A Definitive Guide on Shooting Panoramic Photos for Virtual Tour Creation

A Definitive Guide on Shooting Panoramic Photos for Virtual Tour Creation

When taking 360-photos of the different areas of a house, it is important for you to stay focused. From the start, you have several aspects to consider. You need to think about double exposure in the case of high lights or what is known as HDR exposure. It is also important for you to tilt or rotate the panoramic head and move the tripod for shooting the nadir.

Tips for Beginners

The following are the major aspects to consider when shooting for a virtual tour:

  • A virtual tour that doesn’t use a tripod or is handheld is not possible. You need to use at least a monopod. Best of all, use a tripod.
  • It is important to set the camera on a panoramic head and on a tripod for ease of use.
  • Remove every trace of the tripod on the photo.
  • Compensate the high lights through a door or a window.

When Shooting the Photos…

It is crucial to decide whether you will use a tripod or not. Almost every photographer uses the circular fisheye on a monopod. This lets the camera stay on the nodal point, particularly in height. Handheld shooting can only be possible for a virtual tour when you only have to take up to three photos to complete the entire sphere. It is better to stick to the entrance pupil or nodal point and to have a mobile solution. It is compulsory to use the tripod when you have to take more photos.

Note: The more complicated the tripod, the more space it will take at the nadir level.

During the preparation, you have to decide on the number of shots to take for rotation and also the number of ranges. You have to tilt or rotate the camera between two shots depending on the angle covered. If the camera used is notch-based, you only have to rotate the camera to the next notch. Without the notch, you can base everything on the viewfinder or the control screen. The viewfinder has its own set of benefits if the camera does not have any built-in cloaking device. An important piece of advice: look around to find out whether the subject can enter the field of the photo.

Ghost in a relinquished building
Photographer: Ferdinand Stöhr | Source: Unsplash

How to Shoot the Nadir With or Without the Tripod

There are several methods to eliminate the tripod. It depends on the nature of the floor level, the panoramic head, and the time you can spend on taking the photo. One method of shooting is one that requires you not to include the floor underneath the tripod. The second method is to take the floor under the tripod and let the tripod disappear in the actual virtual tour.

When you include the floor under the tripod in your shoot, the tripod appears on the photo. There are two methods to remove it: by placing a circular shape in its stead, covering it and by ceasing the downward movement of the mouse until the boundaries of the tripod’s arms. For the first method, it is important to include the copyright and the name of the location.

It is preferable not to include the floor in the photo. But if you still prefer otherwise, it is imperative to show as a little tripod as possible and make sure that the circle will be the smallest possible. These can be done through any of the following means:

  • Shoot with a circular fisheye
  • Shoot with a full-format fisheye and make sure that the vertical field of view makes the circle small
  • Add one more line at its bottom where the boundaries of the tripod’s arms are.
  • On the other hand, shooting the nadir without the tripod can be done following these steps:
  • You have to shoot the raw materials that you will need later.
  • Using photoshop, make sure that two or three photos match; and through the layers’ masks, remove all possible traces of the tripod.

How to Shoot the Raw Material

  • Shoot at 0 degrees.
  • Shoot the zenith photo at 90 degrees.
  • Shoot towards the floor at -90 degrees. This can be done by directing the camera towards the floor right above where the rotary axis is. Be sure that the vertical arm is right above one of the tripod arms.

You will have a photo that is directed towards the floor with a print of the panoramic head and one of the arms of the tripod. This photo will go well with the others because the tripod is not likely to move. You will see that 80 percent of the photo tripod and it is free from the panoramic head. Only a small area of the floor is missing for the sphere to be complete.

It is necessary to shoot a photo of the place again, this time without the tripod. When shooting indoors, it can be complex and quite impossible to use the Photoshop stamp. The only solution to this is to use the same tripod for the panoramic head but tilt the tripod a little towards the floor.

Here are some more tips to consider:

Put a coin marker on the floor under the central column of the tripod before the tripod is moved. This represents the rotary axis of the nodal point of the lens and the camera head. It is also wise to rotate the vertical arm of the panoramic camera head at 180 degrees. Here the camera is already hung on the floor yet still on the tripod and at the same height which makes it stable all the time. Hence it is important to reposition the lenses accurately. All you have to do is to look through the viewfinder or make use of the live view or else position the coin at the center of the viewfinder. For the rest of the preparations and editing of the photos, you only need the raw material of the floor and paste on the old photo of the nadir through the use of Photoshop.

