How Hotel Virtual Tour Helps Increase Your Bookings

How Hotel Virtual Tour Helps Increase Your Bookings

Now that most hotel businesses have shut down due to COVID-19, the hospitality industry is shifting their strategies to cope up with new normal. Some establishments have already incorporated hotel virtual tour recovery strategies.

While some business owners are still skeptical to implement drastic changes. How exactly can a virtual tour help in increasing your bookings amidst the pandemic? Let’s read and find out.

How Hotel Virtual Tour Helps in Increasing Your Bookings Amidst COVID-19

While bookings and sales still can’t be realized while the pandemic is on-going, the experts say there’s still hope in it. By incorporating a hotel virtual tour, you can market your business online. This helps you reach more customers online; building your brand in the process.

Eventually, your reputation will also help in increasing bookings in the future; once the COVID-19 is over. Let us delve deeper into how a virtual tour helps boost your reputation and bookings.

Virtual Tour Helps Increase Search Visibility

According to studies, 90% of travelers tend to go online and browse the internet when planning their itinerary. Then, 80% of these travelers book their accommodations to a hotel website directly. Based on these studies, the experts conclude that it’s important to increase your rankings and visibility in the search engine.

hotel virtual tour

What better way to increase your search visibility than incorporating a virtual tour? Studies show that a hotel virtual tour helps increase your rankings on the web. Moreover, travelers tend to stay 3x more on websites with virtual tours. It’s because the interactive content helps them in browsing all the hotel’s facilities and amenities. VT helps increase their chances of booking a reservation with your hotel.

Hotel Virtual Tour Helps Increase Your Social Influence

A hotel virtual tour isn’t only helpful in increasing your rankings. Most importantly, it helps in reaching out to more customers on social media. You can embed your virtual tour in your post and promote it across your social media channels. Not only you’re reaching out to future customers, but you’re also connecting with your past clients.

Since you cannot generate active bookings yet, this is the perfect time to connect with your audience. Create engaging posts to entice past clients into sharing their unforgettable experiences while staying in your hotel. You can also host contests or give them rewards for sharing their experiences on your page.

Hotel Virtual Tour Helps Build Your Reputation Online

Aside from socializing with your customers and followers, a hotel virtual tour also builds your online reputation too. By sharing your customer’s reviews and experiences, you’re building your brand too. Moreover, word of mouth is a more effective method to market your brand. Your customer’s family and friends are likely to book a reservation with your hotel after hearing their testimonies.

Likewise, addressing bad reviews in a professional manner will leave a greater impression on your hotel. For example, you might encounter a customer who had a bad experience with your hotel. You can remedy this by addressing their problem, offering a discount during their next stay. The more responsive you are to addressing both reviews, the more you build your credibility as a hotel owner.

Virtual Tour is Worth a Million Words

There’s a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. But what if you pair the stunning images with an interactive virtual tour that lets you browse every corner of a building? Then the possibilities are endless!

Studies show 67% of travelers tend to engage in a virtual tour than images or plain text descriptions of hotels. Establishments with a hotel virtual tour experienced a 48% increase in their bookings compared to those who don’t.

Contact our professional agents now to start availing a hotel virtual tour software!

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Stunning Virtual Tour Beaches As a Getaway In This Crisis

Stunning Virtual Tour Beaches As a Getaway In This Crisis

Beach Virtual Tour Getaway

Beach Virtual Tour explored

As the world continues to cancel flights due to COVID-19, the tourism industry got badly hit by the crisis. Millions of international and local flights got canceled. While the business sector is greatly affected, the pandemic also ruined our highly-anticipated travel goals. Our most-awaited beach summer getaways got disrupted. However, don’t fret! The tourism sector has created these beautiful virtual tour beaches you can tour around Europe amidst COVID!

You can check out these beautiful panoramic views of beautiful, stunning beaches and add them to your travel list! Then, you’ll already have new beach spots to visit after COVID-19 is finally over!

