Studies Show Products That Have Virtual Tours Yield More Sales

Studies Show Products That Have Virtual Tours Yield More Sales

Now that everyone is struggling to recover their business due to COVID-19, we’re thinking of new ways to promote our business online. We’re working hard to promote our listings to increase our sales and leads online. Is there any way you can innovate and boost your product sales? Good thing there are virtual tours! Studies show businesses or products that have virtual tours yield more sales than those that don’t.

How Virtual Tours Yield More Sales In Products and Businesses

According to the Journal of Advertising Research (JRA), most hospitality, restaurants, and tourist businesses that incorporate virtual tours to their products tend to sell more than those that don’t. Nathalie Spielmann and Ulrich R. Orth of JAR assessed the positive impact of these VR tours when accessed on different devices by customers. This includes computers, tablets, and smartphones.

virtual tours

They found that most people tend to engage in these virtual tours because it's more reliable and transparent for them. The study shows customers are more at ease in transacting with businesses that exert effort to be genuine and transparent with their services. They get to experience their businesses first-hand prior to buying their products or availing services.

The Study

Some of their studies involved 136 consumers participating in panoramic virtual tours of the Ice Hotel in Quebec, Canada. Meanwhile, another 68 participants opted to view high-resolution images of the said hotel. The study yielded half of the participants for the virtual tour opted to book a reservation at the said hotel. Meanwhile, only 10% of the 68 participants booked a reservation in the same establishment.

Aside from that, the institute also conducted an experiment on Son Doong Cave in Vietnam. Around 416 consumers participated in the study. Half of them were exposed to self-guided virtual tours. Meanwhile, the other half only viewed static images. Two variables were also added in this experiment. One, in the form of claustrophobia. The other one is the different styles of visual processing.

The Result

The study yielded results where more participants chose to avail of the tourist package after seeing the series of virtual tours. Meanwhile, the other participants felt claustrophobic after seeing the static images.

The study also yielded powerful insights with these VR tours. The consumers are more likely to engage with products and services with complex functions or benefits; provided they explore a virtual tour first-hand. They want to know whether it's worth their investment or not.

The Insights

Moreover, products and services that have time and distances (e.g. hotel rooms, tourist destinations, etc) need more first-hand experiences for the customers. Since a personal inspection is still limited, they now rely on virtual tours heavily to do the job. Watching VR tours help them achieve and actually commit in their purchasing decision.

Want to start incorporating a VR software for your business now? Try our software now for free! Start upgrading your business to boost your sales and leads despite this pandemic. You can start recovering your loss now through virtual tours.

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Abu Dhabi Launches Virtual Tour Program for Students

Abu Dhabi Launches Virtual Tour Program for Students

As Abu Dhabi re-opens its business and economic activities, the government sees to it they’re still giving premium social services to their people. Aside from healthcare, they also want to continue the education of its students. However, the students don’t need to leave their homes and risk their safety just to go to school and learn. Why? It’s because the Abu Dhabi government recently launched a virtual tour program for students.

Abu Dhabi Government Launched a Virtual Tour Program for Students

Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism launched a virtual tour program that features the historic Al Hosn site. The purpose of the said VR program is for students and individuals to have a cultural tour of this iconic landmark.

virtual tour

The students can book their virtual tour online and have a 360 view of Qasr Al Hosn and the Cultural Foundation. In it, they would see thousands of exhibits. The tour will also have guides and information to answer the viewers’ questions and encourage cultural learning. Meanwhile, educators can also customize educational guides to meet their class requirements.

The Tours

What’s more? The virtual tour is also available internationally! The Qasr Al Hosn tour is available in multiple languages like Arabic, English, French, Malayalam, and Urdu. Meanwhile, you can also watch Cultural Foundations shows like the Red Palace. The said show features Sultan Bin Fahad and the Common Ground's works.

The show showcases the awesome artworks of 13 Saudi Arabian artists that exhibit the cultural link between Saudi Arabia and UAE. This virtual tour program was a collaboration between the Abu Dhabi government; the Department of Culture and Tourism, and Department of Education and Knowledge. The first successful VR tour was launched on Zoom with a group of 160 students.