HDR or Double Exposure

This requires only minimal focus. Make sure to create a photo with less exposure time and a second one with exposures of 1.5/2 diaphragms. Make sure that you will not move the tripod or the panoramic head at this point. Exposure will always be in manual mode. Exposure changes must be done through speed change instead of the diaphragm to stay away from stitching problems.

Now you’ll be able to take amazing 360-photos upon following the above-mentioned guidelines. Don’t forget to upload those photos into Virtual Tour Easy and start marketing your real estate properties today!

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What Millennials Look for When Deciding on a Home to Buy

What Millennials Look for When Deciding on a Home to Buy

The Gen Y’ers who are popularly known as millennials belong to a generation with multiple options. This is a generation who likes to come up with informed decisions and they like to analyze. The access to information makes it easy for them to do these. That is why the process of buying a home has also become high-tech.

Millennial home buyers won’t entertain the thought of buying a home without seeing it on a virtual tour. They also pay the mortgage using the mobile phone. Millennials are okay with buying anything using their mobile phone from clothes to a house.

Millennials and the younger generations don’t buy homes without having to search online first. This is why real estate agencies offer virtual tours, ensure fast online mortgage application, and allow live streaming for their open houses.

Updated Bathroom Designs

Millennials are meticulous buyers. One of the big turn-offs for them is to find the bathroom in need of updating. Hence it is important for realtors to ensure that the bathroom uses any of the trendy bathroom designs and that the bathroom is highly comfortable.

Energy-Efficient Homes

Most millennials out a high value on green technology. Homes that are energy-efficient appeal to most of the millennials. It’s important for realtors to set up LED lighting and make sure to install a programmable thermostat. Being green also means less cost; that’s why it is attractive to millennials.

Smart Homes

Smart home features have changed the landscape of the real estate industry. They are required when you are targeting millennials. Among the smart home features that millennials often look for are the automated or voice devices. These can control the lighting system, the front door and garage doors, appliances, and also the heating system. Examples of these are Google Home and Alexa.

Outdoor Space

The outdoor area of a house is as important as its indoor space. Often millennials love homes that have spaces for them to have BBQ with friends. It’s best for realtors to ensure that the home they are selling has an outdoor oasis, one that is adorned with a patio or a deck.

Low Maintenance Cost

Millennials may prefer upscale and trendy homes, but they also want it to be low maintenance. They simply want to relax on weekends instead of fixing or cleaning some delicate areas of the house. You can make sure that a home is low maintenance through features such as new roof, new windows, vinyl siding, and high-performing HVAC systems.

This photoshoot is for a collection of bowties and pussy bows by Sewn Apart inspired by Twiggy. Photo by Chanel FernandezModel: Ericka Leigh
Photographer: Sewn Apart | Source: Unsplash

Compact Design

Millennials are always in the lookout for homes that are designed with compact spaces intended to accommodate the basic necessities of a home. In the recent years, millennials opt for the tiny homes. These are homes that are less than 500 square feet in size but can provide all the necessities.

Other elements that millennials consider when they are looking for a home.

The Use of Virtual Tours

A survey done by Caldwell Banker Real Estate in January on 3,000 adults in the US revealed that 62 percent of the respondents prefer to deal with real estate that has VR technology provided. Real estate agents are also expected to be more social by posting open house photos and information on Facebook and Twitter as examples.

Speedy Mortgage Application through the Online Platform

The net is also changing the way in which mortgage is applied for and obtained. Millennials prefer to apply for mortgage using only their mobile device. They also prefer to access their bank accounts easily using only their portable devices.

Presence of Voice-Activated Assistants

Siri, Alexa, and Google Home enable millennials to ask questions easily and get a ready answer in a short while. Chatbots are also a valued change by millennials. They can ask questions about certain properties 24/7.

Realtors must make sure that the above elements are considered before a property is shown to millennials. This will make the whole process easy and convenient. Millennials can’t say no to a home with all their preferences considered. For more information about virtual tours for real estate, visit VirtualTourEasy!

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Virtual Tour vs Video Tour: Identifying What's Best for Real Estate Marketers

Virtual Tour vs Video Tour: Identifying What’s Best for Real Estate Marketers

Real estate agents are always confused about what to use for their marketing campaigns; is it the virtual tour or a video tour? First off, most of them don’t know the difference between the virtual tour from the video tour; hence, it is crucial to define these two types of technology.