Stunning Virtual Beaches to Checkout Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

Tropic of Cancer Beach, Bahamas

This Pelican Beach in the Bahamas showcases the longest stretch of pure white sand in Little Exuma Island. Online viewers can’t resist the beach's pristine white sand and turquoise waters of the island. This mapped paradise gives you the tropical thrill and water adventures you need to suffice your summer getaway. You can check out the Bahama Tourism Bureau to check out this gorgeous virtual tour beach presentation!

Malibu Beach, California

Another worthy virtual tour beach you should check out is Malibu beach. If you prefer to stay in the United States to chase the waters and surf virtually, then Malibu is perfect for you! This Californian beach features stunning beach waves that’ll ignite your desire to go surfing as soon as the pandemic is over! Not only that, but you’ll also enjoy gazing at the beautiful rock formation, gorgeous sunsets, and sunrise, and wildlife here too.

Jan Thiel Beach, Curacao

If you prefer to explore the Caribbean when you can travel already, then you should check out Jan Thiel Beach. The stunning Jan Thiel Beach is famous for its clear blue water. You can even find a fitting swimwear since the beach is steps away from the shopping district of Willemstad. Pick the perfect umbrella drink and have a blast as the Curacao Tourist Bureau offers the stunning 3D virtual tour for the island’s finest beaches!

Pig Island, Bahamas

beautiful virtual tour beaches you can tour around Europe

The sightly island is nothing short of a stunning paradise as evidenced by images we see on Instagram. People were quick to appreciate, making it an ideal tourist destination after the crisis. While you can’t pet its adorable dwellers, you can virtually see how the animals’ charm on both land and water. Feel the island and let the Bahamas Tourism Bureau take you to an extensive virtual haven tour you can’t miss.

Wailea Beach, Hawaii

Ready for that post-pandemic, crescent Hawaiian beach escape yet? If not, then this here’s a chance to prepare you for a dream getaway. The beach is named after Lea, goddess of canoe makers. With the irresistible beauty of Molokini, Kaho’olawe, and Lanai, you can explore and start an adventure like never before.

The Hawaiian beach is both beautiful and dangerous. Pipeline swells can turn your surfing experience into frustration, especially, for amateur swimmers. Scratch the worries and visit for an initial survey of the Hawaiian waves. Here, surf cameras can enlighten you about the extraordinary beach!

Miami Beach, Florida

The knockout island city in south Florida deserves to be on your destination bucket list. Miami Beach is famous for white beaches, all-night clubs, and posh eateries. And because of the pandemic, it’s not a good idea to lounge on the beach or enjoy the Spring Break.

Virtual tour beaches can give you a glimpse of a perfect getaway

You can still savor the long stretches of white beaches with the multi-view cameras. Miami Beach offers turquoise water and a boardwalk display.

Living in this day and age is a blessing. COVID-19 halted the economy and progress while challenging us to innovate and improvise. The pandemic cannot stop water wanderers, at least not online. Virtual tour beaches can give you a glimpse of a perfect getaway. Learn more about exploring destinations virtually here.

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Hotel Virtual Tour Strategies to Recover From COVID-19

Hotel Virtual Tour Strategies to Recover From COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rock the world, the tourism and hospitality industry took a huge hit. Both local and international flights were cancelled around the world due to travel restrictions. This also affects the hospitality industry too, especially the hotel owners. How can hotel owners recover their income in light of crisis? Here are the top hotel virtual tour strategies you can apply.

Hotel Virtual Tour Strategies to Recover From COVID-19

Implement a Safety and Prevention Plan

If you haven't already, it's recommended to create a prevention plan to ensure the safety of your employees and guests while travel is still on pause. You can implement safety measures like providing thermal scanners, room discounts, alcohols, and sanitizers, etc during their stay or while they’re stranded.

hotel virtual tour

Ensure that your guests and employees will be in comfort and safe during their stay. You can also assure your guests that you’ll still offer the same prevention plan when your business resumes operating after COVID-19. You can discuss your prevention plan by creating a hotel virtual tour and share it on your social media channels.

Share Crucial COVID-19 Information

Launch a hotel virtual tour that aims to address your guests’ queries and woes. By relaying important information, you’ll be able to clear up your customer’s confusion. You’ll also put your customers at ease in the process. It’s also the perfect time to engage with your local community so that the guests will see you’re more than just a brand.

