The Importance of Using Voice-Over and Background Music to Your Virtual Tour

The Importance of Using Voice-Over and Background Music to Your Virtual Tour

Most marketers have underestimated the impact of sound design on the virtual tour creation process. There are those who intend to make their VR tours as real-life like as possible, but most often it is better to supplement the creative visuals with voice-over and music in the background.

Defining the Voice-Over

Voice-over enables viewers to listen to a human voice while viewing a video in a 360-degree environment. The voice is particularly helpful in educating the user, guiding him or her to view a particular scene or area, and also to enhance the virtual tour’s entertainment value. What is required here is an MP3 file.

A voice-over can make the entire tour experience more humane. This can also make the virtual tour experience more personal and genuine. Virtual tours with voice-over are specifically useful in several cases such as in education, tourism, training, real estate, and travel.

On Background Music

It is also possible to add music to a certain scene in a virtual tour. This will render a certain feeling or ambiance to the scene. Music can enliven the whole virtual tour experience. It can also make it more engaging. Same with the voice-over, an MP3 file is required for background music. Virtual tours with background music can be used for entertainment, travel, and tourism.

Adding Background Music in Virtual Tour through Virtual Tour Easy

In Virtual Tour Easy, the user can freely add background music in every virtual tour. There are two ways to add background music in your virtual tour . You can add music to the entire virtual tour itself which can help build an overall theme for it, and the other is to add background music or a voice-over to a particular scene.

· Adding Music to the Entire Virtual Tour

Log in to the site. Look for the pencil icon which is part of the Tour Builder. Within the Tour Builder, look for the filter icon. Once you find the Tour Settings popup, click on the Audio tab. Then click the Upload button and choose your preferred music. After this, click on the “Upload” button. Wait for the Success Notification popup to appear.

· Adding Music or Voice-Over to a Specific Scene in a Virtual Tour

Find the Click the Pencil icon once you have logged in to the Virtual Tour Easy site. Once in the Virtual Tour Builder page, click the specific scene then click the Edit button. Once you see the popup, click the Audio tab and the Upload button to look for your preferred music. A Success Notification popup will show up once the music is added.

It is not difficult to add warmth to your virtual tour. It only takes a few steps. For more information, you may visit the site:

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Virtual Tours and Background Music: Do They Go Together?

Virtual Tours and Background Music: Do They Go Together?

Virtual tours need background music to give viewers an exciting multimedia experience. It should be one with interactive features and controls to create that feeling of being on the actual space or location. This is simply one feature that you can use for you to enhance the 360 degree virtual tour or the still image virtual tour that is commonly used.

There is no absolute answer to whether background music must be included in your virtual tour. However, these may be some of the things you can consider before deciding to include background music or not in your virtual. This will also give you an idea of the best types of music to use in your virtual tour.

Client’s Preference

This is the most important factor to consider when deciding on putting background music or not in your virtual tour. You need to ask your client about this. It doesn’t matter if your client is a businessman or a real estate agent or a dentist. Ask them how they feel about having music in their virtual tour.

Clients may have preferences for the music to be used. They might not like using music at all. At times, they may not have a preference. This means that you have to rely on your best judgment.

Viewers’ Preference

There are people who like to hear music when they watch a virtual tour. Others think that it is distracting and annoying. It may be that they don’t like the music used or they just don’t want it. It is not possible for you to please all people. However, in many cases, a carefully selected music track will help you to elevate the level of experience without people objecting to it.

The Best Music to Use for a Virtual Tour

It is best to use instrumental music when creating virtual tours. Vocals can be distracting for many listeners. It’s better to choose cheerful and upbeat music instead of the dark and gloomy one. Don’t go for cheesy music either since it can be irritating for some people as well. If it is music that you will likely hear in an elevator, don’t use it for a virtual tour. It is better to pair up background music with a good narration when creating a virtual tour. Music has the ability to enhance the narrative and also to fill in the many overwhelming transitions. There are many sites where you can access free-royalty instrumental music for your virtual tours. There are also tools that make it easy for you to put music for every scene in your virtual tour. Here is a guide for you to do this using the tool Virtual Tour Easy.

If you want to make the most of your virtual tour, try Virtual Tour Easy today.

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