Model High-Tech : Fabien Benetou
Photographer: My name is Yanick | Source: Unsplash

Virtual Tours

A virtual tour is simply a 360-degree photo that can be rotated and can be viewed in any direction. There are companies that deliver them such as the Tourbuzz, Matterport, and Virtual Tour Easy. It can include around one to two 360 views to about dozens of 360 spins.

Some people call still photo galleries as virtual tours. However, it is not a slide presentation.

Video Tours

A video tour is a motion video of the property. It looks like the ones that you can view on YouTube. You can also use it while walking around the property similar to what you do in an open home. It can also be a great tool when you are story-telling about the featured property while doing your real estate marketing video.

Photographer: Patrick Schneider | Source: Unsplash

Other Differences

Today you can easily find really complicated virtual tours that they can blow you away. You would truly feel that you’re inside the house. You can, in fact, get into all the rooms and figure out if it’s what you prefer. This is the best advantage of a 360 fully immersive virtual tour.

In general, the best quality photos are key. It’s because when the photos are great, viewers would check the video. Yet when the video is amazing, the viewers may check on the virtual tour. Virtual tours are often thought of as an expensive approach to marketing a property, but this won’t be the case when only three or four 360 degree tours are required. It helps if you discuss video tour production with a real estate photographer and find out more about the actual cost.

Buyers are also comfortable with the video since they know how it works. Videos can also be used anywhere from Facebook, YouTube, and other sites where people are active.

Marketing Priorities

To sum up everything, the following are the steps in prioritizing your marketing campaign:

  • Obtain top-quality photos from a photographer.
  • Video tours are next. They can work with any site or social media platform which can help build the company image.
  • Virtual tours follow. This can be achieved when you possess high-resolution images and a high-performing video.

Remember that there are three key elements to a successful real estate marketing campaign: photographs, video tours, and virtual tours.

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Planning to Apply Virtual Tour to Your Business? Read These Tips First!

Planning to Apply Virtual Tour to Your Business? Read These Tips First!

It doesn’t matter whether you are in real estate or in the hotel industry, a virtual tour will give your customers the best experience of your business even before they pay for your services or products. Here are 9 tips for shooting 360-photos for Virtual Tours:

1.· Make sure that your camera is set based on your preferred conditions.

It is important for your camera’s settings to be correct particularly the white balance aspect. When you travel from one area to another, it means that the lighting changes and you have to make sure that the white balance can be adjusted.

2.· Go to the site with the client first.

You can walk through with the client or by yourself to the site first. Identify all the important areas that need to be highlighted.

3.· Make use of three or four movements with your camera.

You need to shoot from the floor towards the ceiling and vice versa. You can also go from left to right and vice versa. You may also do some slow zooms and zoom outs.

4.· Start at the beginning of the property or the specific location.

You have to shoot in the same way for your actual virtual tour. This will save you much time in editing the virtual tour. And this will make sure that everything will be in order.

5.· You have to erase 360 photos that are clearly not fit for use.

Doing this can help you save you time in choosing the 360 photos that are good to go for your actual virtual tour once you begin editing. Just be careful not to erase the good clips.

6.· Make use of the tripod.

A blurry and jerky 360-photo will always end up looking amateurish. That’s why make sure that the photo will always be steady.

7.· Ask for details to highlight.

When you are making a virtual tour for a client, make sure that you ask them the bulleted points or messages that they want you to highlight. These could be the call to action, service area copies, and so forth. There should only be 3 to 5 of such details. You have to include the following information: logo, phone, website, and address.

8.· Always include shots of the storefront of your property.

It is also good to include a shot of the door opening and someone walking from outside getting in. Make sure that your camera’s settings are ready for the lighting adjustments from the outside to inside.

9.· Choose Virtual Tour Easy for your virtual tour.

Choose the video and the right music to blend with your virtual tour. This will enhance the overall look and feel of your virtual tour. A virtual tour that is highly interactive and immersive will go a long way to promoting your business. You can create one easily through Virtual Tour Easy.

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The True Power of Virtual Tour and Its Impact in the Real Estate Industry

The True Power of Virtual Tour and Its Impact in the Real Estate Industry

New technology is introduced all the time in the real estate industry. The most recent changes in technology in the field of real estate are virtual reality or VR and virtual tours. Virtual reality at this time is made from plans that are made from 3D. This virtual world can be accessed through the use of a helmet and a remote. It is not possible to have a real estate site today without the use of a virtual tour since this technology helps the clients to see what they want for themselves. It also enables them to decide wisely on the property to buy. The VR allows you to see the property without you having to go anywhere. There are many ways for you to take full advantage of virtual tours for your business.

