How 360 Virtual Tours Help Run Your Business Amidst Pandemic?

How 360 Virtual Tours Help Run Your Business Amidst Pandemic?

Since the COVID-19 struck the globe, many businesses around the world have filed bankruptcy. The implementation of lockdowns and social distancing has impacted brick and mortar stores. These physical businesses solely rely on human traffic to survive. As most businesses start to shift online, how can you cope up with this drastic change? How can your business recover? It’s time to incorporate it with 360 virtual tours!

How 360 Virtual Tours Help Run Your Business Amidst Pandemic

Promote Your Business Online Without Onsite Inspection

Having a problem promoting your business since your customers can no longer visit your store or property physically? No problem! The great thing about 360 virtual tours is that it lets you showcase your business virtually. Since you don’t have to worry about the influx of crowd anymore, you can shoot every nook and corner of your establishment now!

360 virtual tours

Highlight all the best features and amenities of your hotel or real estate. If you’re running a restaurant, set the ambiance to let your customers know how it feels to be in your establishment. Don’t forget to feature your mouthwatering foods too! 360 virtual tours help promote your business to customers without them visiting the site personally.

24/7 Accessibility

Aside from saving the time to make appointments with your customers, having 360 virtual tours is incredibly convenient for them. It’s because having a virtual tour is accessible to customers 24/7. This means they can always check your business out anytime and anywhere they want.

This convenient access helps you reach more customers worldwide. Furthermore, you can increase your leads and sales by putting a call to action at the end of your VR tour. Make sure to also put a limited promo period to create a hype. Customers will be more eager to make a transaction with you to avail of exclusive perks.

Easy to Share

Another benefit of having 360 virtual tours is that it’s incredibly easy to create and share. You only need to take 360 shots of your establishment through your camera or phone. Then, upload your photos on our Virtual Tour software and you’re good to go!

Witness how magic works as we create your virtual tour in 5 minutes! What’s more? We make it easy for you to share your VR on your website and social media pages. Just copy the embed code and you can promote your 360 virtual tours all over the web!

360 Virtual Tours Help Promote Your Brand

Aside from directly promoting your product or services, 360 virtual tours also help promote your brand. You can launch 360 virtual tours to give updates about your business. Virtual tours are also helpful to address your customers on the safety measures you implemented during this pandemic.

It’ll give your customers an idea of how well you’re managing the crisis. It’ll also reassure them that while your business is running, you’re doing everything you can to guard their safety and wellbeing. You can also give updates on how you give back and help the community in these trying times.

Virtual Tours Help in Boosting Online Delivery Services

Since most businesses are going online today, take this opportunity to also offer online delivery services to your customers. The moment you publish your 360 virtual tour offering products, menus, or services, take the opportunity to bring your business to your customer’s home.

This can be done by offering delivery or shipping services. Since your customers cannot come to your business, bring your business to them instead. Studies show the demand for online businesses and shopping increased by 80% since the pandemic started.

Start your virtual tour with us now!

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Abu Dhabi Launches Virtual Tour Program for Students

Abu Dhabi Launches Virtual Tour Program for Students

As Abu Dhabi re-opens its business and economic activities, the government sees to it they’re still giving premium social services to their people. Aside from healthcare, they also want to continue the education of its students. However, the students don’t need to leave their homes and risk their safety just to go to school and learn. Why? It’s because the Abu Dhabi government recently launched a virtual tour program for students.

Abu Dhabi Government Launched a Virtual Tour Program for Students

Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism launched a virtual tour program that features the historic Al Hosn site. The purpose of the said VR program is for students and individuals to have a cultural tour of this iconic landmark.

virtual tour

The students can book their virtual tour online and have a 360 view of Qasr Al Hosn and the Cultural Foundation. In it, they would see thousands of exhibits. The tour will also have guides and information to answer the viewers’ questions and encourage cultural learning. Meanwhile, educators can also customize educational guides to meet their class requirements.