Here is the crucial information you can share in your hotel virtual tour:

  • Prevention Plan
  • Cancellation Policy. It's recommended to offer a FREE cancellation fee when they cancel or reschedule their bookings.
  • Share your contact information to address your guests' queries or concerns.
  • Information on your hotel's business operating hours; or when your hotel will resume operating again.
  • FAQ on COVID-19 or how your hotel establishment is fighting the pandemic.
  • How your business is helping the community.

Reassess Your Hotel Virtual Tour Digital Strategy

Since travel is currently on pause, this is the perfect time to reassess your hotel virtual tour strategy. This is the perfect opportunity to determine what works and needs improvement in your marketing campaigns. Here are some things you can inspect in your checklist:

  • Audit marketing assets to determine what templates or designs should be revamped.
  • Develop an online reputation management strategy. You can ask your customers to send pictures or videos of their stay in your hotel and compile it to a hotel virtual tour. You can also ask online reviews and recommendations from them.
  • Revisit digital tools like websites, social media campaigns, etc to reassess your campaigns.
  • Develop communication with your past customers and guests while travel is still on pause.

Give Back To Healthcare Workers

Due to numerous lockdowns, our healthcare workers are greatly affected by this crisis. Not only do they need to stay on the frontlines taking care of COVID-patients, but they’re also having a hard time commuting too. Our healthcare workers also have a hard time since they experience discrimination from the public.

We’ve read some news about how some landlords terminate the healthcare workers’ rental or lease in fear of contracting the virus. This is the perfect time for you to promote your hotel by giving back to healthcare workers.

You can offer free accommodation and let the health workers stay in your hotel during the pandemic. If not, you can offer discounts or free meals delivered to local hospitals. Not only you’re giving back in times of crisis, but this will also help boost your image as a hotel owner. Customers love to engage with businesses with philanthropic causes.

Start vamping up your hotel virtual tour today and avail of our VR software!

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How to Boost Your Virtual Tour Restaurant Marketing?

How to Boost Your Virtual Tour Restaurant Marketing?

While most business establishments are down due to the pandemic crisis, restaurant owners see a surge in their bookings and orders. It’s because the demand for online delivery services are skyrocketing as people book for food from the premises of their homes. Due to this, restaurant owners are scrambling to make a virtual tour restaurant to promote their business.

How can you utilize virtual tours to maximize your marketing campaign? Let’s read and find out.

How to Boost Your Virtual Tour Restaurant Marketing?

Set the Right Ambience

One important aspect of setting up an effective virtual tour restaurant is by setting the perfect ambience. You need to entice the viewers into imagining what’s in it for them if they visit your restaurant in person. Will they have a great or relaxing time while lounging there? You can set the right ambience through your virtual tour.

virtual tour restaurant

You can achieve that perfect ambience by highlighting the best corners of your establishments. For example, you can showcase cushions, dramatical lighting, and gorgeous paintings that give off that cozy ambience.

You can also feature Disney or Harry Potter characters, etc if your restaurant has a theme. If not, you can also feature your delectable meals and cuisines. The key to this is to entice your customers to buy your menu or going to your business after the lockdown.

Creating a Social Buzz

Aside from setting up a virtual tour restaurant, you can also create VR when you need to update your business such as:

  • Adding new decorations, designs, or renovations in your restaurant.
  • Holding an event or party.
  • Showing off your new menu or conducting a cooking session.

Once you’ve made virtual tours for these events, you can publish and promote it on your social media pages. You can publish a Facebook live video of your virtual tour, set up sponsored posts. You can also post the virtual tour as your Facebook page cover.

It allows your followers to view your VR, like, comment and share to their timelines. Not only it creates instant buzz, but you also get a referral for it. The more people share your content, the more your leads increase.

Double Dipping

You can also boost your marketing campaign by placing virtual tour restaurant in:

  • Google My Business and street view maps
  • Publish it on your website, email, and social media accounts.
  • Advertising imagery.
  • Storytelling to share the history and updates of your brand.

The photos and virtual tours provide a powerful impact to your brand. So let this powerful media do the talking in promoting your business. Make sure to market your VR across all your channels to reach more potential customers.