Related article: Do These 6 Easy Steps to Level UpYour Real Estate Virtual Tours

The following are some of the benefits of using VR for real estate agents:

· Time-saving

VR can definitely help real estate agents save a lot of time especially when the property is located in a remote area. This technology enables buyers to see properties that are abroad, remote, or located in rural communities. It also enables the buyers to click away on the bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and other areas, providing a 3D view of each room. Real estate agents can save a lot of time and other resources by simply having a virtual open house through the use of a VR.

· Enhanced communication

VR also enables better communication between the real estate agents and clients. Clients or potential buyers can comment on the property’s virtual tour. The client can ask questions from the roofing to the flooring and the insulation properties. This is helpful to the real estate agent since feedback can be provided in real-time.

· Enhances site traffic

VR can entice people to stay longer on the site compared to static text or still images. This means an increase on the site traffic. VR also helps prospective buyers to visualize living in the actual property.

· Global Reach

VR allows buyers to see properties that are in different regions of the world. Real estate agents can deal with different customers regardless of where they are located. Inquiries on the property can also be handled without having to stay in the office desk the entire day.

· Cost saving

You may need to spend much on buying 3D virtual tour equipment. This makes it a highly valuable investment. Through virtual tours, the agent can stage the property through the use of high-quality images. What is needed is a reliable panoramic camera and basic editing skills.

The VR figures say it all. About 95 percent of home buyers make use of the net when they look for properties. Fifty-one percent of people purchase their homes from the net. About 71 percent of millennials have a more positive response towards virtual tours. Around 77 percent of clients or buyers want to engage in a virtual tour before the actual visit. Sixty-two percent of Americans now opt to use the services of a real estate agency that uses a 3D virtual tour.

Leverage your real estate business and embed a Virtual Tour to your listing today! Sign up to Virtual Tour Easy now for free!

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Hail the New King of Photography, the 360 Degree Photos!

Hail the New King of Photography, the 360 Degree Photos!

It used to be that photos are the king in print media. The photographer has the task to freeze-frame any interesting scene. Commercial photography is considered superior over the rest. But today consumers are looking for the real inside story and no longer wish to see the commercial aspect of this art. They aim for transparency, honesty, and authenticity in all the photos shown. Consumers abhor the airbrushed marketing methods of most brands.

Why Static Images Don’t Work Anymore

Static images are easily ignored online. They often don’t meet the requirements of network connectivity and the use of mobile devices. The consumers’ desire and expectations on brand content and the need for interaction between the company and the consumers also increased due to the prevalence of social media in everyday life. The business world has become more interactive, layered, three-dimensional, and immersive.

The Use of the 360 Degree Photo in Business

A 360-degree photo shoot welcomes consumers to look into the business more from every angle. A lot of businesses around the world make use of 360-degree photography. This type of photograph has already become popular in the physical space such as in the hotel and real estate industries. Retailers have also followed suit as they use this type of photography for promoting their brick and mortar shops. This can also turn online visitors into offline visitors.

The Future of 360 Degree Photo

The use of the 360-degree photography is more than just a trend. It is rich in content and in providing benefits in communication and SEO benefits. According to statistics, 90 percent of consumers begin their search for products, services, and information using Google as the search engine. In many US cities, the 360-degree virtual tour is considered a necessity for any business which is much like having a website for your business. The UK is also starting to follow the US on this. Immersive and highly interactive 360 virtual tours are in.

The Positive Figures of 360 Degree Photo

There are important facts and figures that entrepreneurs have to be aware when it comes to the use of 360-degree photos and virtual tours. Real estate listings get to be viewed 87 percent more than just viewing still photos. According to Property Week, useless property viewings are cut back by 40 percent which means a lot of time saved for both the agents and buyers. The Carlson Hotel group, on the other hand, revealed that virtual tours increased the bookings by 46 percent more compared to just using websites with static images.

Find out more about how to leverage 360 virtual tour for business. Sign up to Virtual Tour Easy Today for FREE!

