Tutorial: How Can I Change the Music of Each Scenes?

Lesson 3

This guide will assist you on uploading an audio for each of your Virtual Tour scene inside VirtualTourEasy.

1. Login to your account.

2. Once you're in the Dashboard, look for the Virtual Tour that you want to add music to. 

3. Once you found the Virtual Tour that you want to edit, click the Pencil Icon at the bottom-left part of the Virtual Tour to open the Tour Builder.

4. Once inside the Tour Builder, click the scene where you want to add music to. Then click the "edit" button to open the settings box. Click on the box to expand. In there you can see the "Audio" Tab where you can upload any Audio that you want.

5. Wait until your audio gets uploaded. You'll see a green success popup indicating that your audio has been uploaded successfully. You can also do the same with the rest of the scenes. Don't forget to hit save.

6. Once you're done adding music or audios to each scene of your Virtual Tour, click the "Save & Exit" Button at the top-left part of the Virtual Builder.

7. And you're done! Feel free to to view and listen to the music of your Virtual Tour by clicking the "Preview" icon.