360 Virtual Tour: How to Take Photos Using Your Phone

360 Virtual Tour: How to Take Photos Using Your Phone

In the past, technology made it hard embedding panoramas. Learn how to take them and master shooting panoramic images. After all, your audience will surely appreciate a 360 virtual tour before the initial visit. You can now have one of the most efficient solutions with Virtual Tour Easy.

Ready for a single standing position yet?

360 virtual tour

360 Virtual Tour Made Easy

While 2D photos are standard online, you can always level up your game. One of the coolest ways to showcase homes in real estate is by taking panoramic photos. Share the indoor views of your home listings by creating perfect imagery using your smartphone camera. With smartphones getting more affordable by the minute there is no excuse in taking a virtual advantage.

Guide in Making a Virtual Tour

Follow this step-by-step guide in creating a tour virtually using your phone.

The 360 Virtual Tour Camera

First, most platforms are compatible with apps or software like VTE. You can also use your Android camera’s photosphere mode. Similarly, Samsung phone users can use Surround Shot mode.

Showcasing the Feat

Then, choose a position where you think you can get the best view to showcase a part of the house. Stock Android cameras can work like other apps, too. You just tap the large orange icon and select ‘camera’. You will be guided through the process as long as you stay in your position. Your phone will automatically snap images when in position and you won’t need to press the shutter button on the screen.

In Stationary Position

Also, remember to hold your phone close to your body as you move around vertically. Follow the circle and dot that appears until both align. At the bottom, you will also see another circle tracking your panorama shot progress as you move it around from your stationary position.

360 virtual tour

Your phone will stitch the images together for an amazing 360 virtual tour.

It’s a Sphere

The initial vertical circle movement in the circle prompt is around your eye level. And since a 360-degree image means a sphere, you need to aim your camera up after finishing at the middle part of the scene. While moving your camera up toward the sky, move it in a circle twice. It will detect the parts that are not yet recorded. You should keep pointing your phone up and around until you fill the gaps.

Then, you can proceed aiming at the ground doing the same thing as you did earlier.

Location Services

If your app is using location services like most, you can grant the app with that privilege while using it. You can decide to upload using a Wi-Fi or your data plan in posting your photos.

Don’t lose your focus, the goal is to showcase great feats of your home listings. Make your panorama image as authentic as possible and avoid falsifying the look. Now, with an internet connection in place, you can post them anytime. Virtual Tour Easy works with all 360 cameras.

360 virtual tour

So, take a picture and create your online tour: a level higher than most. Just upload, link them together and save it, all in just 5 mins. Then, you can go and share them on your emails, website, messenger app, and social networks.


Make sure to choose a software that is not only easy to use but saves time, too. Choose a software with a powerful interactive feature you can customize with a unique link you can easily embed on your website. It is important that an overall solution allows you to see insights. Know about the shares, views, and the usage to decide which is good for your campaign. With the technology we have today, a 360 virtual tour is one tap away!

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Stark Difference Between 3D and 360 Virtual Tour

Stark Difference Between 3D and 360 Virtual Tour

In previous posts, you might’ve known how a virtual tour helps in boosting your business. However, you’re confused as to what VR tour you should incorporate in your business. Will you use a 360 virtual tour or 3D virtual tour? What is the difference between the two, anyway? Let’s read and find out.

3D and 360 Virtual Tour

In essence, both 3D and 360 VR tours provide interactive viewing to their customers. It lets your customers walk through your properties or business at their own pace. Virtual tours have been gaining popularity because it provides transparency for customers.

360 virtual tour

They can scout the area or property whenever and however they wanted prior to making transactions. However, what is the difference between the two? Does it even matter if you use either of them? Here are the pros and cons of 360 VR tour and 3D virtual tour.

Pros and Cons Between 3D and 360 Virtual tour

3D VR Tour Pros

The seamless web application for 3D virtual tours allows you to create a "dollhouse" photographic floorplan. This lets your customers see the whole property at once before switching to each angle or floorplan view. Moreover, it gives your customers a guided tour thanks to its highlight reel feature.

They can explore the property at their own will and it’ll give them a wide-range view of a particular angle or floor. You can also put a text and description on specific locations and objects thanks to 3D’s “matter tag” post. You’ll also get a full view of the property’s schematic plans with measurements while engaging in a 3D virtual tour.


Since 3D tour is created using a "textured mesh" from spatial data collected by cameras, its images remain static. This means you cannot edit or add images and features once your 3D virtual tour is complete anymore. If you want to add a feature, you need to make a new 3D virtual tour again.

It also doesn’t have Gyroscope Capability compared to 360 virtual tour. This means you can only move the property through keyboard press and clicks. Unlike with 360 VR tours where you can move when tilting your phone or tablet.