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7 Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Tour Instead of a Brochure

7 Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Tour Instead of a Brochure

The brochure has been a mainstay in business promotion, but recently a more interactive and convenient method came into the picture. This is the virtual tour. The 360 virtual tour is same as the brochure, but it does not get thrown out or refiled and reordered. The truth is that even people who have brochures still view the virtual tour. It is crucial for you to know the 7 main reasons to invest in a 360-degree virtual tour for your business:

1. Highly accessible 24/7 and on every portable device

It’s the best tool to show your hotel or venue. Hotels, for instance, can dress up their hotel rooms and provide their potential guests a preview of how the room feels in actuality. Such potential guests can visit and explore the hotel by themselves.

2. Lasts long

The brochure can easily be thrown out while a custom virtual tour can last for life unless you take the video down. This means that you only spend for initial investment, yet you can benefit from it for years.

3. Serves as a great marketing tool in trades shows and events

There are many trade shows that have interactive 360-degree virtual tours that can be accessed through a tablet. This also enables sending a follow-up email with the company’s URL after the show. Nothing catches the attention of attendees better than the VR goggle on your company stand.

4. Saves a lot of money

You will spend less when you invest in a virtual tour instead of a brochure. It gets rid of the exhibition expenses since the virtual tour is available and accessible anytime and anywhere.

5. Helps in the company’s online presence and search engine performance

A virtual tour can easily send your site on top of the search engines. The stats revealed that sites that have virtual tours are more likely to elicit bookings. A virtual tour can also do wonders on the SEO performance of any business site.

6. Helps save space and filing concerns

If you are going to check on offices, many of them have libraries filled with brochures. There are even those who hire people to take care of the filing. In the advent of internet technology, more offices have reduced their office sizes which makes brochures difficult to store. Most hotels, restaurants, and shops also resorted to investing in online marketing initiatives.

7. Helps save paper and consequently the environment

With a virtual tour, you can help save more trees from being felled for paper production. Your establishment will not have trash bins filled with discarded brochures.

Create your first virtual tour with Virtual Tour Easy today by visiting virtualtoureasy.com

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Virtual Tour Photography: The Best Promotion for Every Business

Virtual Tour Photography: The Best Promotion for Every Business

The entrepreneur has to connect with the audience. Most customers are visual. That’s why it is important to come up with a business promotional material which is visually oriented. It doesn’t matter if you own a restaurant, hotel, or a department store. Virtual photography will always be in the core of it.

Virtual tour photography is highly interactive, and it is of high resolution. This is the kind of photography that enables customers and site visitors to click around while checking the whole property. There are endless possibilities when it comes to the use of virtual photography. Here are more benefits to embracing the use of virtual photography for business:

It saves times since all the details laid down.

It is easier to know and see what the business offers. For instance, in the real estate, the prospective buyers need not go to the actual location themselves. Through virtual photography they can see all the details of the property. With multiple virtual photographs included, the buyers will be able to see the specific details of the property.

It is a great way to increase lead generation.

You are completely behind of your competitors when your site remains to be static and sloppy. When you use virtual photos on your site, visitors will think that you put in more effort into the creation of your site. Your effort and sacrifice will certainly pay off since this will increase your SEO rank and will enhance your site’s visibility. This strategy is intended for a company or any specific area of interest.

It will render a more professional look for your site and will make it more useful.

A listing with a static photo on the property list will leave a doubt on users that the property may have some embellishments or may not be accurate depicting the property. Through virtual photos, the potential buyers will know what to expect from the property as they can see the specific details of it. Having virtual photos of the property is like having an eternal virtual open house for people to participate without having to leave their homes.

It will boost the engagement with users.

Users love virtual photos. This has been backed by data stating that users stay 10 times longer on a site that has virtual photos. It is also known to increase the profits by 135 percent. Having multiple virtual photos can be used to produce a highly interactive and informative virtual tour. Virtual photos will showcase the artistic flair of the entrepreneur and the people working in the company.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of a virtual tour, contact us now.

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Main Reasons Why Hotel Managers Must Create Hotel Virtual Tours

Main Reasons Why Hotel Managers Must Create Hotel Virtual Tours

If you are a hotel manager, you might think twice about creating your own virtual tour to promote the hotel. But there are many reasons for you to include a virtual tour on the hotel’s site. According to studies, sites that have virtual tours are viewed ten times longer than those that don’t. Revenues of these sites also increase by 135 percent. The sales of these sites also increase by 46 percent. A hotel virtual tour allows a customer to walk through the hotel and see the rooms and its amenities without having to visit the actual location. This helps them to book the right accommodation.

What Makes Virtual Tours Effective?