Similar Programs in UAE

Aside from Abu Dhabi, the Dubai emirate also had a similar virtual tour program since April. The government provided tours for its various museums like the Coins Museum, Dubai Museum, Etihad Museum, and Naif Museum for educational learning.

The initiative yielded an astounding 298 virtual tours with over 11,000 participating students from 94 public and private schools. The immense success was also attributed to the Ministry of Education, who supported the initiative to promote remote learning amidst the pandemic.

The Re-open

As Dubai museums started its re-opening since June 1, the government says it'll still retain the virtual tour programs for international tourists. The international tourists can now browse Etihad Museum, Al Shindagha, Dubai Museum, and the Naif and Poet Al Oqaili museums online.

Meanwhile, Dubai locals, ex-pats, and other stranded tourists can visit these places physically. Just be mindful of the health protocols. Also, these museums only allow 50% of their visitors’ capacity. So you might need to schedule your visits accordingly.

Aside from Dubai museums, the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Qasr Hosn, and Cultural Foundation will also re-open to the public at limited capacity.

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Why 360 Virtual Tour is Perfect for Tourism Industry

Why 360 Virtual Tour is Perfect for Tourism Industry

Are you struggling to promote your hotel, restaurant, or hospitality business? It’s time for you to innovate and incorporate technology into your business. Here are the stunning reasons why 360 virtual tour is perfect in the hospitality industry. Let us reap the benefits you can get from utilizing this technology.

Why 360 Virtual Tour is Perfect In Hospitality Industry

Guests Can Have an Interactive 360 Virtual Tour

One of the main reasons why 360 virtual tour is essential in the hospitality business is that it lets the customers feel your establishment before visiting it in person. They can discover your hotel, browse the rooms, observe what they look like, and explore the amenities of your business.

360 virtual tour

This will give them an in-depth view of your establishment as they plan their stay. Likewise, your customers can also explore your restaurant or bars to find the best spot when they come to visit it in the near future. So make sure to upload the right and stunning images to entice them!

They Get to Explore The Neighborhood Too

Having a 360 virtual tour not only helps in promoting your establishment, but it also promotes your neighborhood too! You can take dramatic shots of your neighborhood featuring the popular tourist spots, the famous cityscapes, and the outskirts of the city.

In this way, your guests can spend more time exploring the area and familiarizing the towns they want to visit someday. This is also a great way to promote local tourism and industry in your area.

360 Virtual Tour Helps Them Pre-occupied During Travel Delays

Having a 360 virtual tour also helps your customers ease their burden when having flight delays. Instead of fuming over their delayed flights, you can keep their enthusiasm by browsing your virtual tour.

They can spend time gazing and exploring their room. They can also explore the hotel and restaurant’s amenities. This will keep the hype and keep them excited about visiting your establishment soon.

Launch a 360 Virtual Tour to Educate Guests on Health Protocols

Since COVID-19 is still prevalent up to this day, it’s imperative to educate your guests on health protocols. You can launch a virtual tour touring your establishment while educating people on the health protocols you’ve implemented.

Examples for this are locating the footbath. You can point out where the soap, alcohol, and sanitizers are located where the guests can wash their hands.

You can also tour your guests where they’re allowed to sit or stay as well as prohibited areas. This is to determine where they’re allowed to stay or sit to follow social distancing. It’s important to share this information so that your customers will know what to expect when you resume operations again. It’ll also give them some assurance that you’re looking over their well-being.

Virtual Tour Is an Effective Social Media Marketing Tool

Nowadays, people rarely pay attention to long blocks of texts or images. They now pay more attention to interactive multimedia like infographics Facebook lives, videos, and streams. That’s what makes a 360 virtual an effective marketing tool in social media.

You can reach more customers on social media when you post a virtual tour than static images. The more people will engage in your virtual tour, the more likely they are to book a reservation with you. Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your social media marketing by incorporating a virtual tour.