360 VR Tour Pros

Meanwhile, a 360 virtual tour gives you the highest image quality and resolution to your property. It gives a full screen view to your customers with crisp clearness and sharpness.

You can also edit or retouch the images in your 360 VR tour anytime you want. This gives you an advantage as you can improve your property's ambiance. You can also have your 360 VR tour updated if your property has undergone renovations.

Gyroscope Technology

A 360 VR tour also incorporates gyro sensors to detect your phone's orientation. This gives your customers a more interactive view as they can explore your areas by simply tilting their phone or scrolling it up, down, left, and right.

Easy to Embed and Share

What's more? A 360 virtual tour is relatively easy to embed in your website. Most virtual tour software generates a code to let you share your virtual tour on your website and social media account. This helps in boosting your listings promotions and ads. Unlike in 3D virtual tour where you cannot share your VR across the web easily.


Of course, 360 VR tour doesn’t have schematic plans like what 3D virtual tour offers. Your customers must inquire manually to get the specific measurements and schematic plans of your properties.

Try our virtual tour software for FREE to start making your own 360 VR tour now! Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your marketing campaigns now!

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Why 360 Virtual Tour is Perfect for Tourism Industry

Why 360 Virtual Tour is Perfect for Tourism Industry

Are you struggling to promote your hotel, restaurant, or hospitality business? It’s time for you to innovate and incorporate technology into your business. Here are the stunning reasons why 360 virtual tour is perfect in the hospitality industry. Let us reap the benefits you can get from utilizing this technology.

Why 360 Virtual Tour is Perfect In Hospitality Industry

Guests Can Have an Interactive 360 Virtual Tour

One of the main reasons why 360 virtual tour is essential in the hospitality business is that it lets the customers feel your establishment before visiting it in person. They can discover your hotel, browse the rooms, observe what they look like, and explore the amenities of your business.

360 virtual tour

This will give them an in-depth view of your establishment as they plan their stay. Likewise, your customers can also explore your restaurant or bars to find the best spot when they come to visit it in the near future. So make sure to upload the right and stunning images to entice them!

They Get to Explore The Neighborhood Too

Having a 360 virtual tour not only helps in promoting your establishment, but it also promotes your neighborhood too! You can take dramatic shots of your neighborhood featuring the popular tourist spots, the famous cityscapes, and the outskirts of the city.

In this way, your guests can spend more time exploring the area and familiarizing the towns they want to visit someday. This is also a great way to promote local tourism and industry in your area.

360 Virtual Tour Helps Them Pre-occupied During Travel Delays

Having a 360 virtual tour also helps your customers ease their burden when having flight delays. Instead of fuming over their delayed flights, you can keep their enthusiasm by browsing your virtual tour.

They can spend time gazing and exploring their room. They can also explore the hotel and restaurant’s amenities. This will keep the hype and keep them excited about visiting your establishment soon.

Launch a 360 Virtual Tour to Educate Guests on Health Protocols

Since COVID-19 is still prevalent up to this day, it’s imperative to educate your guests on health protocols. You can launch a virtual tour touring your establishment while educating people on the health protocols you’ve implemented.

Examples for this are locating the footbath. You can point out where the soap, alcohol, and sanitizers are located where the guests can wash their hands.

You can also tour your guests where they’re allowed to sit or stay as well as prohibited areas. This is to determine where they’re allowed to stay or sit to follow social distancing. It’s important to share this information so that your customers will know what to expect when you resume operations again. It’ll also give them some assurance that you’re looking over their well-being.

Virtual Tour Is an Effective Social Media Marketing Tool

Nowadays, people rarely pay attention to long blocks of texts or images. They now pay more attention to interactive multimedia like infographics Facebook lives, videos, and streams. That’s what makes a 360 virtual an effective marketing tool in social media.

You can reach more customers on social media when you post a virtual tour than static images. The more people will engage in your virtual tour, the more likely they are to book a reservation with you. Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your social media marketing by incorporating a virtual tour.

Want to try having a virtual tour? Try our software now to incorporate VR in your business now!

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360 Virtual Tour of The World's Top Natural Wonders

360 Virtual Tour of The World’s Top Natural Wonders

Already bored with staying at home for more than a month? Why not plan your travel goals ahead of time? So that by the time the COVID-19 crisis is over, you now have a solid itinerary of where to go. Or maybe the 360 virtual tours of these stunning natural wonders will inspire you to make one for your business. Check out these famous 360 virtual tour landmarks today!

The Grand Canyon

Stare in awe at Arizona's landmark with the Grand Canyon's 360 virtual tour. It features The Grand Canyon's 40 sedimentary layers with steep cliffs; at 277 miles length, 18 miles width, and 1,857-meter depth. The Grand Canyon is one of the oldest yet grandest basement rock formations around 2 billion years ago.