Exclusive Peeks

People love to take a sneak peek, teasers, or trailers in something they want. It excites them to think they’re given a treat but not entirely. It excites them to see something exclusive yet still building up the anticipation to yearn for more. You can build this kind of excitement and anticipation by setting up a virtual tour restaurant.

A virtual tour helps your customers peek into your business and brand. They get to see the exciting features of your restaurant. If not, you might make them salivate as you hold a cooking session and taste your delicacies. It builds your brand’s authenticity. Likewise, it helps increase your bookings and sales orders.

Google Loves Virtual Tours

Having a virtual tour restaurant not only increases your customer reach, but it also increases your Google search engine rankings. Google loves to index innovative and interactive media such as virtual tour, images, and videos.

Make sure to include information in your virtual tours such as business name, address, phone number, and email so that it’s easier for the customers to see. Or better yet, embed a landing page or CTA button that redirects to the reservation form to capture leads efficiently.

Contact us now to start creating your virtual reality tour!

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360 Virtual Tour of The World's Top Natural Wonders

360 Virtual Tour of The World’s Top Natural Wonders

Already bored with staying at home for more than a month? Why not plan your travel goals ahead of time? So that by the time the COVID-19 crisis is over, you now have a solid itinerary of where to go. Or maybe the 360 virtual tours of these stunning natural wonders will inspire you to make one for your business. Check out these famous 360 virtual tour landmarks today!

The Grand Canyon

Stare in awe at Arizona's landmark with the Grand Canyon's 360 virtual tour. It features The Grand Canyon's 40 sedimentary layers with steep cliffs; at 277 miles length, 18 miles width, and 1,857-meter depth. The Grand Canyon is one of the oldest yet grandest basement rock formations around 2 billion years ago.

360 virtual tour

This 360 virtual tour will help in building your strategy to conquer the Canyon. You can find several routes like the national park that zigzags and lead to the Colorado River. You can also see the peaks of Angels Window, Wontons Throne, or a bird's eye view of Red Rocks.

The Mount Everest

Want to conquer the highest peak on Earth? Head on to Mount Everest in Nepal! With a towering height of 8,848 meters, you can find an interactive 360 virtual tour of Mt. Everest. You can discover snowy peaks as well as colorful prayer flags as you plan your trail.

You can click on human-shaped icons, use the interactive map and 3d rotating viewer to explore the mountain range's peak. It can also be explored further at ground level as you traverse the Imja River, Himalayan peaks, and mountain villages.

Aurora Borealis

If you prefer a beautiful skyline but don’t have the means to go North; then this stunning Aurora Borealis 360 virtual tour is perfect for you. Also known as the Northern Lights, the stunning lightning is a natural phenomenon caused by the interaction of the Sun's electrically charged particles and Earth's magnetic field.

The rare phenomenon is often seen in Northern countries like Scandinavia, Iceland, Canada, Greenland, and Russia.

Thanks to the 360 virtual tour, anyone can view it now virtually! You can start your virtual trip from Icehotel in Abisko, Sweden. Then head on to the wilderness passing Lake Tornetrask as well as an Arctic birch forest.

You can also go to Mount Nuolja. The 360 virtual tour also covers dazzling images of Iceland, Godafoss waterfall in Yamal, the Barents Sea in Russia, and other parts of Norway.

Zhāngjiājiè National Forest Park

These quartz-sandstone pillars in China are one of the most stunning wonders in the world. No one can ever forget these floating peaks that got featured in James Cameron's Avatar film.

Its unique shape was due to water, and ice erosions. Aside from these towering peaks, you can also explore ancient temples here; along with the cliffside Bailong glass elevator. You can also find the longest glass bridge here.

Ambrym Volcano in Vanuatu

Want to virtually explore one of the most active volcanoes in the world? Heed on to Ambrym Volcano in Vanuatu. This volcano is located just a few meters from the churning lava lake with scorching 1,200-celsius temperature.

This 360 virtual tour was prepared by Sebastian Hoffmann and Ulla Lohmann. The couple made documentary films together with Thomas Boyer, a renowned volcanologist.