Want to try having a virtual tour? Try our software now to incorporate VR in your business now!

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Businesses Establish Hotel Virtual Tour to Increase Bookings

Businesses Establish Hotel Virtual Tour to Increase Bookings

As hotel businesses close due to COVID-19, they’re now shifting their marketing campaigns online. You’ll see the unexpected rise of businesses incorporating hotel virtual tour technology. This is to market their hotel rooms online and reach more customers all over the world. Let us find out which hotel businesses have incorporated VR tours to increase their bookings.

Businesses That Incorporate Hotel Virtual Tour to Increase Bookings

LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort

This prestigious beach and golf resort in Florida, USA, didn’t escape COVID-19’s wrath. Due to travel restrictions, LaPlaya Beach couldn’t receive visitors and guests just when they were done with renovations.

hotel virtual tour

This prompted the establishment to launch a hotel virtual tour to introduce their customers to their newly-renovated property. The management believes it will entice the customers and they’ll be familiar with navigating the resort when they re-open once again.

Como Hotels & Resorts

Meanwhile, Como Hotels and Resorts in Singapore had launched a holistic home wellness programs featuring their famous hotels like Como Hotels and Resorts, and Como Shambhala Urban escape. Their wellness content is as follows:

  • Strengthen and Restoring Your Personal Balance
  • Discover the healing powers of meditation and mindfulness
  • Ways to recharge your health and well-being.

The catch? The wellness programs are conducted in their hotels and resorts. The programs feature a hotel virtual tour of their establishments. This gives a peaceful and relaxing ambiance to the viewers, making them think these hotels are perfect for unwinding. It not only entice the viewers to try their wellness programs but also to book a room in their hotels.

InterContinental San Francisco

Meanwhile, InterContinental San Francisco launched a hotel virtual tour hosting virtual events and meetings. So if you plan to host virtual meetings, you can book with them to use their virtual tours as backgrounds or venues.

InterContinental San Francisco features video conferencing, integrated audience engagement, webcasting, and recordings to provide complete a virtual tour experience to its guests. You can also access their virtual tour to explore the hotel’s suite rooms, floor plans, lobby, function rooms, and other amenities.

Atlantis Dubai

The famous hotel in Dubai, Atlantis, also launched a hotel virtual tour for their customers. You can explore its magnificent arched entrances with palatial gathering rooms, and technological amenities. What’s more? Dubai has recently resumed its business operations and economic activities!

So if you’re a tourist still stranded, a local, or an ex-pat in Dubai, this is the perfect time to fulfill your dream of staying here! As long as everyone follows the minimum health protocols (and be extra careful), you can book a room here!

Pullman Brisbane King George Square Hotel

This hotel virtual tour provides a more intimate experience with the customers because it has an audio integration. You can hear narration in every stunning image you’ll click as you explore the hotel. The management also makes sure to feature their spacious hotel rooms and luxurious amenities to entice their customers further.

Grand Oasis Hotel Virtual Tour

Grand Oasis management made sure to highlight its unique architecture in its hotel virtual tour. The VR lets you explore around the open-air atrium that gives off an “oasis” feel. It’s like you’re in the middle of a desert enjoying your personal paradise. You’ll have a great time touring their magnificent buildings, fancy rooms, luxurious amenities, and their luscious garden!

Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa

Last, but not least, Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa offers a personalized hotel virtual tour. It starts with an introduction from the manager. You can then follow the walkthroughs on the reception area, outdoor dining terrace, live entertainment center, and the hotel rooms itself.

Want to start your virtual tour now? Sign up for our Virtual Tour software today!

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How Virtual Tours Help Re-open Tourism Sectors

How Virtual Tours Help Re-open Tourism Sectors

As the pandemic ceased free movement and flights all over the world, the tourism sector got badly hit. All the famous tourist spots around the world were devoid of voluminous crowds; in deep contrast to the usual norm. In an attempt to revive the tourism sector, the Indonesian travel tour companies have launched virtual tours.