360 virtual tour

This 360 virtual tour will help in building your strategy to conquer the Canyon. You can find several routes like the national park that zigzags and lead to the Colorado River. You can also see the peaks of Angels Window, Wontons Throne, or a bird's eye view of Red Rocks.

The Mount Everest

Want to conquer the highest peak on Earth? Head on to Mount Everest in Nepal! With a towering height of 8,848 meters, you can find an interactive 360 virtual tour of Mt. Everest. You can discover snowy peaks as well as colorful prayer flags as you plan your trail.

You can click on human-shaped icons, use the interactive map and 3d rotating viewer to explore the mountain range's peak. It can also be explored further at ground level as you traverse the Imja River, Himalayan peaks, and mountain villages.

Aurora Borealis

If you prefer a beautiful skyline but don’t have the means to go North; then this stunning Aurora Borealis 360 virtual tour is perfect for you. Also known as the Northern Lights, the stunning lightning is a natural phenomenon caused by the interaction of the Sun's electrically charged particles and Earth's magnetic field.

The rare phenomenon is often seen in Northern countries like Scandinavia, Iceland, Canada, Greenland, and Russia.

Thanks to the 360 virtual tour, anyone can view it now virtually! You can start your virtual trip from Icehotel in Abisko, Sweden. Then head on to the wilderness passing Lake Tornetrask as well as an Arctic birch forest.

You can also go to Mount Nuolja. The 360 virtual tour also covers dazzling images of Iceland, Godafoss waterfall in Yamal, the Barents Sea in Russia, and other parts of Norway.

Zhāngjiājiè National Forest Park

These quartz-sandstone pillars in China are one of the most stunning wonders in the world. No one can ever forget these floating peaks that got featured in James Cameron's Avatar film.

Its unique shape was due to water, and ice erosions. Aside from these towering peaks, you can also explore ancient temples here; along with the cliffside Bailong glass elevator. You can also find the longest glass bridge here.

Ambrym Volcano in Vanuatu

Want to virtually explore one of the most active volcanoes in the world? Heed on to Ambrym Volcano in Vanuatu. This volcano is located just a few meters from the churning lava lake with scorching 1,200-celsius temperature.

This 360 virtual tour was prepared by Sebastian Hoffmann and Ulla Lohmann. The couple made documentary films together with Thomas Boyer, a renowned volcanologist.

You can explore how the team prepares their expedition, traveling to the base camp. The virtual tour will give you the thrills as they traverse the perilous path beyond the jungle, ash plain, down to the crevice. The team was just sitting a few meters away from the scorching lava lake.

Inspired to create your own virtual tour either for personal or business purposes? Create an account today!

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Why 360 Virtual Tour Is Incredibly Helpful During Coronavirus Outbreak!

Why 360 Virtual Tour Is Incredibly Helpful During Coronavirus Outbreak!

The year 2020 started as an enduring year for all of us. Almost all businesses have shut down and the economy plunged in due to the dreadful Coronavirus Outbreak. Formally called COVID-19 and a pandemic by WHO, many businessmen lost their income due to the lockdown. Is there any way to save your business and earn some money during this crisis? Good thing 360 virtual tour can save your business!

How 360 Virtual Tour Save Your Business During Coronavirus Outbreak

As the world is struggling to contain the virus by shutting down businesses, cancel events, and restrict movements and travels by land, sea, or air, there’s no doubt many people have lost their income. Both employers and employees are forced to stay and work from home.

360 virtual tour
360 virtual tour offers a great solution to keep your business running in light of a pandemic crisis.

Despite this dreadful scenario though, the digital sector is seeing a silver lining in it. Why? It’s because their online businesses are thriving still! So if you haven’t already, this is the perfect time to invest in a 360 virtual tour and reap these awesome benefits before it’s too late!

No Need to Visit Your Site Physically

Whether you have a hotel, restaurant, or real estate business, today is actually a perfect time to shoot your venue and make a 360 virtual tour out of it. For one, your place will be devoid of people due to coronavirus. This means you’ll be free to shoot and capture the best angles of your business. Next, you can upload and promote your virtual tour to your website and social media accounts.

The best part of this marketing strategy? It lets your customers check your business out without going there physically! Not only you and your client save more time by skipping making appointments, but you’ll both be safe too! After all, the WHO advises to limit personal interaction and practice social distancing.

Online Open Houses

A 360 Virtual tour also helps your business or real estate properties available 24/7 to your customers. You don’t have to match your time to entertain your clients anymore. They can just visit your website or social media account anytime and anywhere they want. Not only will you be reaching more customers worldwide, but it also increases your potential leads and sales. How? By simply adding a call to action button to your 360 virtual tour. If they’re interested in making a booking, they’ll just click the button to contact you.

