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    ''I love the simplicity for my team and I to create amazing virtual tours. Our clients love it and it's an incredible way for us to sign exclusive mandates with owners and create more value for our clients.''
    Patrick Brouchard
    Real Estate Agent, Paris
    ''Virtual Tours are an efficient way for us to deal with our clients, save time, and provide more value. Since we are using VirtualTourEasy.com, we reduced the number of physical visits but increased highly our closing rates. We can focus more on high potential clients.''
    Jack Loxley,
    Australian real estate broker
    ''The customization features offered by VirtualTourEasy allow us to create VirtualTours under our brand, showcasing our properties. Dealing with foreign clients, 360° virtual tours allow us to engage more efficiently with our clients.''
    Stella Smith,
    Argentina Customer