The industry hopes it’ll help in promoting its tourist spots, which will encourage potential customers to visit the place after COVID-19. Let us get inspiration on how Indonesia revive its tourism industry through virtual reality tours.

How Indonesia’s Tourism Sector Recuperate Through Virtual Tours

For the past few months, the government of Indonesia noted a number of travel companies investing in virtual tours. This trend has been making headlines since the whole COVID-19 pandemic started. For example, the Wisata Kreatif Jakarta (Jakarta Creative Tour), offers epic virtual tour travel destinations. It includes Jakarta and Yogyakarta.

virtual tours

The guests can explore Indonesia’s stunning temples, vibrant culture, and white-sandy beaches. Meanwhile, their clients can also see overseas virtual tours in Amsterdam, Brussels, Mecca, Paris, Rome, and Seoul.

Similarly, the Jakarta Good Guide launched a series of webinars and virtual tour packages since April. It's entitled Jakarta City Center where the guests can have interactive virtual reality tours around Hotel Indonesia Circle. You can also walk around Menteng and National Monument. The guests can access audios, photos, videos, and other crucial information about these places.

The Positive Response

These Indonesian companies truly didn’t know if their virtual tours would click on the market. To their utmost surprise, it gained a positive response from the public. According to Huans Sholehan, JGG's marketing manager, they reported a tenfold increase in their virtual tour views. Around 20 participants join their virtual tour package daily, with higher numbers during weekends.

This prompted the company to open a new route, namely the Cikini route. All in all, JGG already has 27 virtual tour routes available to the public. Seeing as there's vast potential in virtual reality tours, Sholehan reveals its company plans to expand its online travel menu.

The New Travel Menu

The company plans to include virtual tours for coffee shops, monuments, mosques, and Ramadan pilgrimage places. The firm is also crafting a special virtual tour route for the corporate sector. So that employers can take their employees on virtual reality tours during team buildings.

Meanwhile, the Bandung Good Guide (BGG) currently offers 15 virtual tour packages to its clients. The agency promotes an exclusive tour known as Urban Legend Route. It features the rich history and mythology about Bandung.

Reaching New Markets

BGG's co-founder Fitria Nur said the virtual tours helped them in reaching new markets, especially internationally. Nur revealed before they launched VT, they only have participants coming from Bandung and Jakarta. Now, it expanded from Bali, Yogyakarta, and Semarang.

Meanwhile, the Jaya Wisata travel tours also launched Cirebon virtual reality tours last May. Before, most of their participants fell in the age range of 35-45 years old. But ever since they launched a virtual tour, the company attracted participants coming from 20-35 years of age group.

The Business’ Survival Amidst Pandemic

They also attracted participants from big cities like Bali, Bandung, Jakarta, and Subaraya. The company plans to expand its virtual tours featuring West Java. The company aims to promote Indramayu, Kuningan, and Majalengka.

While the income generated from virtual reality tours is still relatively low compared to physical tours, Imas said it's the start of a recovery plan. As long as these companies generate some income, it can help in the survival of tourism sectors.

Furthermore, Imas said no one still knows how long the crisis will last, nor the extent of its damage to the world's economy. Somehow, VT serves as their silver lining to make it through after COVID-19 is over. So travel companies are willing to learn and get creative to continue promoting their business in these dire times.

Don’t get left behind! Avail our Virtual Tour software now to start creating your very own virtual tour!

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Check Out the Establishments Offering Virtual Tour Restaurant Now!

Check Out the Establishments Offering Virtual Tour Restaurant Now!

Virtual Tour Restaurant: Advancing Appetite Online

Virtual Tour Restaurant helps find the best dining experience

The digital age opened new ways in dining, giving the restaurant businesses an edge in showcasing their best features. A Virtual Tour Restaurant helps find the best dining experience. The tool helps assess your place before booking for a romantic meal or a fun, low key celebration. Let’s emphasize how virtual tours significantly improve your business image online and check out restaurants who use this technology.

