Check Out the Establishments Offering Virtual Tour Restaurant Now!

Check Out the Establishments Offering Virtual Tour Restaurant Now!

Virtual Tour Restaurant: Advancing Appetite Online

Virtual Tour Restaurant helps find the best dining experience

The digital age opened new ways in dining, giving the restaurant businesses an edge in showcasing their best features. A Virtual Tour Restaurant helps find the best dining experience. The tool helps assess your place before booking for a romantic meal or a fun, low key celebration. Let’s emphasize how virtual tours significantly improve your business image online and check out restaurants who use this technology.

Have you tried to be creative in promoting your restaurant?

With the crisis we face today, people have been more aware of going digital to live a new normal. Conjure your creativity and innovate in conducting your business. Start getting on a new horse and take advantage of the online attention of your potential targets. Think about improving your reach potential. And what better tool to use than to present a stunning virtual tour for your business!

There is a study on 294 restaurants showing that 55% are using virtual tours. According to this study, 30% more people are making a reservation in restaurants with virtual tours than the ones without it. Furthermore, 50% of people who watched the tours made a direct reservation. That’s 20% higher than those who didn’t watch the tour.

Overall, 84% of surveyed consumers agreed that the virtual tour played a part in choosing a restaurant.

Virtual Interactive Experience

These days, people want new sights yet still stay safe. They want to enjoy a good meal out for a change but want to figure out establishments first. The virtual experience is a cost-effective way that shows off your restaurant business, letting your potential guests explore your place. These tours are viewable from desktop, mobile, and tablet. You can add it to your website and social media page, giving you a chance to reach a large audience.

Feats of The Tour

The Vibe

the virtual tour restaurant design and the decors help create the atmosphere of the dining experience

To ensure the effectiveness of this new tool, including improving the ambiance of your restaurant and show it. Showcasing the mood of your restaurant will give an impression to guests if it’s worth their time. Of course, the virtual tour restaurant design and the decors help create the atmosphere of the dining experience. They should sync with the ambiance you want to relay to your guests.

The Menu

Guests look for better places to eat. Food was the main reason why guests viewed your business in the first place. Check your menu and do revisions to make it more delectable for them. An attractive one will surely encourage guests for booking.

The Establishment

Here are some restaurant establishments offering the tour:

You’ll find the Ramen-san (Lettuce Entertain You) restaurant in River North, Chicago. They utilized digital technology by adding a virtual tour and improving its menu to entice their guests.

We can easily embed the Virtual Tour Restaurant on your page and website to give an initial impression to potential customers

With the shift heading businesses in digital campaigns, even European restaurants and pubs are quick to customize each of their tours. O’Neills Cardiff located in St. Mary Street in Cardiff, Wales, U.K. caters guests from drinks, lunch or a meal for two. Proudly, they showcase live music to lift people’s spirits and have a virtual tour!

And it’s not only embraced in the U.S., even Asian countries like the Philippines are also following this trend. Philippine restaurants like the 18th Street Pala Pala restaurant in Bacolod and Kallesa restaurant from Quezon City are also using this tool as a great addition to their marketing strategy.


A virtual tour is a must-have tool for marketing today to keep up with your competition. We can easily embed the Virtual Tour Restaurant on your page and website to give an initial impression to potential customers. Wow people with an eye-catching tour. Double your reservations by signing up on Virtual Tour Easy today!

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Explore the Beauty of Mexico Through This Virtual Tour Vacation!

Explore the Beauty of Mexico Through This Virtual Tour Vacation!

Now that travel is still on-pause, you might be thinking of planning for your next travel getaway. After being stuck at home for so long, we couldn’t wait for the day the pandemic would be over. We couldn’t wait to travel and explore more places again. If you’re wondering where to go next, you can check out this virtual tour vacation from Mexico!

Spend a Grandiose Virtual Tour Vacation in Mexico!

Kickstart your virtual tour vacation by visiting Mexico’s famous landmarks and cultural heritage. You can visit this site to scroll around Mexico's famous landmarks. Get a marvelous 360-degree view of La Catedral Metropolitana's marble grandeur.

virtual tour

See the ruins of the 15th-century Aztec Temple Templo Mayor. This historical temple once crowned Tenochtitlan, signaling the birth of Mexico city. You can also view the 8-ton stone carving of Coyolxauhqui, an Aztec goddess site. The excavations still continue up to this day.

Virtual Walking in the City

Thanks to virtual tour technology, you can access the street view and tour yourself around. You can even do an entire "walking" around the city to familiarize yourself. Take this time to explore the 1,600-acre Bosque de Chapultepec. This enormous plaza serves as the heart of the city. By the time we can travel again, you’ll have an easier time navigating around!

Museum Hopping

If you get tired of exploring the city, you can opt for Museum hopping instead. The Chapultepec plaza is also home to a botanical garden, lake, zoo, and an enormous 150+ museums. You can also gaze at the majestic castle of Mexico. It was the home of Maximilian I, the former Hapsburg emperor, and his wife.

The Chapultepec Castillio now houses Museo Nacional de Historia. You can take a virtual tour to explore the palace's grounds, exhibit halls, and salons. Go to the stone terrace and you'll virtually see the castle's vast gardens. Want to take a break from your virtual tour and explore food goodies? No worries! We’ll take you to Mexico’s famous cuisines!

A Taco Break

If you’re a food lover, then you can take a virtual tour around the city to search for food goodness! An honest warning, though, you might end up mouthwatering due to these delectable foods! You can scout out for Mexico's famous tacos! Tacos are best paired with margaritas, and even a shrimp tostada or two. You can also visit Mexico's top restaurants like Enrique Olvera's Pujol and have a taste on their tacos and handmade tortillas there.

Aztecs, Frida, and Olmecs

After you’ve had a ravenous (or maybe fulfilling) food virtual tour, it’s time to explore more museums in Mexico. The next one you should conduct a virtual tour is the prestigious Museo Nacional de Antropologia. This museum features 23 exhibit halls and an astounding 600,000 artifacts that represent the Aztec, Olmec, and Hispanic era. Since its founding in 1825, you can find a convergence of multiple cultures here.

Some of the museum's showstoppers that you can see in the virtual tour include Aztec Sun Stone. You can also see a brilliant replica of the feathered cape of Moctezuma. The virtual tour lets you walk through galleries, exhibit halls, and see the replicas at a closer look. The best part? No can disturb your virtual touring!

You can also take a virtual tour at Casa Azul. This vibrant blue house of Frida Kahlo showcases around 2,000 museums and artifacts around the world. This is truly a wonder to behold! Aside from that, make sure to visit Palacio de Bellas Artes. Aside from its stunning arts hall, you can also find numerous virtual concerts, operas, and theater performances.

Use our Virtual Tour software for free to feature your hotel or restaurant’s virtual tour now!

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