Have a Wonderful Virtual Tour in These Top Tourist Attractions!

Have a Wonderful Virtual Tour in These Top Tourist Attractions!

Virtual Tour Adventure To Enjoy At Home

With the world screeching into a halt, popular destinations made virtual tour travel possible

Have you ever tried a travel adventure in the comfort of your home? None of us had a choice but to stay safe in the comfort of our homes for months. It is the best way to keep yourself from the pandemic and keep it from spreading. With the world screeching into a halt, popular destinations made virtual tour travel possible. And the best thing about it? It’s for free!

First Stop: The Big Apple, New York City

You’ll surely love to visit a site called Untapped New York. The site offers fascinating history articles featuring the Big Apple and the local attractions. You can avail of a free subscription for the first two months of the tour online. What’s interesting is that these aren’t the usual Empire State Building or Central Park visit. The site is a real deal eye-opener for gem destinations in the city. See the Grand Central Terminal, Fulton Fish Market, and the subway tour in a new perspective and savor the moment as if it’s your first!

Hello, Pompeii!

You wouldn’t want to miss a chance to visit a sophisticated Roman city buried after the Mount Vesuvius eruption in 79 A.D. Time-frozen, it continues to virtually attract adventure-seeking travelers, thanks to the new drone technology. Enjoy meandering around newly discovered traces of old gardens and preserved Orion mosaic.

Can’t Help Falling Inlove, Graceland!

Explore the intrigue of a known all-time rock ‘n’ roll superstar! Whether or not you are an Elvis fan, it is a must to visit the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s home. The regular virtual visit to Graceland offers a glimpse in the home of a world idol’s acetate. Virtual journeys like this allow you to gain digital travel memories shareable online.

Embark on The Great Wall of China

The site makes it easier for your virtual tour as they will provide tips on which sections you want to see

Most people are not able to visit the 3,000-mile destination in one trip! Big thanks for this online tour visit to The Great Wall of China, we won’t need to exhaust ourselves on that hike. The site makes it easier for your virtual tour as they will provide tips on which sections you want to see. Save the sweat and embark on this long and fun adventure while at home.

The Big World of Disney Parks

Roam the big world of Disney parks with your kids or kiddie-self at home this quarantine. Not only can this travel experience educate, but it can entertain kids as well! You can visit their channel while sitting comfortably on your couch and go on a Small World ride. Night at Disneyland Paris? They have that, too. Reminisce your childhood excitement and have fun with your kids!

Buckingham Palace Fairytale

Princess Diana, royal couples: Prince William and Kate, and Prince Harry and Meghan are just a few of a string of royals that graced the halls of Buckingham Palace. Look at the grand residence of the Queen in a new virtual sight. See how it feels to look closely at the White Drawing Room, Throne Room, Blue Drawing Room, and the Grand Staircase! And if being Queen Elizabeth’s official residence is not enough, I don’t know what is.

Have you tried to visit a dream destination virtually?

Getting stuck in the corners of your home may feel frustrating. But if that frustration gets you to survive and live another day, it’s a welcome gift. Learn to appreciate the beauty and look forward to traveling in these virtual destinations for real, as a post-pandemic celebratory moment. After all, a virtual tour serves as a beacon of light, bearing a promise to survive the fight.

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Check Out the Establishments Offering Virtual Tour Restaurant Now!

Check Out the Establishments Offering Virtual Tour Restaurant Now!

Virtual Tour Restaurant: Advancing Appetite Online

Virtual Tour Restaurant helps find the best dining experience

The digital age opened new ways in dining, giving the restaurant businesses an edge in showcasing their best features. A Virtual Tour Restaurant helps find the best dining experience. The tool helps assess your place before booking for a romantic meal or a fun, low key celebration. Let’s emphasize how virtual tours significantly improve your business image online and check out restaurants who use this technology.

Have you tried to be creative in promoting your restaurant?

With the crisis we face today, people have been more aware of going digital to live a new normal. Conjure your creativity and innovate in conducting your business. Start getting on a new horse and take advantage of the online attention of your potential targets. Think about improving your reach potential. And what better tool to use than to present a stunning virtual tour for your business!

There is a study on 294 restaurants showing that 55% are using virtual tours. According to this study, 30% more people are making a reservation in restaurants with virtual tours than the ones without it. Furthermore, 50% of people who watched the tours made a direct reservation. That’s 20% higher than those who didn’t watch the tour.

Overall, 84% of surveyed consumers agreed that the virtual tour played a part in choosing a restaurant.