Have you tried to be creative in promoting your restaurant?

With the crisis we face today, people have been more aware of going digital to live a new normal. Conjure your creativity and innovate in conducting your business. Start getting on a new horse and take advantage of the online attention of your potential targets. Think about improving your reach potential. And what better tool to use than to present a stunning virtual tour for your business!

There is a study on 294 restaurants showing that 55% are using virtual tours. According to this study, 30% more people are making a reservation in restaurants with virtual tours than the ones without it. Furthermore, 50% of people who watched the tours made a direct reservation. That’s 20% higher than those who didn’t watch the tour.

Overall, 84% of surveyed consumers agreed that the virtual tour played a part in choosing a restaurant.

Virtual Interactive Experience

These days, people want new sights yet still stay safe. They want to enjoy a good meal out for a change but want to figure out establishments first. The virtual experience is a cost-effective way that shows off your restaurant business, letting your potential guests explore your place. These tours are viewable from desktop, mobile, and tablet. You can add it to your website and social media page, giving you a chance to reach a large audience.

Feats of The Tour

The Vibe

the virtual tour restaurant design and the decors help create the atmosphere of the dining experience

To ensure the effectiveness of this new tool, including improving the ambiance of your restaurant and show it. Showcasing the mood of your restaurant will give an impression to guests if it’s worth their time. Of course, the virtual tour restaurant design and the decors help create the atmosphere of the dining experience. They should sync with the ambiance you want to relay to your guests.

The Menu

Guests look for better places to eat. Food was the main reason why guests viewed your business in the first place. Check your menu and do revisions to make it more delectable for them. An attractive one will surely encourage guests for booking.

The Establishment

Here are some restaurant establishments offering the tour:

You’ll find the Ramen-san (Lettuce Entertain You) restaurant in River North, Chicago. They utilized digital technology by adding a virtual tour and improving its menu to entice their guests.

We can easily embed the Virtual Tour Restaurant on your page and website to give an initial impression to potential customers

With the shift heading businesses in digital campaigns, even European restaurants and pubs are quick to customize each of their tours. O’Neills Cardiff located in St. Mary Street in Cardiff, Wales, U.K. caters guests from drinks, lunch or a meal for two. Proudly, they showcase live music to lift people’s spirits and have a virtual tour!

And it’s not only embraced in the U.S., even Asian countries like the Philippines are also following this trend. Philippine restaurants like the 18th Street Pala Pala restaurant in Bacolod and Kallesa restaurant from Quezon City are also using this tool as a great addition to their marketing strategy.


A virtual tour is a must-have tool for marketing today to keep up with your competition. We can easily embed the Virtual Tour Restaurant on your page and website to give an initial impression to potential customers. Wow people with an eye-catching tour. Double your reservations by signing up on Virtual Tour Easy today!

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Creative Ways to Conduct 360 Virtual Tour on Father's Day

Creative Ways to Conduct 360 Virtual Tour on Father’s Day

The current COVID-19 pandemic makes it impossible for us to maintain close contact. So now that Father’s Day is fast approaching, is there any way to celebrate it while ensuring our safety? Fret not! Whether you’re doing this personally or you want your 360 virtual tour to turn it into business, VR is the key! Here are creative virtual tour ideas you can make this Father’s Day. Your father will be in for a virtual surprise!

360 Virtual Tour Gift Ideas To Make This Father’s Day

Virtual Tour of Sports Team Gifts

Is your father a fan of sports? Due to COVID-19, he couldn’t watch his favorite teams playing off this season. He also couldn’t even go outside to play his favorite sports as a hobby. Well, then you can fulfill his wish by sending him a 360 virtual tour of sports gifts.

360 virtual tour

Use this time to shop online for your father’s favorite sports items. Then, shoot it before sending it to him in person! You can also advertise your virtual tour software to make a virtual sport team gifts to your family, friends, and customers.

Have a Virtual Picnic

If your father misses reuniting with family, this is the perfect time to go outside and have a picnic – in his garden! Surprise your father or your customer with a 360 virtual tour picnic showcasing the garden and other notable features of your property.