The Tours

What’s more? The virtual tour is also available internationally! The Qasr Al Hosn tour is available in multiple languages like Arabic, English, French, Malayalam, and Urdu. Meanwhile, you can also watch Cultural Foundations shows like the Red Palace. The said show features Sultan Bin Fahad and the Common Ground's works.

The show showcases the awesome artworks of 13 Saudi Arabian artists that exhibit the cultural link between Saudi Arabia and UAE. This virtual tour program was a collaboration between the Abu Dhabi government; the Department of Culture and Tourism, and Department of Education and Knowledge. The first successful VR tour was launched on Zoom with a group of 160 students.

Similar Programs in UAE

Aside from Abu Dhabi, the Dubai emirate also had a similar virtual tour program since April. The government provided tours for its various museums like the Coins Museum, Dubai Museum, Etihad Museum, and Naif Museum for educational learning.

The initiative yielded an astounding 298 virtual tours with over 11,000 participating students from 94 public and private schools. The immense success was also attributed to the Ministry of Education, who supported the initiative to promote remote learning amidst the pandemic.

The Re-open

As Dubai museums started its re-opening since June 1, the government says it'll still retain the virtual tour programs for international tourists. The international tourists can now browse Etihad Museum, Al Shindagha, Dubai Museum, and the Naif and Poet Al Oqaili museums online.

Meanwhile, Dubai locals, ex-pats, and other stranded tourists can visit these places physically. Just be mindful of the health protocols. Also, these museums only allow 50% of their visitors’ capacity. So you might need to schedule your visits accordingly.

Aside from Dubai museums, the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Qasr Hosn, and Cultural Foundation will also re-open to the public at limited capacity.

Want to incorporate a virtual tour in your business too? Try our virtual tour software now!

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Why 360 Virtual Tour is Perfect for Tourism Industry

Why 360 Virtual Tour is Perfect for Tourism Industry

Are you struggling to promote your hotel, restaurant, or hospitality business? It’s time for you to innovate and incorporate technology into your business. Here are the stunning reasons why 360 virtual tour is perfect in the hospitality industry. Let us reap the benefits you can get from utilizing this technology.

Why 360 Virtual Tour is Perfect In Hospitality Industry

Guests Can Have an Interactive 360 Virtual Tour

One of the main reasons why 360 virtual tour is essential in the hospitality business is that it lets the customers feel your establishment before visiting it in person. They can discover your hotel, browse the rooms, observe what they look like, and explore the amenities of your business.

360 virtual tour

This will give them an in-depth view of your establishment as they plan their stay. Likewise, your customers can also explore your restaurant or bars to find the best spot when they come to visit it in the near future. So make sure to upload the right and stunning images to entice them!

They Get to Explore The Neighborhood Too

Having a 360 virtual tour not only helps in promoting your establishment, but it also promotes your neighborhood too! You can take dramatic shots of your neighborhood featuring the popular tourist spots, the famous cityscapes, and the outskirts of the city.

In this way, your guests can spend more time exploring the area and familiarizing the towns they want to visit someday. This is also a great way to promote local tourism and industry in your area.

360 Virtual Tour Helps Them Pre-occupied During Travel Delays

Having a 360 virtual tour also helps your customers ease their burden when having flight delays. Instead of fuming over their delayed flights, you can keep their enthusiasm by browsing your virtual tour.

They can spend time gazing and exploring their room. They can also explore the hotel and restaurant’s amenities. This will keep the hype and keep them excited about visiting your establishment soon.

Launch a 360 Virtual Tour to Educate Guests on Health Protocols

Since COVID-19 is still prevalent up to this day, it’s imperative to educate your guests on health protocols. You can launch a virtual tour touring your establishment while educating people on the health protocols you’ve implemented.

Examples for this are locating the footbath. You can point out where the soap, alcohol, and sanitizers are located where the guests can wash their hands.

You can also tour your guests where they’re allowed to sit or stay as well as prohibited areas. This is to determine where they’re allowed to stay or sit to follow social distancing. It’s important to share this information so that your customers will know what to expect when you resume operations again. It’ll also give them some assurance that you’re looking over their well-being.