You can explore how the team prepares their expedition, traveling to the base camp. The virtual tour will give you the thrills as they traverse the perilous path beyond the jungle, ash plain, down to the crevice. The team was just sitting a few meters away from the scorching lava lake.

Inspired to create your own virtual tour either for personal or business purposes? Create an account today!

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Check Out These Best Hotel Virtual Tour Around the World!

Check Out These Best Hotel Virtual Tour Around the World!

The COVID-19 pandemic may have crippled the tourism industry, but many hotels and Airbnb owners are still hopeful. They’re still looking forward to the influx of customers booking their accommodations in the future. That’s why these business owners are setting up a hotel virtual tour to market their accommodations in advance.

Whether you’re a hotel owner looking for some virtual tour inspiration; or a traveler looking for a place to stay for your next travel goals; make sure to check out the stunning virtual tours!

The Best Hotel Virtual Tour Around the World

Holiday Inn Express Adelaide Virtual Tour

hotel virtual tour

Holiday Inn Express also produced their unique yet proactive virtual tour. In the VR tour, you'll see guests performing actual activities like checking in their rooms, relaxing in the lounge, or attending a business meeting or conducting an event in its opulent conference room. Aside from showcasing its stunning amenities, the tour also shows the hotel’s functional properties.

Atlantis Dubai Hotel Virtual Tour

Atlantis Dubai features its traditional arched entrances, gorgeous accommodation rooms, and stunning amenities. Infused with innovative technology, this virtual tour emphasizes the beauty of the establishment paired with its strategic tourist location.

Enjoy gazing at the stunning beaches in Dubai while staying in your cozy room. The virtual tour practically entices its guests to book a hotel staycation here. The iconic Palm Jumeirah and Wild Wadi Water Park are also accessible from Atlantis Dubai Hotel!

Pullman Brisbane King George Square Hotel Virtual Tour

Next in line is Pullman's King George Square Hotel which features its spacious and luxurious rooms. The hotel has an astounding 510 guest rooms with various accommodations available.

The virtual tour highlights the rooms' spacious and luxurious amenities. What's more? Its virtual reality tour is equipped with audio guides together with stunning videos and images; adding a personal touch to its guests.

Grand Oasis Hotel 360º Hotel Virtual Tour

The virtual tour didn’t only highlight the establishment’s features, but also its stunning environment. True to its name, Grand Oasis describes the breathtaking views of Cancun. It also features its large open-air atrium, evergreen gardens, and stunning beaches. Any guests viewing the hotel will surely get enticed to experience the “Grand Oasis” life.

Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa Virtual Tour

The company puts a unique touch on this virtual tour by starting it with the manager's introduction. This method is effective in building a rapport with digital guests. After the introduction, it follows with a walkthrough of the hotel.

You can see the reception area, outdoor dining terrace, entertainment center, and the rooms itself. You'll also be given ample time to explore the amenities themselves; since they give enough time before moving on to the next.

Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel Virtual Tour

hotel virtual tour

Meanwhile, this virtual tour opted to provide a simple yet elegant walkthrough to its customers. You can view a streamlined and peaceful, calming, navigation thanks to the musical background. Valamar provides a short yet straightforward, concise, elegant virtual tour to its guests.

Vythiri Resort of Wayanad Virtual Tour

Vythiri Resort is more than just a simple hotel. It highlights the properties’ traditional nature views; labeling it as a getaway hotel. You’ll find exotic views of evergreen rainforests, crystal clear waters of streams and rivers, and stunning beaches. The virtual tour will definitely give you that natural vibe you’ve been longing for.

Bora Bora’s Overwater Bungalows

For those who want to chase the waters, Bora-Bora’s hotel virtual tour will surely satisfy you. The management showcases the beautiful beach waters of Tahiti island as well as its Bungalows. The combination of its natural amenities and splendid environment makes it an appealing virtual tour.

Contact us now to step up your game and make your own virtual tour!

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Explore the United Kingdom Today With These Awesome Free Virtual Tour!

Explore the United Kingdom Today With These Awesome Free Virtual Tour!