Set up a picnic outside and let your father join you by sending a picnic basket to his house! Not only you get to celebrate this special day together, but you’ll also get to see the outside world; even if it’s only your garden!

Take Him to a 360 Virtual Tour to His Favorite Store

If your father couldn’t get out due to COVID-19, why not take him to a 360 virtual tour to his favorite store? It could be a hardware store, spare parts shop, sports store, etc. Give a virtual tour showing all the items and ask him if he wants something. You can give an errand to buy what he needs for essential purposes. Or better yet buy it as a gift for him on his special day!

Play Virtual Games

Another way of bonding with your father is through 360 virtual tour games. Since you can’t be together physically, it’s time to have virtual tour games and make use of technology.

Not only you get to enjoy this innovative bonding, but you might discover some gaming skills too! This pandemic might unleash your inner gamer and make another career! Make sure to send some board games or invitation links online so that you can bond over Zoom.

Attend a Virtual Festival

We know it’s horrible that we have to cancel numerous festivals and events due to COVID-19. However, this shouldn’t be a reason not to make your father’s special day extra special. Nowadays, organizers are hosting virtual events and festivals.

Take this opportunity to find 360 virtual tour events for you and your father to enjoy. It can be a father’s day celebration in your neighborhood, a booze festival, and others. This is the perfect time to enjoy doing leisure activities at the safety of your respective homes.

Have a Virtual Movie Marathon Together

If your father prefers to get cozy with his couch, then it’s time to have a 360 virtual tour movie marathons. Pick up the best movie series or genre your father likes and spend some time together on watching it together virtually.

Even if you’re only sharing screens, make sure to gift him some snacks or sumptuous meals. In this way, it still feels like you’re connected together physically as you bond on this special day.

This just shows that 360 virtual tour isn’t only used for business purposes, it can also be used for leisure too. Start investing in virtual tour software now!

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Stunning Ways Virtual Tour Restaurant Can Increase Your Booking

Stunning Ways Virtual Tour Restaurant Can Increase Your Booking

In our previous post, we already discussed how a virtual tour restaurant can help in promoting your business. But did you know there are other creative ways to utilize your virtual tour to increase your bookings? Here’s how you can use virtual tours to promote your establishment and connect more to your growing audience.

How to Utilize a Virtual Tour Restaurant to Increase Bookings

Setting the Ambiance

Since customers cannot dine into your establishment yet, this is the perfect time to conduct a shooting at your restaurant. Apply necessary measures to set your business’ ambiance like highlighting its coziness, features, and amenities. Setting an ambiance lets you instill an impression to your customers what it feels like to dine in your restaurant.

virtual tour restaurant

Not only it entices potential new customers, but it also triggers a sense of longing to recurring guests. They’ll reminisce about the wonderful time they had while watching your virtual tour restaurant. Make sure to attach a CTA button to encourage guests to make an advance booking after COVID-19.

Online Booking and Deliveries

Since physical dining is still not possible, it’s time to upgrade your restaurant by enabling online bookings and deliveries. One way of enticing customers in ordering your food online during the pandemic is by launching a virtual tour restaurant.

Aside from featuring your restaurant, make sure to include mouthwatering irresistible foods in your virtual tour. Encourage customers to file bookings online and offer to deliver their foods to their homes. This is a great way to still earn an income despite the on-going crisis. You’ll be surprised how many customers will order your menu!

Offer Special Discounts and Rewards

Aside from enabling deliveries, you can offer discounts and rewards to your customers when they make bookings. Make sure to add a discount offer to your virtual tour restaurant landing page or CTA button. You can offer discounts to encourage them to book reservations in advance after COVID-19. This will encourage customers to avail of reservations to take advantage of discount perks.