Virtual Tour Is an Effective Social Media Marketing Tool

Nowadays, people rarely pay attention to long blocks of texts or images. They now pay more attention to interactive multimedia like infographics Facebook lives, videos, and streams. That’s what makes a 360 virtual an effective marketing tool in social media.

You can reach more customers on social media when you post a virtual tour than static images. The more people will engage in your virtual tour, the more likely they are to book a reservation with you. Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your social media marketing by incorporating a virtual tour.

Want to try having a virtual tour? Try our software now to incorporate VR in your business now!

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Sysco Launched Virtual Tour Restaurant Readiness Tool for COVID-19

Sysco Launched Virtual Tour Restaurant Readiness Tool for COVID-19

As restaurant owners around the world prepare for the resumption of their business operations, Sysco braces for new normal. To help restaurant owners and operators with their business, Sysco had launched a virtual tour restaurant.

The goal of this app is to help the public and operators to view establishments and have online delivery services. Furthermore, the public can also use the VR tour to implement the best health practices they need to implement for “new normal.”

Sysco Launched Virtual Tour Restaurant Readiness Tool

Sysco announced the launching of its virtual tour restaurant readiness tool that aims to provide a simulation for its restaurant operators. The company says the software will provide a comprehensive virtual view of best health practices, essential supplies, and key considerations. The data and information gathered from the simulation will be used by operators as they prepare for the re-opening of their restaurants.

virtual tour restaurant

The virtual tour restaurant enables the operators to experience an interactive 360-degree view of their establishment. The users can navigate throughout the restaurant. They can click various icons for each area to know its respective foodservice role. This is essential to determine the best health practices they could implement to ensure the safety of both employees and guests.

The Software

The users can also access a series of virtual tour restaurant videos containing a list of recommended products to buy. This includes sanitizers, masks, PPEs, face shields, etc, as well as links to helpful services.

Having a problem procuring your essential health needs? No problem! Sysco also integrates an all-in-one-shopping platform to purchase your needs easily. In just one click, you can secure health essentials for your restaurant!

According to Sysco’s senior vice president on marketing, Brian Todd, Sysco’s virtual tour restaurant software provides an easy simulation for the operators. They want to help the restaurant owners navigate around their establishments easily as they prepare for the evolution of the dining environment.

They aim to help bring the customer’s confidence back in dining restaurants. In doing so, they should help the restaurant owners in return to provide the best quality of food and health services to their customers.

The Features

Aside from the virtual tour restaurant, the owners can also find tools and resources needed to transform their services digitally. This includes downloading checklists to help optimize your digital menu, manage inventories, developing contactless payment, and delivery, as well as utilizing QR codes. This will help restaurant owners’ transition to digital marketing easier and more convenient.

The Hope

While the food and restaurant industry is still struggling to recover from the pandemic, Sysco remains hopeful this is just temporary. The company is still positive we’ll overcome this dark chapter in our lives. Once a cure has been found or there’s already a vaccine, there’ll be a surge of demand for restaurant services.

There’ll be no doubt thousands of people will flock to dine in restaurants one day. Until everything goes back to normal again, Sysco says the world will have to do with a virtual tour restaurant for now. The world has to embrace online delivery services. Thankfully, Sysco is here to cater to the growing demand for both restaurant owners and customers.


Want to launch a virtual tour restaurant for your business too? We’ll be glad to help! Creating a virtual tour for your business is incredibly easy. Our software, Virtual Tour Easy, offers an interactive and stunning virtual tour for your business.

What’s more? It’s actually free to create a VR tour! So don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your business and still earn money amidst the pandemic. Start innovating your restaurant business now!

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Businesses Establish Hotel Virtual Tour to Increase Bookings

Businesses Establish Hotel Virtual Tour to Increase Bookings

As hotel businesses close due to COVID-19, they’re now shifting their marketing campaigns online. You’ll see the unexpected rise of businesses incorporating hotel virtual tour technology. This is to market their hotel rooms online and reach more customers all over the world. Let us find out which hotel businesses have incorporated VR tours to increase their bookings.