Virtual Interactive Experience

These days, people want new sights yet still stay safe. They want to enjoy a good meal out for a change but want to figure out establishments first. The virtual experience is a cost-effective way that shows off your restaurant business, letting your potential guests explore your place. These tours are viewable from desktop, mobile, and tablet. You can add it to your website and social media page, giving you a chance to reach a large audience.

Feats of The Tour

The Vibe

the virtual tour restaurant design and the decors help create the atmosphere of the dining experience

To ensure the effectiveness of this new tool, including improving the ambiance of your restaurant and show it. Showcasing the mood of your restaurant will give an impression to guests if it’s worth their time. Of course, the virtual tour restaurant design and the decors help create the atmosphere of the dining experience. They should sync with the ambiance you want to relay to your guests.

The Menu

Guests look for better places to eat. Food was the main reason why guests viewed your business in the first place. Check your menu and do revisions to make it more delectable for them. An attractive one will surely encourage guests for booking.

The Establishment

Here are some restaurant establishments offering the tour:

You’ll find the Ramen-san (Lettuce Entertain You) restaurant in River North, Chicago. They utilized digital technology by adding a virtual tour and improving its menu to entice their guests.

We can easily embed the Virtual Tour Restaurant on your page and website to give an initial impression to potential customers

With the shift heading businesses in digital campaigns, even European restaurants and pubs are quick to customize each of their tours. O’Neills Cardiff located in St. Mary Street in Cardiff, Wales, U.K. caters guests from drinks, lunch or a meal for two. Proudly, they showcase live music to lift people’s spirits and have a virtual tour!

And it’s not only embraced in the U.S., even Asian countries like the Philippines are also following this trend. Philippine restaurants like the 18th Street Pala Pala restaurant in Bacolod and Kallesa restaurant from Quezon City are also using this tool as a great addition to their marketing strategy.


A virtual tour is a must-have tool for marketing today to keep up with your competition. We can easily embed the Virtual Tour Restaurant on your page and website to give an initial impression to potential customers. Wow people with an eye-catching tour. Double your reservations by signing up on Virtual Tour Easy today!

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Stunning Virtual Tour Beaches As a Getaway In This Crisis

Stunning Virtual Tour Beaches As a Getaway In This Crisis

Beach Virtual Tour Getaway

Beach Virtual Tour explored

As the world continues to cancel flights due to COVID-19, the tourism industry got badly hit by the crisis. Millions of international and local flights got canceled. While the business sector is greatly affected, the pandemic also ruined our highly-anticipated travel goals. Our most-awaited beach summer getaways got disrupted. However, don’t fret! The tourism sector has created these beautiful virtual tour beaches you can tour around Europe amidst COVID!

You can check out these beautiful panoramic views of beautiful, stunning beaches and add them to your travel list! Then, you’ll already have new beach spots to visit after COVID-19 is finally over!

Stunning Virtual Beaches to Checkout Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

Tropic of Cancer Beach, Bahamas

This Pelican Beach in the Bahamas showcases the longest stretch of pure white sand in Little Exuma Island. Online viewers can’t resist the beach's pristine white sand and turquoise waters of the island. This mapped paradise gives you the tropical thrill and water adventures you need to suffice your summer getaway. You can check out the Bahama Tourism Bureau to check out this gorgeous virtual tour beach presentation!

Malibu Beach, California

Another worthy virtual tour beach you should check out is Malibu beach. If you prefer to stay in the United States to chase the waters and surf virtually, then Malibu is perfect for you! This Californian beach features stunning beach waves that’ll ignite your desire to go surfing as soon as the pandemic is over! Not only that, but you’ll also enjoy gazing at the beautiful rock formation, gorgeous sunsets, and sunrise, and wildlife here too.

Jan Thiel Beach, Curacao

If you prefer to explore the Caribbean when you can travel already, then you should check out Jan Thiel Beach. The stunning Jan Thiel Beach is famous for its clear blue water. You can even find a fitting swimwear since the beach is steps away from the shopping district of Willemstad. Pick the perfect umbrella drink and have a blast as the Curacao Tourist Bureau offers the stunning 3D virtual tour for the island’s finest beaches!

Pig Island, Bahamas

beautiful virtual tour beaches you can tour around Europe

The sightly island is nothing short of a stunning paradise as evidenced by images we see on Instagram. People were quick to appreciate, making it an ideal tourist destination after the crisis. While you can’t pet its adorable dwellers, you can virtually see how the animals’ charm on both land and water. Feel the island and let the Bahamas Tourism Bureau take you to an extensive virtual haven tour you can’t miss.