Boost Your Online Presence in Social Media

Since businesses are currently down due to COVID-19, the future now lies in digital marketing. That’s why this is the perfect time to upgrade your marketing efforts. Launching a virtual tour restaurant isn’t only about promoting your establishment or orders. It can also be used to build your business’ brand. Utilize virtual tours to connect with your customers online. You can launch a virtual tour restaurant to promote the following:

  • Encourage your past customers and guests to share stunning images and experiences while dining-in. Their reviews can help build your reputation and reach new potential customers. Meanwhile, this will also give you a chance to connect with past customers.
  • Showing off-menu items. Show your new creations to your customers where they can buy online during the pandemic.
  • Safety Measures. You can also share a virtual tour restaurant showing the safety measures and protocols in your establishment. You can share how your staff is disinfecting your space. How you keep your employees safe in these trying times. This will also show how your business cares for your employees’ safety.
  • You can also show how your business is helping the community during the pandemic. Are you extending some relief to your neighborhood? Providing free food for medical workers? This is the perfect time to give back to the community.

Utilize Google My Business and Maps Views

Another way of utilizing a virtual tour restaurant is by incorporating it into your Google My Business Page. Provide an interactive street view of your establishment so that customers can locate it easily. Moreover, it can also help in increasing your SEO rankings.

Start making your virtual tour by availing our virtual tour restaurant software for free!

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Explore the Beauty of Mexico Through This Virtual Tour Vacation!

Explore the Beauty of Mexico Through This Virtual Tour Vacation!

Now that travel is still on-pause, you might be thinking of planning for your next travel getaway. After being stuck at home for so long, we couldn’t wait for the day the pandemic would be over. We couldn’t wait to travel and explore more places again. If you’re wondering where to go next, you can check out this virtual tour vacation from Mexico!

Spend a Grandiose Virtual Tour Vacation in Mexico!

Kickstart your virtual tour vacation by visiting Mexico’s famous landmarks and cultural heritage. You can visit this site to scroll around Mexico's famous landmarks. Get a marvelous 360-degree view of La Catedral Metropolitana's marble grandeur.

virtual tour

See the ruins of the 15th-century Aztec Temple Templo Mayor. This historical temple once crowned Tenochtitlan, signaling the birth of Mexico city. You can also view the 8-ton stone carving of Coyolxauhqui, an Aztec goddess site. The excavations still continue up to this day.

Virtual Walking in the City

Thanks to virtual tour technology, you can access the street view and tour yourself around. You can even do an entire "walking" around the city to familiarize yourself. Take this time to explore the 1,600-acre Bosque de Chapultepec. This enormous plaza serves as the heart of the city. By the time we can travel again, you’ll have an easier time navigating around!

Museum Hopping

If you get tired of exploring the city, you can opt for Museum hopping instead. The Chapultepec plaza is also home to a botanical garden, lake, zoo, and an enormous 150+ museums. You can also gaze at the majestic castle of Mexico. It was the home of Maximilian I, the former Hapsburg emperor, and his wife.

The Chapultepec Castillio now houses Museo Nacional de Historia. You can take a virtual tour to explore the palace's grounds, exhibit halls, and salons. Go to the stone terrace and you'll virtually see the castle's vast gardens. Want to take a break from your virtual tour and explore food goodies? No worries! We’ll take you to Mexico’s famous cuisines!

A Taco Break

If you’re a food lover, then you can take a virtual tour around the city to search for food goodness! An honest warning, though, you might end up mouthwatering due to these delectable foods! You can scout out for Mexico's famous tacos! Tacos are best paired with margaritas, and even a shrimp tostada or two. You can also visit Mexico's top restaurants like Enrique Olvera's Pujol and have a taste on their tacos and handmade tortillas there.

Aztecs, Frida, and Olmecs

After you’ve had a ravenous (or maybe fulfilling) food virtual tour, it’s time to explore more museums in Mexico. The next one you should conduct a virtual tour is the prestigious Museo Nacional de Antropologia. This museum features 23 exhibit halls and an astounding 600,000 artifacts that represent the Aztec, Olmec, and Hispanic era. Since its founding in 1825, you can find a convergence of multiple cultures here.