Businesses That Incorporate Hotel Virtual Tour to Increase Bookings

LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort

This prestigious beach and golf resort in Florida, USA, didn’t escape COVID-19’s wrath. Due to travel restrictions, LaPlaya Beach couldn’t receive visitors and guests just when they were done with renovations.

hotel virtual tour

This prompted the establishment to launch a hotel virtual tour to introduce their customers to their newly-renovated property. The management believes it will entice the customers and they’ll be familiar with navigating the resort when they re-open once again.

Como Hotels & Resorts

Meanwhile, Como Hotels and Resorts in Singapore had launched a holistic home wellness programs featuring their famous hotels like Como Hotels and Resorts, and Como Shambhala Urban escape. Their wellness content is as follows:

  • Strengthen and Restoring Your Personal Balance
  • Discover the healing powers of meditation and mindfulness
  • Ways to recharge your health and well-being.

The catch? The wellness programs are conducted in their hotels and resorts. The programs feature a hotel virtual tour of their establishments. This gives a peaceful and relaxing ambiance to the viewers, making them think these hotels are perfect for unwinding. It not only entice the viewers to try their wellness programs but also to book a room in their hotels.

InterContinental San Francisco

Meanwhile, InterContinental San Francisco launched a hotel virtual tour hosting virtual events and meetings. So if you plan to host virtual meetings, you can book with them to use their virtual tours as backgrounds or venues.

InterContinental San Francisco features video conferencing, integrated audience engagement, webcasting, and recordings to provide complete a virtual tour experience to its guests. You can also access their virtual tour to explore the hotel’s suite rooms, floor plans, lobby, function rooms, and other amenities.

Atlantis Dubai

The famous hotel in Dubai, Atlantis, also launched a hotel virtual tour for their customers. You can explore its magnificent arched entrances with palatial gathering rooms, and technological amenities. What’s more? Dubai has recently resumed its business operations and economic activities!

So if you’re a tourist still stranded, a local, or an ex-pat in Dubai, this is the perfect time to fulfill your dream of staying here! As long as everyone follows the minimum health protocols (and be extra careful), you can book a room here!

Pullman Brisbane King George Square Hotel

This hotel virtual tour provides a more intimate experience with the customers because it has an audio integration. You can hear narration in every stunning image you’ll click as you explore the hotel. The management also makes sure to feature their spacious hotel rooms and luxurious amenities to entice their customers further.

Grand Oasis Hotel Virtual Tour

Grand Oasis management made sure to highlight its unique architecture in its hotel virtual tour. The VR lets you explore around the open-air atrium that gives off an “oasis” feel. It’s like you’re in the middle of a desert enjoying your personal paradise. You’ll have a great time touring their magnificent buildings, fancy rooms, luxurious amenities, and their luscious garden!

Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa

Last, but not least, Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa offers a personalized hotel virtual tour. It starts with an introduction from the manager. You can then follow the walkthroughs on the reception area, outdoor dining terrace, live entertainment center, and the hotel rooms itself.

Want to start your virtual tour now? Sign up for our Virtual Tour software today!

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Stunning Virtual Tour Beaches As a Getaway In This Crisis

Stunning Virtual Tour Beaches As a Getaway In This Crisis

Beach Virtual Tour Getaway

Beach Virtual Tour explored

As the world continues to cancel flights due to COVID-19, the tourism industry got badly hit by the crisis. Millions of international and local flights got canceled. While the business sector is greatly affected, the pandemic also ruined our highly-anticipated travel goals. Our most-awaited beach summer getaways got disrupted. However, don’t fret! The tourism sector has created these beautiful virtual tour beaches you can tour around Europe amidst COVID!

You can check out these beautiful panoramic views of beautiful, stunning beaches and add them to your travel list! Then, you’ll already have new beach spots to visit after COVID-19 is finally over!