Wailea Beach, Hawaii

Ready for that post-pandemic, crescent Hawaiian beach escape yet? If not, then this here’s a chance to prepare you for a dream getaway. The beach is named after Lea, goddess of canoe makers. With the irresistible beauty of Molokini, Kaho’olawe, and Lanai, you can explore and start an adventure like never before.

The Hawaiian beach is both beautiful and dangerous. Pipeline swells can turn your surfing experience into frustration, especially, for amateur swimmers. Scratch the worries and visit Explore.org for an initial survey of the Hawaiian waves. Here, surf cameras can enlighten you about the extraordinary beach!

Miami Beach, Florida

The knockout island city in south Florida deserves to be on your destination bucket list. Miami Beach is famous for white beaches, all-night clubs, and posh eateries. And because of the pandemic, it’s not a good idea to lounge on the beach or enjoy the Spring Break.

Virtual tour beaches can give you a glimpse of a perfect getaway

You can still savor the long stretches of white beaches with the multi-view cameras. Miami Beach offers turquoise water and a boardwalk display.

Living in this day and age is a blessing. COVID-19 halted the economy and progress while challenging us to innovate and improvise. The pandemic cannot stop water wanderers, at least not online. Virtual tour beaches can give you a glimpse of a perfect getaway. Learn more about exploring destinations virtually here.

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Virtual Tour Restaurant Online Booking Surge Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Virtual Tour Restaurant Online Booking Surge Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

As businesses and economies are down due to COVID-19, the virtual tour industry sees a silver lining in it. Those businesses inclined with virtual tour technology sees this as a golden opportunity to increase their sales. The virtual tour restaurant industry, in particular, has seen an increase in their online bookings. Let’s find out how these businesses thrive in times of crisis.

The Data

While most businesses and restaurants have closed down during the COVID-19 outbreak, some restaurants have also prospered. According to studies, virtual tour restaurant businesses who’ve adopted virtual tour technology are still up and running. Moreover, these establishments also offer digital food order and delivery services, making it a top go-to for quarantined customers.

virtual tour restaurant
A number of restaurants are now racing to feature their establishments and food menu on virtual tours to increase their sales. vi

According to the data gathered, there’s a 23% increase in digital food orders across the world due to COVID-19 pandemic. And it’s still expected to increase as the outbreak persists. Due to travel restrictions, most customers now have more time to browse restaurants online. What better method to promote your business than having a virtual tour restaurant?

Benefits of Virtual Tour Restaurant

Now that we have this promising data, let’s dig more into statistics and determine why today is the best time to invest in a virtual tour restaurant. Let’s see how other restaurants and big businesses are benefiting from this technology. According to studies, around 45% of Domino's U.S. shares represent online and delivery orders.

After putting up a virtual tour, they noted a dramatic increase in their online bookings and reservations. UberEats also reported they’ve added additional U.S. cities to deliver Starbucks orders. Meanwhile, around 41% of U.K. consumers prefer to check out the restaurants online before they decide to visit the store physically. The same percentage also shows how the Britons prefer delivery orders than dining in.

How to Set Up a Virtual Tour Restaurant?

Setting up a virtual tour restaurant and using new technology may sound tedious and scary, but it isn’t. Here at Virtual Tours Easy, you can create your virtual tour as easy as 1,2,3!

Just take 360 images of your restaurant. Make sure to focus or highlight all the great angles in your establishment. Also, upload your delectable food menu and mouthwatering recipes.

Once you’re done uploading it on our site, just wait, sit back, and relax as the software does it magic! You can have your virtual tour restaurant in just five minutes! Sharing your virtual tour is also easier thanks to our custom-generated embed link.

You can put this link on your website, Facebook page, and other social media accounts for easier promotion. Last but not the least, you can view statistics to determine how your virtual tour did well. The statistics will help you determine what products are selling well to your customers, as well as their preferences.

The Silver Lining

There's no doubt the world is on the brink of another Recession due to the threats of COVID-19 pandemic. Flights have been canceled, international borders have closed. Most of all, most businesses have shut down. Leaving entrepreneurs filing for inevitable bankruptcy and forcing layoffs to millions of employees worldwide.

Despite these hurdles, most businesses in the virtual tour industry see this as a challenge and an opportunity. An opportunity to change our business model and utilize technology to make innovative solutions.

Most virtual tour restaurant believes virtual reality may be the key to changing the future. According to them, virtual tours can easily adapt to the abrupt changes brought by this pandemic.

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