Easy to Create and Share

Another perk of making a 360 virtual tour is that it’s incredibly easy to create and share. For starters, you can download Virtual Tour Easy and use it for free! Just upload your images and videos and the software will do its magical trick! In just a few minutes, you’ll have a stunning virtual tour! The software also gives an embedded link that you can copy and paste and share it to your social media accounts.

Generate More Income By Offering Online Delivery Services

Since food is essential in times of crisis, restaurant businesses can take advantage of this opportunity to keep earning income. If customers cannot come to you personally, take the extra mile to reach out to them. You can offer online delivery services to your customers who wish to order your meals.

So make sure to showcase your mouth-watering and delectable meals in your 360 virtual tour. You’ll be surprised how many phone calls or online orders you’ll receive every day! Studies show online delivery businesses are skyrocketing during the Coronavirus outbreak. A bonus point? Most governments make an exemption for food deliveries! Start creating your Virtual Tour today! Sign up to Virtual Tour Easy for free!

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Discover Greece's Lost Ancient City and Culture With This 360 Virtual Tour!

Discover Greece’s Lost Ancient City and Culture With This 360 Virtual Tour!

There’s no doubt that 360 virtual tour technology continues to dominate the digital world. Its promising and interactive benefits make it ideal to apply to businesses. More and more entrepreneurs and investors harness the power of virtual tours to promote their business. But did you know you can use a 360 virtual tour to preserve history too? Discover the rich culture of ancient Thessaloniki through a virtual reality tour!

Discover the Beauty and Grandeur of Ancient Thessaloniki Through This 360 Virtual Tour

The Introduction

Thessaloniki hails as the second-largest city in Greece. This city is located in Northern Greece and is home to over 1 million inhabitants. While the city suffered a huge economic crisis in the past, people keep coming back due to its rich and vibrant culture and tradition. Many experts say Thessaloniki is a city where ancient and modern Greece converge! So let us uncover the city’s ancient history and culture with this magnificent 360 virtual tour!

The Virtual Tour

According to various news outlets, many experts have collaborated in an attempt to restore the city's rich history. They want the locals and tourists to experience a blend of Hellenistic, Greek, Roman, and Byzantine culture which originated way back many centuries before. Their goals enabled them to recreate Greece's iconic Palace Complex of Galerius.

Watch the beauty and grandeur of Thessaloniki during ancient times in this 360 virtual tour!

The magnificent palace became a turning point of Byzantine and Roman eras after its creation. The said monument was built between 3rd-4th century AD by virtue of decree order from the late Emperor Caesar Galerius Valerius Maximianus Galerius. The Caesar back then chose Thessaloniki as the seat for the Eastern Roman Empire. The city serves as a strategic location between the East and the West.

Top Tourist Spots in Thessaloniki

After the interactive virtual tour, you might want to see the stunning tourist spots in the city. You can check out these wonderful tourist attractions and see every 360 virtual tours!

The White Tower

Also known as the iconic monument of the city, The White Tower serves as Thessaloniki's landmark. It was originally used as a prison place during the Ottoman occupation of Greece. Its bloody history was repainted in 1913. Today, it serves as the city’s museum for locals and tourists who want to know more about the Roman Era. Make sure to reach the top floor to see a 360 virtual tour view of the cityscape, the sea, and even Mount Olympus!

Thessaloniki Waterfront

360 virtual tour
Beautiful Thessaloniki's waterfront

Thessaloniki also hosts a breathtaking waterfront with a 5-km long seaside promenade. You can find vibrant bars and restaurants that offer Greek cuisine to experience its rich lifestyle. You can also see its dozen thematic gardens where you can chill or have a picnic with your children.

The Beautiful Churches

After taking a breathtaking 360 virtual tour of Thessaloniki, don’t miss out to visit the city’s stunning churches too! You can visit Agios Dimitrios, the city's most famous church. The church was built in honor of Saint Dimitri, who also serves as the city's holy patron. You can find ancient relics and crypt in these holy temples. Other churches you must visit include:

  • Panagia Achiropiitos
  • Agia Sofia
  • Nikolaos Orfanos
  • Osseous David
  • Agios Pavlos

Ana Poli

Immerse in Thessaloniki's ancient vibe by visiting Ana Poli. This old town is considered a historical center. A great wall of fire destroyed the former district in 1917, leaving ana Poli the only surviving neighborhood! You can visit various sites in Ana Poli to know more about the town's ancient culture.


There’s no doubt that a 360 virtual tour is becoming an integral part of our life. Not only it helps promote our business, but it also helps in preserving our past. Utilize its power and make your own virtual tour today!

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