Stunning Virtual Beaches to Checkout Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

Tropic of Cancer Beach, Bahamas

This Pelican Beach in the Bahamas showcases the longest stretch of pure white sand in Little Exuma Island. Online viewers can’t resist the beach's pristine white sand and turquoise waters of the island. This mapped paradise gives you the tropical thrill and water adventures you need to suffice your summer getaway. You can check out the Bahama Tourism Bureau to check out this gorgeous virtual tour beach presentation!

Malibu Beach, California

Another worthy virtual tour beach you should check out is Malibu beach. If you prefer to stay in the United States to chase the waters and surf virtually, then Malibu is perfect for you! This Californian beach features stunning beach waves that’ll ignite your desire to go surfing as soon as the pandemic is over! Not only that, but you’ll also enjoy gazing at the beautiful rock formation, gorgeous sunsets, and sunrise, and wildlife here too.

Jan Thiel Beach, Curacao

If you prefer to explore the Caribbean when you can travel already, then you should check out Jan Thiel Beach. The stunning Jan Thiel Beach is famous for its clear blue water. You can even find a fitting swimwear since the beach is steps away from the shopping district of Willemstad. Pick the perfect umbrella drink and have a blast as the Curacao Tourist Bureau offers the stunning 3D virtual tour for the island’s finest beaches!

Pig Island, Bahamas

beautiful virtual tour beaches you can tour around Europe

The sightly island is nothing short of a stunning paradise as evidenced by images we see on Instagram. People were quick to appreciate, making it an ideal tourist destination after the crisis. While you can’t pet its adorable dwellers, you can virtually see how the animals’ charm on both land and water. Feel the island and let the Bahamas Tourism Bureau take you to an extensive virtual haven tour you can’t miss.

Wailea Beach, Hawaii

Ready for that post-pandemic, crescent Hawaiian beach escape yet? If not, then this here’s a chance to prepare you for a dream getaway. The beach is named after Lea, goddess of canoe makers. With the irresistible beauty of Molokini, Kaho’olawe, and Lanai, you can explore and start an adventure like never before.

The Hawaiian beach is both beautiful and dangerous. Pipeline swells can turn your surfing experience into frustration, especially, for amateur swimmers. Scratch the worries and visit for an initial survey of the Hawaiian waves. Here, surf cameras can enlighten you about the extraordinary beach!

Miami Beach, Florida

The knockout island city in south Florida deserves to be on your destination bucket list. Miami Beach is famous for white beaches, all-night clubs, and posh eateries. And because of the pandemic, it’s not a good idea to lounge on the beach or enjoy the Spring Break.

Virtual tour beaches can give you a glimpse of a perfect getaway

You can still savor the long stretches of white beaches with the multi-view cameras. Miami Beach offers turquoise water and a boardwalk display.

Living in this day and age is a blessing. COVID-19 halted the economy and progress while challenging us to innovate and improvise. The pandemic cannot stop water wanderers, at least not online. Virtual tour beaches can give you a glimpse of a perfect getaway. Learn more about exploring destinations virtually here.

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Check Out These Best Hotel Virtual Tour Around the World!

Check Out These Best Hotel Virtual Tour Around the World!

The COVID-19 pandemic may have crippled the tourism industry, but many hotels and Airbnb owners are still hopeful. They’re still looking forward to the influx of customers booking their accommodations in the future. That’s why these business owners are setting up a hotel virtual tour to market their accommodations in advance.

Whether you’re a hotel owner looking for some virtual tour inspiration; or a traveler looking for a place to stay for your next travel goals; make sure to check out the stunning virtual tours!

The Best Hotel Virtual Tour Around the World

Holiday Inn Express Adelaide Virtual Tour

hotel virtual tour

Holiday Inn Express also produced their unique yet proactive virtual tour. In the VR tour, you'll see guests performing actual activities like checking in their rooms, relaxing in the lounge, or attending a business meeting or conducting an event in its opulent conference room. Aside from showcasing its stunning amenities, the tour also shows the hotel’s functional properties.

Atlantis Dubai Hotel Virtual Tour

Atlantis Dubai features its traditional arched entrances, gorgeous accommodation rooms, and stunning amenities. Infused with innovative technology, this virtual tour emphasizes the beauty of the establishment paired with its strategic tourist location.