Do you dream of touring the United Kingdom? Visit its magical castles, mingle with Britons, and see its iconic landmarks? You might already have a passport, visa, and ticket with you. Then suddenly, you can no longer go because of the COVID-19 pandemic! A bummer, isn’t it? Well, fret not! You can now visit the UK's top tourist spots as they offer a free virtual tour.

UK Tourist Spots Offer Free Virtual Tour for Tourists

The Association of Leading Visitor Attractions (ALVA) recently released an announcement stating several of their tourist spots have launched virtual tours. It’s accessible to different tourist spots’ websites and art galleries.

free virtual tour

Some of the top tourist spots that have a free virtual tour include the House of Parliament, zoos and safari parks, Cathedral services, operas, and theaters. The virtual tours are accessible to millions of people worldwide. So for the time being, they encourage their potential tourists to watch 360 virtual tours first to get a glimpse of their favorite destination.

The Announcement

Bernard Donoghue, ALVA's Director says the success of the free virtual tour came as a surprise to the agency. For the last few weeks, they've seen an explosion of views and the number of people visiting their UK tourist spots virtually.

They’ve gathered the data from the British Museum, V&A Science Museum, National Gallery, and National Historical Museum; which they've all seen a significant increase in the number of views and visits despite the lockdowns.

The Astounding Data

The National Gallery recorded an astounding 800% increase in their virtual tour pages for the last two weeks. It also tallied a staggering 1,144% increase compared to their 2019 data. Meanwhile, the V&A's blog increased its visit up to 147%; while the Science Museum recorded a threefold increase in their games section views.

Britain's famous cathedrals, Canterbury and Durham also started offering live streaming church services. Many animal lovers have also viewed zoo cams to see the beautiful creatures and their favorite animals.

The Iconic Figures

Even their iconic figures are skyrocketing their virtual tour views too! For example, the famous English poet William Shakespeare’s website still receives massive hits daily; despite it being 400 years since his death. The ALVA director says millions of people visit the five Shakespeare family homes free virtual tour.

Traveling Back in Time

The ALVA also makes sure those historical lovers will enjoy having a free virtual tour in the UK too. The AVA released a 360 virtual tour that travels back in time during the early days of Britain 2,000 years ago. Historical lovers can now have a virtual visit to the City of Bath. You also get to experience having a Roman Bath virtually.

The Silver Lining

Despite the crisis the world is currently enduring, ALVA's director says it isn't the end. They're thankful for their loyal customers' feedback. Due to their insistent demand, they've created a free virtual tour to open their doors virtually to the world.

Meanwhile, National Museum's senior curator Emma Martin also thanked the public with their warm welcome and enthusiasm. They’ve launched a World Cultures Gallery virtual tours after collaborating with John Moores University. They hoped people would remain resilient in defeating this invisible enemy soon. So that everything can go back to normal.

The Coronavirus Free Virtual Tour

Science Museum Director Roger Highfield also published a free virtual tour explaining coronavirus. It explores what we know about it so far; how it affects and attacks our health. It also tackled what we can do to contain and stop the spread of the virus.

Interested to set up a free virtual tour to promote your UK business too? Avail our virtual tour software right now!

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Virtual Tour Restaurant Online Booking Surge Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Virtual Tour Restaurant Online Booking Surge Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

As businesses and economies are down due to COVID-19, the virtual tour industry sees a silver lining in it. Those businesses inclined with virtual tour technology sees this as a golden opportunity to increase their sales. The virtual tour restaurant industry, in particular, has seen an increase in their online bookings. Let’s find out how these businesses thrive in times of crisis.

The Data

While most businesses and restaurants have closed down during the COVID-19 outbreak, some restaurants have also prospered. According to studies, virtual tour restaurant businesses who’ve adopted virtual tour technology are still up and running. Moreover, these establishments also offer digital food order and delivery services, making it a top go-to for quarantined customers.

virtual tour restaurant
A number of restaurants are now racing to feature their establishments and food menu on virtual tours to increase their sales. vi

According to the data gathered, there’s a 23% increase in digital food orders across the world due to COVID-19 pandemic. And it’s still expected to increase as the outbreak persists. Due to travel restrictions, most customers now have more time to browse restaurants online. What better method to promote your business than having a virtual tour restaurant?