Some of the museum's showstoppers that you can see in the virtual tour include Aztec Sun Stone. You can also see a brilliant replica of the feathered cape of Moctezuma. The virtual tour lets you walk through galleries, exhibit halls, and see the replicas at a closer look. The best part? No can disturb your virtual touring!

You can also take a virtual tour at Casa Azul. This vibrant blue house of Frida Kahlo showcases around 2,000 museums and artifacts around the world. This is truly a wonder to behold! Aside from that, make sure to visit Palacio de Bellas Artes. Aside from its stunning arts hall, you can also find numerous virtual concerts, operas, and theater performances.

Use our Virtual Tour software for free to feature your hotel or restaurant’s virtual tour now!

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This Is How The Pandemic Drives Real Estate Agents To Get Inventive With Virtual Tours

This Is How The Pandemic Drives Real Estate Agents To Get Inventive With Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours: The New Normal For Real Estate Agents

Virtual Tours: The New Normal For Real Estate Agents

Having physical contact or a close-proximity with other people is one of the most common ways of spreading the virus. No agent, buyer, or seller would want that. Now, real estate’s most significant lifeline is doing business virtually. Continuing business means embracing the new normal and offering virtual tours to clients.

The pandemic has undeniably forced real estate agents to get creative. They’ve transformed most traditional home tours into digital ones. Realtors rely on virtually showcasing homes as it becomes the only option amid the pandemic.

Zillow decided to follow “Stay At Home” policies and complies by halting operations in 24 operating markets that’s active in 15 states. Realtors also state that even without those policies, their clients refuse physical contact. They preferably avoid the risk of infection on both sides of the sale.

Is Selling Properties A Plunging Market?

Some agents advised their clients to drop their listings unless the house was already vacant. Even the National Association of Realtors- Chief Economist, Lawrence Yun recently spoke in an interview. Yun says that 20% of the listings in real estate were pulled due to the fear of COVID-19.

It is detrimental to the economy, hurting the real estate industry.

This leads to low rates, bringing a rare opportunity to clients looking to invest in properties.

Re-inventing The Industry With Virtual Tours

Realtors are adapting and becoming more creative these days. They’re inventive enough to propose real estate package services adapting current health concerns.

It’s a challenge to reach the buyers, especially, at times like this. Properties still occupied by tenants would only go for the virtual viewing. They are hesitant in going out to purchase unnecessary things. But succeeding despite the pandemic requires you to embrace technology in its different forms. You need to go beyond the limit and re-invent.

Real Estate 2.0

Equip yourself with tools to further your reach with your clients. Live cameras are no longer enough since clients are more inclined to purchase with virtual tours. Tours like this have been used for a while. However, this year, the need for it becomes increasingly significant. This feat limits personal contact of people, thus, less possibility of contracting the virus.

The Global Market Today

A pandemic is an unfortunate event we can’t control. But instead of lying around and letting the industry sink, we can move ahead and go on with our businesses. Today you can further your online presence and flexibility. Take advantage of the pandemic instead of letting it take you down.

Re-inventing The Industry With Virtual Tours

In Turkey, a real estate company carries on with successfully selling homes worth $1 million remotely. In just one month, the foreign currency gained 15% as opposed to the Turkish lira. Exchange rates paved a perfect opportunity to buy real estate in the area.

Agents transformed new methods in selling Turkish properties, making sure to provide clients with details and letting them examine it.

In the United States, real estate survived the 2007-2009 global financial crisis. It was a challenging time but they got through it stronger.


There are multiple virtually-motivated concepts you can do to close transactions. Set appointment-based tours. Gear up and let a virtual immersive experience be one of the convincing factors to make a sale. It’s not only a method to continue your business. It’s also a gesture showing the buyers that you are aware of the risks. And you not only care about closing a deal but of their well-being, too.

With the latest pandemic challenge we face today, virtual tours make it possible to recreate the physical space. The experience increases the rate of sales to work around the pandemic. Find out more about the subject by creating your free account on Virtual Tour Easy!

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