Enjoy gazing at the stunning beaches in Dubai while staying in your cozy room. The virtual tour practically entices its guests to book a hotel staycation here. The iconic Palm Jumeirah and Wild Wadi Water Park are also accessible from Atlantis Dubai Hotel!

Pullman Brisbane King George Square Hotel Virtual Tour

Next in line is Pullman's King George Square Hotel which features its spacious and luxurious rooms. The hotel has an astounding 510 guest rooms with various accommodations available.

The virtual tour highlights the rooms' spacious and luxurious amenities. What's more? Its virtual reality tour is equipped with audio guides together with stunning videos and images; adding a personal touch to its guests.

Grand Oasis Hotel 360º Hotel Virtual Tour

The virtual tour didn’t only highlight the establishment’s features, but also its stunning environment. True to its name, Grand Oasis describes the breathtaking views of Cancun. It also features its large open-air atrium, evergreen gardens, and stunning beaches. Any guests viewing the hotel will surely get enticed to experience the “Grand Oasis” life.

Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa Virtual Tour

The company puts a unique touch on this virtual tour by starting it with the manager's introduction. This method is effective in building a rapport with digital guests. After the introduction, it follows with a walkthrough of the hotel.

You can see the reception area, outdoor dining terrace, entertainment center, and the rooms itself. You'll also be given ample time to explore the amenities themselves; since they give enough time before moving on to the next.

Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel Virtual Tour

hotel virtual tour

Meanwhile, this virtual tour opted to provide a simple yet elegant walkthrough to its customers. You can view a streamlined and peaceful, calming, navigation thanks to the musical background. Valamar provides a short yet straightforward, concise, elegant virtual tour to its guests.

Vythiri Resort of Wayanad Virtual Tour

Vythiri Resort is more than just a simple hotel. It highlights the properties’ traditional nature views; labeling it as a getaway hotel. You’ll find exotic views of evergreen rainforests, crystal clear waters of streams and rivers, and stunning beaches. The virtual tour will definitely give you that natural vibe you’ve been longing for.

Bora Bora’s Overwater Bungalows

For those who want to chase the waters, Bora-Bora’s hotel virtual tour will surely satisfy you. The management showcases the beautiful beach waters of Tahiti island as well as its Bungalows. The combination of its natural amenities and splendid environment makes it an appealing virtual tour.

Contact us now to step up your game and make your own virtual tour!

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Virtual Reality Tour: Enhancing Real Estate Business This 2020

Virtual Reality Tour: Enhancing Real Estate Business This 2020

Virtual Reality Tour Continues to Evolve this Year

If you’re still viewing a home on pictures and videos, you haven’t seen the full-blown house-hunting experience yet! This year, virtual reality takes the experience higher as it promises an all too real immersion when touring a home. While images still appeal to the traditional market, the Virtual Reality Tour is innovating with even greater visuals this 2002! The rapid evolution is an incredible response of the VR companies to ensure that clients enjoy a virtual reality tour to the next level!

Many people have adapted to positive change. Most brokerage or real estate agents featuring VR tech are the ones with remote clients. For others, they save costly expenses from constructing a model home as VR makes it possible to see yet-to-be-built homes. These yet-to-be-built homes are mostly modified and customized based on the request of clients.

A Success Story

In 2016, VR technology was used by Sotheby’s International Realty real estate agent, Gregg Lynn. He sent a link of a VR tour to a few agents in San Francisco. The property was a massive loft condo to which he recalled sending the link to several agents. Fortunately, the link reached a buyer who wanted to relocate to San Francisco. The selling point was the incredible VR seen by the buyer. The client finally decided to see the home in person and fly to the city. Clients need the inspiration to make sure that they are purchasing worthy assets. The client assured the agent that as long as the reality is as good as the VR, he’ll take it. The sale became one of Mr. Lynn’s greatest, inspiring numerous agents to sell better.

Ensure that clients enjoy a virtual reality tour to the next level

The deal closed at $7 million, holding the record as the most expensive loft sold in the city.