Most travelers look for virtual tours on the sites of hotels before they decide to book. Users can avoid wasting their time viewing the site or the actual hotel. About 92 percent of online users said that it is essential for their viewing to find a virtual on the hotel site.

The best advantage of having a virtual tour on the site is the control that it lends to the customer who visits the site. They can view the hotel on any angle they prefer. It enables them to see the real value for their money. They know what they are paying for. Through a virtual tour, the hotel’s site can end up on top of the search engine results. A virtual tour may also allow the customer to see the immediate surroundings of the hotel and even the landmarks of the site where it is located.

Virtual Tours and Their Impact on Direct Bookings

It is easier for travelers to decide to book in your hotel when they see not only its façade but also its exterior and all its amenities. A virtual tour increases traffic to the hotel site and it also entices users to visit the hotel site. It also encourages the old ones to return and book again. It’s better to come up with a user-friendly booking system on your site to go with the virtual tour. This will make it easy for visitors to book directly on the site.

How to Create a Virtual Tour

1. If you are working on a tight budget, you can come up with a quick video tour using your mobile phone. For larger hotel chains, it would be better to come up with a more refined video. This entails the use of an ultra-wide-angle lens. If you own a small hotel and yet you like to have a professional-looking virtual tour, you can buy a fisheye lens camera and add $20 more for the tripod.

2. Next step is to get a high-quality software dedicated for creating free virtual tour such as Virtual Tour Easy. You can make your virtual tour in just five minutes. All you need is 360-degree photos that you can take on your smartphone.

When creating a virtual tour, there are several factors to consider. You have to choose the specific locations for you to include in your virtual tour. You can select a particular corner with the right light and ambiance. You also have to choose the right time of the day to shoot. This will have a significant impact on the quality of lighting.

Create your own hotel virtual tour fast. Sign up and create your first Virtual Tour with Virtual Tour Easy now for Free!

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Top 5 Reasons Why Hotels Needs Its Own Hotel Virtual Tour Using Virtual Tour Easy

Top 5 Reasons Why Hotels Needs Its Own Hotel Virtual Tour Using Virtual Tour Easy

A virtual tour is an ideal tool for businesses since it highly welcomes potential customers into their private space. This is particularly true in the accommodation and travel industry. If you are one of the entrepreneurs who have businesses in these industries, it’s high time for you to check the following benefits of using a hotel virtual tour:

  1. Having a virtual tour sets you off from your competitors right away

It will be displayed on Google’s organic search results using the name of your Virtual Tour. Having a virtual tour makes any hotel business more interactive and immersive, stimulating, and of course colorful and interesting. It can help in gaining more attention for your business, giving you an edge over your competitors.

2. It can give your customers a lasting first impression

Imagine yourself as a customer, if you are planning to book a hotel, it is likely that you will stay in a hotel that has a virtual tour which enables you to see every room’s exact size and décor. Since it offers a highly immersive tool for business, customers are likely to decide to visit the place personally. A hotel virtual tour enables the entrepreneurs to highlight the competitive features of the hotel. It is possible for the entrepreneurs to lead the potential guests to the foyer, rooms, the gym, restaurant, and other amenities of the hotel.

3. They can encourage hotel customers to provide positive reviews online

The most sensitive to reviews are small to medium-sized businesses since these reviews can have a huge impact on them. It used to be that travelers book their accommodation without really seeing the place in person. A virtual tour can help to manage the expectations of the customers by allowing them to see and immerse in the actual room size, with all its decors, and amenities. Once the expectations of the customer are met satisfactorily or even beyond, it is easy to receive an online review from them.

4. A virtual tour can give your customers an unsurpassed level of detail

A hotel virtual tour has many facets to offer not only the text and still photographs. Through a virtual tour, it becomes easier to legitimize the business. Any business may be able to have a well-designed site, some clever angles for them to create photos which can hide or accentuate certain parts of the hotel room. Through a virtual tour, customers will be able to see if the room matches the description given as text on the hotel website.

5. A virtual tour has high entertainment value

It is through a virtual tour that a hotel can give its customers visuals of their destination instead of merely using a map. It makes the whole thing of finding the right accommodation so much fun. It is possible to show the immediate environment and the important landmarks of the hotel by giving a virtual tour of both the external and internal environment. It will allow customers to explore the property and its immediate surroundings conveniently.

Get your own virtual tour fast. Sign up with Virtual Tour Easy now, It's Free!

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