR | Find Out Why!

This Restaurant Chain Starts Training Employees Using VR | Find Out Why!

A standard practice in the foodservice industry is to have new hires sit through a training session and Honeygrow, a fast-food chain that specializes in stir-fry and salads follows the same procedure with their recruits. Cleaning up messes, stocking the fridge, and preparing menu items are topics discussed in the training. With that said, applicants don’t necessarily need to don aprons or follow someone’s footsteps to know the ropes. They don’t also need to sit through a safety video or focus their attention on a thick handbook. They use VR.

Applicants are given a Honeygrow location tour made possible through a virtual reality headset which allows them to have a 360-degree view of the surroundings while hearing from founder and CEO Justin Rosenberg about company values. The same immersive and engaging training experience is provided across Honeygrow’s 17 (and counting) locations.

Many of the new recruits have already been exposed to some of the VR training features during their interviews and are ready for training. Honeygrow collaborated with Philadelphia-based Klip Collective to use this experience as a recruitment tool with their virtual tours.

image credit: arlnow

Recruits will be able to immerse themselves in a game in which they virtually stock an animated walk-in refrigerator as they watch real-life employees in action with Honeygrow’s VR training. The game is fully realized with ambiance and music that plays corresponding animal sounds which users input through remote control with falling confetti to reward players for completing the game.

It should be noted that Honeygrow is not the sole retail company that has integrated VR to employee onboarding. Walmart, for example, has shown interest in incorporating the technology into its 200 training academies in early June of 2017 from which more than 140,000 associates graduate annually by the end of the said year. Walmart worked hand in hand with Strivr, a VR research and development startup that was formed out of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab. According to its Website, Strivr utilizes VR to improve the overall performance of athletes, brands, and organizations. A 30 percent increase in the ability to recall topics is what NFL quarterbacks who trained with Strivr have experienced, which is quite impressive.

Even though Walmart does not usually release data with regard to the result of its VR training pilot program, a company spokesperson has disclosed information that they have received significant results enough for them to expand the program. The company was able to notice a huge improvement in both the retention of the material as well as engagement with the content.

In early May, Honeygrow began rolling their VR training out for testing. The company has been keeping track of what percentage of its managers were certified on several categories within its training program even before adding VR. As a result, Honeygrew received an increase of team members who were certified of culture from 50 to 77 percent just within 30 days of implementing VR technology.

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