Lynn adds that he believes that it’s the best alternative for remote tours. Now that he has a home listing in Russian Hill, the VR tech is making things brighter as ever! Clients are taking notice of how well VR is working. It’s interesting how views on Lynn’s $19 penthouse listing reached 17,000 views. You cannot accommodate that much tour when done in person. Virtual Reality Tour is making home tours easier featuring a remote tour to a larger audience.

The New Phase

VR doesn’t cease to amaze us all, it doesn’t stop developing. It can be used in partially complete communities. The rendering presented can be realistic and overlaid on photos or drone videos.

Tim Costello shares his thoughts about how VR can enhance the experience of buyers. He says that showing buyers the built and unbuilt homes give them a sense of the life quality there. Costello is the CEO of Builders Digital Experience in Austin, Texas.

Not everyone is trained to see what a place looks like with furniture. Ernesto Cohan, Oceana Bal Harbour sales director, says they used virtual staging. They created a 3-D walkthrough of model units enabling buyers to see it with pieces of furniture.

A month ago, BDX delivered as many VR tools to builders in a single month like they did in all of 2016, according to Costello. He said that growth is more than 12 times across the last four years. A virtual reality tool created from renderings was used to sell condos at Oceana Bal Harbour in Bal Harbour, Florida, before construction. The VR tours of the units can be viewed online.

Real estate experience enhanced with VR means a wider audience reach. You can just imagine the condos worth millions just like in Oceana Harbour making use of VR tools.

Developers are latching to VR to showcase units especially when selling a property with a larger area


The evolution of technology gave an edge to think better ways in marketing properties. The virtual reality tour makes the buyers feel more at ease about their pre and post-construction purchase. Find out more about how a virtual reality tour can improve your sales!

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3 Reasons Why Hotels Are Embracing A Hotel Virtual Tour

3 Reasons Why Hotels Are Embracing A Hotel Virtual Tour

Hotel Virtual Tour

Most successful hotel businesses have one thing in common that the hotel industry should follow, incorporating the latest innovation to attract more guests. Currently, virtual reality is one of the most effective strategies in boosting the bookings of hotels. The potential is quick to reach the hospitality industry and picked up by hotels as the hotel virtual tour proved to increase guests’ interest!

Virtual Reality

Initially, Virtual Reality made a great impression on video games. It succeeded in immersing the players into a world that almost looked real. The graphics made very effective visuals, interesting enough that it was developed further to help increase sales. Seeing life-like characters act into different adventures and feeling the scenes led to revolutionizing its use in promoting tours and experience in the hotel industry!

Virtual Tour to Enhance your Business!

Today, hotels are taking the opportunity with the use of Virtual Tours Easy enabling them to create a virtual tour that highlights their business. This way, hotels give more life and immersive tours to potential guests via 360-degree walk-through on their facilities.

Instead of showcasing the hotel with 2D still-images, viewers can immerse in awe of the hotel’s interior as if they’re there. It would be like walking through and looking into a new perspective! A hotel virtual tour is more valuable than traditional images as it offers the transparency that the hotel can offer!

The Statistics

With all praises in mind, let us expand on more details on why virtual tours are effective.

Hotels as the hotel virtual tour proved to increase guests

Hotels are not the only sector that’s up-to-date. Even the guests are getting savvier in booking a place to stay. They not only prefer hotel establishments with virtual tours, but regular travelers are also expecting one. They travel more than other people and have more experience in traveling, they’ll eventually get to stay in a hotel with a VT. The next thing you know, they are looking forward to staying in a hotel integrating a VT approach!

Did you know that statistics show that virtual tours reduced the wasted viewing rate by 40%? And that virtual tours, in general, are clicked (or tapped) 10 times more than establishments without one?

Now, you do. And what does it tell you? We are always attracted to the first impression. What is better to impress your guests than giving them a great visual with a hotel virtual tour and transforming the expectations into a reality!

Moreover, 92% of users online say that 360-degree panorama viewing features are important when browsing online. This is a clear indication that the VR technology cultivates bookings!