Benefits of Virtual Tour Restaurant

Now that we have this promising data, let’s dig more into statistics and determine why today is the best time to invest in a virtual tour restaurant. Let’s see how other restaurants and big businesses are benefiting from this technology. According to studies, around 45% of Domino's U.S. shares represent online and delivery orders.

After putting up a virtual tour, they noted a dramatic increase in their online bookings and reservations. UberEats also reported they’ve added additional U.S. cities to deliver Starbucks orders. Meanwhile, around 41% of U.K. consumers prefer to check out the restaurants online before they decide to visit the store physically. The same percentage also shows how the Britons prefer delivery orders than dining in.

How to Set Up a Virtual Tour Restaurant?

Setting up a virtual tour restaurant and using new technology may sound tedious and scary, but it isn’t. Here at Virtual Tours Easy, you can create your virtual tour as easy as 1,2,3!

Just take 360 images of your restaurant. Make sure to focus or highlight all the great angles in your establishment. Also, upload your delectable food menu and mouthwatering recipes.

Once you’re done uploading it on our site, just wait, sit back, and relax as the software does it magic! You can have your virtual tour restaurant in just five minutes! Sharing your virtual tour is also easier thanks to our custom-generated embed link.

You can put this link on your website, Facebook page, and other social media accounts for easier promotion. Last but not the least, you can view statistics to determine how your virtual tour did well. The statistics will help you determine what products are selling well to your customers, as well as their preferences.

The Silver Lining

There's no doubt the world is on the brink of another Recession due to the threats of COVID-19 pandemic. Flights have been canceled, international borders have closed. Most of all, most businesses have shut down. Leaving entrepreneurs filing for inevitable bankruptcy and forcing layoffs to millions of employees worldwide.

Despite these hurdles, most businesses in the virtual tour industry see this as a challenge and an opportunity. An opportunity to change our business model and utilize technology to make innovative solutions.

Most virtual tour restaurant believes virtual reality may be the key to changing the future. According to them, virtual tours can easily adapt to the abrupt changes brought by this pandemic.

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Why 360 Virtual Tour Is Incredibly Helpful During Coronavirus Outbreak!

Why 360 Virtual Tour Is Incredibly Helpful During Coronavirus Outbreak!

The year 2020 started as an enduring year for all of us. Almost all businesses have shut down and the economy plunged in due to the dreadful Coronavirus Outbreak. Formally called COVID-19 and a pandemic by WHO, many businessmen lost their income due to the lockdown. Is there any way to save your business and earn some money during this crisis? Good thing 360 virtual tour can save your business!

How 360 Virtual Tour Save Your Business During Coronavirus Outbreak

As the world is struggling to contain the virus by shutting down businesses, cancel events, and restrict movements and travels by land, sea, or air, there’s no doubt many people have lost their income. Both employers and employees are forced to stay and work from home.

360 virtual tour
360 virtual tour offers a great solution to keep your business running in light of a pandemic crisis.

Despite this dreadful scenario though, the digital sector is seeing a silver lining in it. Why? It’s because their online businesses are thriving still! So if you haven’t already, this is the perfect time to invest in a 360 virtual tour and reap these awesome benefits before it’s too late!

No Need to Visit Your Site Physically

Whether you have a hotel, restaurant, or real estate business, today is actually a perfect time to shoot your venue and make a 360 virtual tour out of it. For one, your place will be devoid of people due to coronavirus. This means you’ll be free to shoot and capture the best angles of your business. Next, you can upload and promote your virtual tour to your website and social media accounts.

The best part of this marketing strategy? It lets your customers check your business out without going there physically! Not only you and your client save more time by skipping making appointments, but you’ll both be safe too! After all, the WHO advises to limit personal interaction and practice social distancing.

Online Open Houses

A 360 Virtual tour also helps your business or real estate properties available 24/7 to your customers. You don’t have to match your time to entertain your clients anymore. They can just visit your website or social media account anytime and anywhere they want. Not only will you be reaching more customers worldwide, but it also increases your potential leads and sales. How? By simply adding a call to action button to your 360 virtual tour. If they’re interested in making a booking, they’ll just click the button to contact you.