Hotel Virtual Tour: Controlling the Experience

Potential clients also give control to the viewers, moving at their own pace, and staying in the room as long as they feel like it. They explore little details without worrying that they’ve chosen the wrong room for their taste or increase their pace on the tour. They can scout for themselves on the place they’re paying for, all these available from their smartphone or desktop!

The cutting-edge feat marks your excellent services and accommodations, skyrocketing your bookings! There’s nothing wrong with going traditional but incorporating hotels with innovative technology is a step to get ahead from your competitors. Why be the last when you can lead an approach and reap a great flow of non-stop bookings from all areas around the globe!

Have you tried a hotel virtual tour? Give your guests an unforgettable experience as they search for a perfect haven to stay by embracing the new virtual tour for your business! For more details about how virtual tours enhance your marketing edge against your competitors, sign up to Virtual Tour Easy for free!

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Enjoy the Stunning Luxury Tower in NYC Through This Virtual Reality Tour

Enjoy the Stunning Luxury Tower in NYC Through This Virtual Reality Tour

Virtual Reality Tour

Virtual Reality Tour is a way to immerse its users into a virtual world. Clients can interact with the surroundings that a 360 video can’t do. You are not only in control but can also go into an alternate world.

The latest smartphone devices can support the VR-quality graphics making virtual reality accessible to everyone. The built-in accelerometers detect movements as you navigate your way into your virtual space. Businesses do better using Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies.


New York’s 57th street is the world’s most luxurious street in the world! In the last five years, more houses were bought on Billionaire’s Row. The properties amounted up to $25 million that’s way more than any other road around the world. It’s rife with super-tall towers: 432 Park Avenue, 111 West 57th Street, and Central Park Tower. All these towers are taller than 1,300 ft. That’s about a quarter of a mile high.

Virtual Reality Tour is efficient in pursuing leads

Shadows of these skyscrapers cast on Central Park. Critics noting that building owners of the multi-million dollar residences pay little or no property tax at all.

Not everyone can experience being in these towers but the virtual reality tour makes it possible. Imagine immersing in an apartment in one of the towers. The height as high as a helicopter could fly that some even described being occasionally above the clouds. Perplexed whether its terror or exhilaration, the view will leave you euphoric.

Why A Virtual Reality Tour?

There are many benefits as to why people are using a virtual reality tour. Here are a few of them:

Low Costs

Instead of printed promotional outputs, Virtual reality allows business owners to show the real beauty. There won’t be a need for designing new concepts. A virtual reality tour is an efficient way to connect to fresh leads.

Reach Remote Prospects

The augmented reality still allows for printed collateral but made better by bringing an interactive experience. Think of it as the combined use of a custom brochure, a tablet, and an app.

Remote leads will find luxurious NYC towers accessible to them, especially when they’re caught up in business somewhere else. VR’s ability to reach a wider audience within minutes create a meaningful and impressive experience. It conveys quality graphics for leads without requiring them to travel pronto.

Emotional Experience

A virtual reality tour places its users inside a new world. Imagine viewing a home for the first time, the elegant and luxurious tower in New York. you’d still get stunned with the views virtually, in awe of how the virtual world connects you to its virtual representation.

Customized Surface

VR is more than a walk through the towers of New York. Sudden changes in renovations can easily be modified to make an updated version of the layout and design. The up-to-date modification bringing a rewarding experience on what’s to be expected in the home’s every corner and hallways. Even the fabrics can be designed meticulously.

Angle Inside and Out

The virtual reality tour includes a great copy including the interiors and exteriors of the stunning NYC tower. It will give you the feeling of the ultimate experience of an overlooking room in one of the suites in the building. The VR experience reflects the euphoric journey into a sales-generating campaign.


The best advantage you can get out of this experience is that it's just a virtual reality. It can be a preparation for what you could expect before actually going there. You still see it’s beauty and look at the amazing view up and down. You can get away anytime you feel like it’s way too high for your taste. Reality would take a lot of factors before you reach the lowest ground. Explore more about the Virtual Reality Tour by creating your free account!

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