Easy to Create and Share

Another perk of making a 360 virtual tour is that it’s incredibly easy to create and share. For starters, you can download Virtual Tour Easy and use it for free! Just upload your images and videos and the software will do its magical trick! In just a few minutes, you’ll have a stunning virtual tour! The software also gives an embedded link that you can copy and paste and share it to your social media accounts.

Generate More Income By Offering Online Delivery Services

Since food is essential in times of crisis, restaurant businesses can take advantage of this opportunity to keep earning income. If customers cannot come to you personally, take the extra mile to reach out to them. You can offer online delivery services to your customers who wish to order your meals.

So make sure to showcase your mouth-watering and delectable meals in your 360 virtual tour. You’ll be surprised how many phone calls or online orders you’ll receive every day! Studies show online delivery businesses are skyrocketing during the Coronavirus outbreak. A bonus point? Most governments make an exemption for food deliveries! Start creating your Virtual Tour today! Sign up to Virtual Tour Easy for free!

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3 Reasons Why Hotels Are Embracing A Hotel Virtual Tour

3 Reasons Why Hotels Are Embracing A Hotel Virtual Tour

Hotel Virtual Tour

Most successful hotel businesses have one thing in common that the hotel industry should follow, incorporating the latest innovation to attract more guests. Currently, virtual reality is one of the most effective strategies in boosting the bookings of hotels. The potential is quick to reach the hospitality industry and picked up by hotels as the hotel virtual tour proved to increase guests’ interest!

Virtual Reality

Initially, Virtual Reality made a great impression on video games. It succeeded in immersing the players into a world that almost looked real. The graphics made very effective visuals, interesting enough that it was developed further to help increase sales. Seeing life-like characters act into different adventures and feeling the scenes led to revolutionizing its use in promoting tours and experience in the hotel industry!

Virtual Tour to Enhance your Business!

Today, hotels are taking the opportunity with the use of Virtual Tours Easy enabling them to create a virtual tour that highlights their business. This way, hotels give more life and immersive tours to potential guests via 360-degree walk-through on their facilities.

Instead of showcasing the hotel with 2D still-images, viewers can immerse in awe of the hotel’s interior as if they’re there. It would be like walking through and looking into a new perspective! A hotel virtual tour is more valuable than traditional images as it offers the transparency that the hotel can offer!

The Statistics

With all praises in mind, let us expand on more details on why virtual tours are effective.

Hotels as the hotel virtual tour proved to increase guests

Hotels are not the only sector that’s up-to-date. Even the guests are getting savvier in booking a place to stay. They not only prefer hotel establishments with virtual tours, but regular travelers are also expecting one. They travel more than other people and have more experience in traveling, they’ll eventually get to stay in a hotel with a VT. The next thing you know, they are looking forward to staying in a hotel integrating a VT approach!

Did you know that statistics show that virtual tours reduced the wasted viewing rate by 40%? And that virtual tours, in general, are clicked (or tapped) 10 times more than establishments without one?

Now, you do. And what does it tell you? We are always attracted to the first impression. What is better to impress your guests than giving them a great visual with a hotel virtual tour and transforming the expectations into a reality!

Moreover, 92% of users online say that 360-degree panorama viewing features are important when browsing online. This is a clear indication that the VR technology cultivates bookings!

Hotel Virtual Tour: Controlling the Experience

Potential clients also give control to the viewers, moving at their own pace, and staying in the room as long as they feel like it. They explore little details without worrying that they’ve chosen the wrong room for their taste or increase their pace on the tour. They can scout for themselves on the place they’re paying for, all these available from their smartphone or desktop!

The cutting-edge feat marks your excellent services and accommodations, skyrocketing your bookings! There’s nothing wrong with going traditional but incorporating hotels with innovative technology is a step to get ahead from your competitors. Why be the last when you can lead an approach and reap a great flow of non-stop bookings from all areas around the globe!

Have you tried a hotel virtual tour? Give your guests an unforgettable experience as they search for a perfect haven to stay by embracing the new virtual tour for your business! For more details about how virtual tours enhance your marketing edge against your competitors, sign up to Virtual Tour Easy for free!

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